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The KC4KZT/R is built from GE MASTR II mobile radios.  Two radios are used, with one being the transmitter and the other the receiver.  Both units are fully functional so that if either a receiver or transmitter were to fail, all that has to be done is to travel to the site and reverse the control head cables.
This allows for a minimum time off the air.  Without a doubt the GE MASTR line of radios are the finest ever built to convert to the ham band a make a repeater out of.  With its excellent selectivity and audio quality, there is no way I would even think of using anything else.  There are various web sites which provide good information on the conversion of these radios. Also, a lot of changes and improvements have been made to the machine since its initial installation. Most of these updates came from knowledge obtained at the Repeater reflector, accessed by contacting Talk about a bunch of technical repeater gurus! Guys like Chris Boone, (WB5ITT), Jeff DePolo, (WN3A) , Kevin Custer, (W3KKC), and a host of others can really help you make your repeater one of the best on the air!

The controller utilized is a LINK RLC-2a. It replaces the original ACC RC-96.  Though the RC-96 is probably obsolete now, this controller in its time was the "cadillac" of repeater controllers.  With its voice synthesizer and scheduler and remote capabilities, this controller provided some nice features. The upgrade to the RLC-2a was very nice, as a few features were added, and also let us connect the 442.150 UHF repeater on the other port. This allows both repeaters to use the phone patch, remotes, etc.

A Doug Hall remote interface allows the use of Kenwood series radios to be interfaced to the repeater for linking.  Presently there is a 440 and a 2 meter module attached for this purpose.

Wacom WP-641 Bp/Br duplexer provides the necessary isolation needed to send the signal up the Andrews 7/8" heliax to the Hustler G7-144 antenna.  The antenna is side-mounted about 80 feet above ground level on a 160' Rohn 45 tower professionally installed.  Antenna height AMSL is in the order of 2800 feet.  What makes this site unique is that the HAAT is well over 1300 feet!  Provides some pretty long-range mobile coverage area.

Also at this site is my ol' pal Chris Deskins, KD4RTR.  He has a UHF machine on 442.150 up there in the sky.  Without a doubt it is the strongest 440 machine in the state of Kentucky.

Some particulars for the location of this machine are:

Location:    Dorton, Kentucky -- Near Pikeville, KY in the southeast part.

Latitude:     37-17-06

Longitude:  82-31-36

AMSL:        2850 feet

HAAT:        1300 feet

Operating Parameters:

TX Freq:    146.895 Mhz.
RX Freq:    147.495 Mhz.
PL Tone:    127.3 Hz

 Coordinated by
SouthEastern Repeater Association