The KC2HMZ Picture Page

     And what else would you expect to find on a picture page but pictures? There's an old saying that one picture is as good as a thousand words. If so, this page will save me a lot of typing because here are plenty of pictures dealing with various topics.

Let's start with a shot of Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, which happens to be in my neck of the woods.
This is the Horseshoe Falls, as photographed from the Canadian side of the border.

     From the Buffalo Bills glory days, two men who are now enshrined in the Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio - quarterback Jim Kelly and head coach Marv Levy.

This is country/western legend Hank Williams Jr. apparently trying to get us to believe that guys wear white coats to work out on the ranch. Nice try, Hank...but I still love your music!

Another country/western legend, Garth Brooks.

The above is a C-130 Hercules performing what's known as a parachute extraction of some of its cargo. This used to be fairly common but is not done very frequently any more from what I understand.
The 914 Airlift Wing, USAF Reserve, based in Niagara Falls, NY flies C-130H aircraft.
Below is a picture of a KC-135 flying over Mount Rushmore. The 107th Air Refueling Wing, NYANG, also based in Niagara Falls, flies the KC-135R version of this aircraft. These feature upgraded engines and avionics package and are quieter and much more fuel efficient than the KC-135A version.

At left is the RadioShack PRO-94 1000-channel handheld trunking scanner. It's shown with a "bullet" antenn that's not bad for UHF and 800/900 mHz listening. If you want to receive low band VHF, though, don't waste your time with anything this short unless the transmitting antenna is really close - like in your back yard!

More on tap for later, as I develop the site futher...and if anyone has a good freeware utility for creating thumbnails of full-sized .gif and .jpg pictures, please e-mail me and let me know about it so I can use thumbnails and have this page load faster!

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