I am Wendy Taylor -- I graduated from N.C.C.C..
My famliy is -- my Husband whom I love a lot, three step
Daughterís & five Grandkids.

I got my license (or ticket as people say) in June 1997. Iím a Technician, having my license makes me feel good.

My equipment :
Portable Dual-Band Icom IC -T7A , Mobile Dual-Band Alinco DR610T ,
and a Base that we use is a Dual-Band Kenwood TM - 733.
Antennas : J-pole and a Beam, and Handheld Arrow
to make contact with AO-27.


My husbandís name is on it to, he had the equipment N2UBW - KC2BZJ
(maybe next year Iíll have my own!)

We volunteer for Walktoberfest - The Ride for Roswell & many more if there is anything in the paper, I wish the Amateur Radio Operators were mentioned.


I started Oct. 27, 1998 my first contact was from state of
Washington. I recieved QSL Cards from Maryland - West Virginia -
Vermont - Salt Lake City, Utah & Ohio, Iím sure to get more. I got Mexico & Maine.

Sunday February 7, 1999 Iíve got my First Special Event Station W1B through AO-27.

I got my first DX-pedition contact from Cancun Mexico through AO-27

This map shows where I have made contacts.

Map thanks to Randy N7SFI




Updated May 10, 1999