BCARES - Weekly Net, Script

Calling the BCARES weekly net - (brief pause) - Calling the BCARES weekly net
NCS tonight is [Your call], my name is (Your name) and I am located in (Your city).

Is there any emergency or priority traffic? (Handle any traffic as necessary.)

The Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Net is a directed net, open to all Amateur Radio Operators with two meter privileges. The purpose of this net is to provide a forum for questions and announcements related to BCARES and amatuer radio in the local area and to provide volunteers with experience in formal net operations. Please follow all instructions given by your NCS operator.

In a moment we will begin taking checkings before we begin, let's check for announcments from specifica areas.

Do we have an NTS station with formal traffic for the net tonight? (Handle any traffic)

Are there any announcements affecting checkins? Please call now.
(Make adjustments as necessary - this may replace the planned question for the evening)

Is there a BCARES officer with announcements or comments for the net?
(Note/acknowledge call and continue)

Are there representatives from any of the Boulder County amateur radio clubs with announcements or comments for the net tonight? (Note/acknowledge calls and continue)

Are there any other announcements for the net tonight? (Note/acknowledge calls and continue)

(As applicable) The question for this evening is _____________________________________.

When checking in, please give your Call sign, first name, and the answer to the evenings question. If you have a question or announcement for the net, please note this AFTER giving the required information.

This is (Your call). I will now take checkins from amateurs with call suffixes begining Alpha thru Papa. Checkins for the BCARES Weekly Net, suffixes Alpha thru Papa. (Note/acknowledge calls and continue)
(Repeat as many times as necessary)

Checkins for the BCARES Weekly Net, suffixes Alpha thru Zulu. (Note/acknowledge calls and repeat until checkins cease)

(Handle announcements/questions)

Thank you. This is (Your call) for the BCARES weekly net. Are there any late checkins, comments, questions or announcements before we close the net this evening? Please call now. (Note/acknowledge calls)

This net meets on this repeater each Monday evening at 20:00 hours local on this repeater, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain VHF Society and we extend our thanks for their on-going support.

The Colorado Section ARES hosts two nets each Sunday morning. The first net is held at 08:00 Mountain Time on an HF frequency of 3.928 Mhz. As this is an HF net, is it recomended to use a horizontaly polorized antenna configuraton during this net. The second net is held at 08:30 hours Mountain Time, on a VHF frequency of 145.310 Mhz courtesy of the Colorado Connection.

Thanks to all who participated. Next weeks NCS is scheduled to be __________. This is (Your call) closing the net for tonight. Good Evening!