Helpful Tips & Techniques

Getting started

So you’re ready to get going! Here are a few quick tips to get you headed in the right direction.

All Users

All users are encouraged to read the Web Sites section. This will give you a good overview of the best way to organize your web site and brief you on some important benefits to using the Web Site Manager.

Use the menu bar along the top of this page to jump to other topics. Another resource you might find useful is our online WebExpress Tutorial at

To access sample images you can place in any of your web sites, go to the Help menu and choose Image Gallery. Instructions on these pages will help you incorporate the sample images into your own pages.

To return to the Tips & Techniques pages, choose Tips & Techniques from the Help menu.

First Time Users

If you’re creating your first web page or you’re looking to quickly evaluate WebExpress, we recommend you start with the New Web Site Wizard (under the File menu), and use a Web Site Theme. This quickly sets up a small web site with colorful graphics and several pages already linked together that you can later modify, add your own text, graphics, etc.

Experienced Users

If you’ve already got a web site and are looking to enhance and maintain it, you should start with the New Web Site Wizard (under the File menu), and select the option titled “Create a site using existing web pages.” This will allow you to point at your existing site and you can dive right it. Note: if you are starting with an existing site, you should make a backup copy of your files before beginning.


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