Information For Newcomers:

What is Amateur Radio?
Amateur radio is the best hobby ever. Amateurs communicate all over the world via satellites, repeaters, and just line of sight (no equipment to connect the two stations is used, other than the radios the two are using.). Amateurs also provide communications when disasters strike, And sometimes become the only means of communications.

How do I get a license?
In order to be able to use this great service, you must take and pass a license test. which proves to the FCC that you are qualified to use the equipment, and that you can use it safely. To study for the test you will need a study book, i recommend the book "technician no-code plus" by, gordon west. This book will help you study and pass the test requirements for a technician class license. You can pick this book up at any Radio Shack. If you prefer to study of the internet, you can use this site.,
This site will show you all the questions and answers that you will need for the test. Once you think you have learned all the questions, QUIZ yourself at Hamtests quiz page. When you enter the site you will see a pull down menu, simple choose the exam you want to take.

Where do I take the test?
To find a test site near you, simply click here. once at the site, either choose your state, or enter your zip code.
After you find a location, call the person up and tell them you are ready for the test and you want to take it. They should then tell you the date, location and time. also, ask what the fee is (currently around $6.35) and what you need to bring.

How do I find my call sign?
After 3-5 days, the FCC will normally issue your new call sign, to find it click here, and look for your name.
You can also call the FCC's automated phone service and look up your new call sign: 1-888-225-5322
Once you dial it will automatically be answered. if they are open you will here a mans voice, in this case select the following options: #9 then #2 then #2. After this the computer will ask for your zip code and date of birth. if your call sign has been issued it will tell you what it is and when it expires. Now, if a lady answers this means there closed, in this case, press #0 then proceed with the above steps.

The next step would be to either, buy a radio, or program the one you already have. To do this you will neee the frequencies of some repeaters. if you are in coloradoI I have several repeaters listed HERE.
After that its up to you what you do!! For more information go back to my main page.
for specific questions, E-MAIL ME!

73's and good luck!