Mike Magill
Orleans, Indiana

Welcome to my amateur radio website! More commonly known as "ham radio", this is a relatively new hobby for me. I have only had my "ticket" since June of 2000. I used to be a "CB nut", back in the late 70's and early 80's, but didn't become interested in radios again until early last year. I bought a box of CB gear at a yard sale last March or April, mainly for my camper, and the urge to "talk on the radio" hit me again. There are two people, N9ZLG (Darren) and KB9TMP, (W.W.) who really got me interested in becoming a "ham". I started taking practice exams on the internet and the first Saturday in May of last year I traveled to Bloomington, IN, and took the test to obtain a Technician Class license. I saw a friend of mine from Orleans in line at the test center and boy, was I surprised. I later found out he was taking his Extra Class license exam, and now he is AA9ZG (Mike). I passed the test, but due to the number of operators upgrading and the recent restructuring of the license system, it wasn't until June 14th that I was issued my new "name" on the radio, my station call sign-- KB9WMU. I now own three radios. The first radio that I bought was a Kenwood TH-22AT portable or "HT". I got this from KB9TMP. Next, I got an Alinco DR-150T that I use for my base station, and finally, a Yaesu FT-1500M that I use in my truck. I became a member of the OCARC,or Orange County Amateur Radio Club, in July, and in September started being "net control" for the club's Monday Night Net. In December, I was presented with the Orange County Amateur Radio Club's "Ham of the Year" award. I enjoy talking on 2-meters here locally around my hometown of Orleans and I am currently in the initial stages of learning Morse code so that I can talk further away on 10 meters. I mostly talk to KB9TMP, N9ZLG, KB9VRX, AA9ZG, AA9WR, KB9HUO, N9PRZ, and N9NAP. These are all friends that I talk to at least once or twice a week. I am just starting this website so there is probably not much of interest here right now, but I plan on building it as time goes on. Please excuse any spelling errors or HTML mistakes.

73's to ya!- - - KB9WMU


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