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ARISS @ Toronto


Northlawn,  St Anthony's


Week of January 15th. 2007

Final Date: January 16, 2007 1728 utc

Expedition 14
Commander: Michael Lopez-Alegria KE5GTK
Flight Engineer: Mikhail Tyurin RZ3FT
Flight Engineer: Sunita Williams KD5PLB

Contact Questions

1. How does it feel to know that there's 200 miles between you and the Earth?

2. What is your greatest hope for the future of space technology?

3. Did you want to be an astronaut when you were little?

4. What is some of the equipment you would use in your daily work on the space station and how is it used to help you?

5. Would water float in space?

6. What was your first reaction when you saw the stars outside your space station window?

7. What are some of the hardest challenges on a space walk?

8. What if someone breaks a bone in space, what do you do to fix it?

9. Do you ever have free time? If so, what do you do during it?

10. When you are outside the space station, do you feel like you would drift off?

11. It is obvious that this is a once in a lifetime experience, but what kind of disadvantages does living on board the space station have?

12. Is working outside in space really like the training you did in the pool?

13. Being in space can be lonely. What kind of things do you bring on the ISS to remind you of home?

14. When you are on the shuttle going through the earth's atmosphere, do you control the shuttle's rockets or do the people on earth control them?

15. Can the ISS be hit by space debris and still be able to function?

16. Is it bad for your body to go into space and come back many times?

17. How do you store enough oxygen to survive so long in space?

18. Can you really see the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China from space?

19. Is it difficult sleeping when your're strapped in? Can you turn at all?

20. What is the most important and or interesting thing that you have learned from being an astronaut?


Northlawn and St. Anthony's Students
Make contact with Suni Williams aboard the ISS Tuesday morning
19 Students asked 20 questions and had a GREAT time

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