My ARISS station is now up and working. It includes two Shure M267 audio mixers, a Presidian vidieo recorder, a Gentner Microtel phone interface, two IC-910 dual band satellite rigs, dual Opek SWR power meters with 2m/70cm switch, the MFJ-1272B TNC/MIC switch, a Kantronics KPC-3+ Terminal Node Controller, Sat688 interface by Mark Spencer WA8SME, my own project the Sat power station which uses a 12vdc power source to switch pre-amps on/off and switch from RHCP to LHCP also includes two of K5GNA 2.4GHz down converters all in one unit. Two six point antennas selector switches which can be used for Sat operation or a backup rig for ARISS contacts. Astron RM-50M-BB and an Astron RM-35M-BB power supplies both with backup power connections and last two UPS's as power backups for rotor controller. Every part of the setup is on a dual power backup that will last at least 20 minutes at full output power.
For the rotor system I have not one but two KenPro AZ/EL rotors with the Yeasu 5400B contorlers. Antennas used are the KLM 2M-14CP and the M squared 2MCP22. I am also using the Advanced Reciever Research Inc. mast mount pre-amp. (26dbi).


First Contact
My first ARISS contact was in Streator IL. with St. Anthony's and Northlawn schools with Suni Williams of expidition 14. January 16, 2007 at 1728 utc. Suni was right on time, we made contact on my second call to the station. We had a total of 9 minutes 52 seconds of contact time and we where able to get all 19 students to ask there questions and even a group 73's from the schools to Suni.

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My second contact was in helping Shaker Hights school in Cleveland Ohio as a technical advisor.


Challenger Learning Center of Lucas County, Oregon Ohio Direct by KB9UPS   
(July 25, 2007 1148utc)

The third contact direct from the CLC was a great success. All 18 students asked there questions and recieved great answers back from Clay Anderson aboard the ISS. The center was so taken by the contact that they are in the prosess of setting up a club station with the help of The Toledo Mobile Radio Association. The center will also be conducting ham classes and offering other radio classes to anyone in the area.


Challenger Learning Center of Lucas County, Oregon Ohio Direct by KB9UPS   
September 01, 2008



Fassett Middle School, Oregon Ohio
Febuary 23, 2009 1435 UTC

A very big "THANKS" to TMRA for
getting a man lift which raised the
antennas to see over the building.

Bennett Venture Academy

November 20th. 2009 19:46 UTC
The "Right" Stuff
Team BVA



Roof Tripod Pre-amps Phone interface

Planning to contact other area schools in the Toledo Ohio area, but not limited to this area. If anyone would like to do an ARISS school contact I will travel within reason to help out. You can contact me at [email protected] for details or contact ARISS Mentor Charlie Sufana AJ9N.
Iam also free to come to your club meetings and give an ARISS presintation or AMSAT presintation. Each takes about an hour and a half. All I require is a PC projector...no group to small or large!








Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Ann Arbor MI
Armada Area Schools, Armada MI
M.L. King Jr. School, Detroit MI
St. Edward School, Ashland OH
Mahopac Public Library, Mahopac NY
Milwee Middle School, Longwood FL
South Park Elementary Center, South Park PA
English Estates Elementary, Fern Park FL