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It is not surprising, there other good weather links on the web in addition to those we've chosen as data sources. These are just some. Other parts of these web sites may appear on some of this site's other pages; and their home pages may be listed on our Credit and Thanks page. And we extend much thanks to everyone and/or every organization associated with all these sites. Also, you can e-mail the Peoria County Weather Officer at [email protected] His name is John Smith, and he asked us to include his address on our page. You will also find this address under More Micellaneous Links, the What is Skywarn? Page and the More Info Section of the Brief Explainations Page.
TV Station Weather Pages:

WMBD--Channel 31

WAND--Channel 17


Other Skywarn Sites:

We are not the first.

National Skywarn Homepage

MIRSA Homepage

Northern Illinois Skywarn Homepage



National Weather Service:

National Weather Service, Lincoln, Illinois

National Weather Service, Quad Cities

National Weather Service Homepage

SPC Tornado FAQ


Universities and Academic:

Purdue University UNISYS Wx Home Page


Chaser Pages and Other:

The Storm Chaser Homepage

Illinois Weatherstop.

Al Pietrych's Hot Wx List


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