... so what about him?!

Welcome to my WWWeb page. (I think I'm gettin' the hang of the web building stuff!) So, who is KB9PDL? He's a 22 year-old man from Elwood, Indiana who goes by the name Gary Sattler. The fellow HAMs in my family feel my call, KB9PDL, stands for "pretty darn lucky". (Sometimes I wonder.)

Who are these family fellow HAMs?!? Well...
K9LS Lonnie Sattler (I call him Dad.)
N9QFB Earl Sattler (This is my uncle)
N9RFL Chris Sattler (My brother.)
Well, I'm glad you came for a visit. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas... don't be afraid to send me some E-mail.
A Moment if I May...
... about HAMfests. I've gone to at least 1 a year for the last 3 or so years, now. Why would I mention this? Let me explain. During my Senior year of high school, I began to "tinker" with computers. As a graduation gift, my dad (K9LS) gave me an old 286 dumb terminal. As I began to buy drives, cards, and software, he told me that I might be able to find "hard to find" items at a HAMfest, so I went. Believe it or not, this were my HAM Radio interests rooted from. Well, to make a long story short... My dad used my computer intrests to "bridge" my intrest with Ham Radio. A little "food for thought" for those fathers who'd like to see a child with computer intrests get their license.

Some of my favorite things...

The point to go to a point without a point is pointless... point?!

This page has been ripped, shredded, & Super Glued back together by me.

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