In 2013 NW Radio created the first AMBE hardware device to utilize the chip capable AMBE-3000 series vocoder chip thus opening the door to supporting modes other than D-Star.  It started off as a HAT for the Raspberry Pi, then was replaced about a year later by the USB Thumb DV.

The original UDRC from NW Digital was designed for the Yaesu DR-1X to allow using System Fusion Digital, Analog FM, and D-STAR using the UDRC in conjunction with the DR-1Xs internal controller. This came about mid 2016.

By the winter of 2016 Johnathan Naylor, G4KLX with Bruce Given, VE2GZI providing the hardware Arduino based radio interface. By spring multiple vendors had their own MMDVM radio interfaces.

By the summer of 2016, the DR-1X was replaced by the DR-2X.

Summer 2018 rolls around and NW Digital gets Jonathan to bring new life to the hardware by coding a special MMDVM version for the UDRC. Note however that it cannot support DMR duplex like the other interfaces.

The DRAWS platform came to life in the winter of 2018. I haven't yet seen any new software development that takes advantage of what this offers. I personally don't see much point in adding a high performance sound card at about the $100 mark to do traditional applications that interface to traditional 5 KHz wide bandwidth analog radios, aka 1200-4800 baud data applications.

XLX multiprotocol gateway reflector

The XLX multiprotocol gateway reflector was started in 2016 by Luc - LX1IQ

Initially it was just for D-Star - Bridged multiprotocol, (DCS, DExtra an DPlus- DCS, XRF, REF) (published Jan 2016)

By spring 2017, DMR+ support was added by making use of AMBE server for transcoding.

This brought about some issues of needing physical access to to the server for the AMBE dongle. As well as the single stream limitation using the available hardware AMBE dongles.

In the summer of 2017 Florian DF2ET designed a homebrew AMBE-3003 PCB to provide 3 channels.  

An option for a USB-3006 device was made by LX1IQ and LX3JL by Winter 2017.

This prompted a kickstarter by NW Digital (XC-3006):

Which provided a small quantity of them by Spring 2018.