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Name Call(s) In 1940: At Death: Alive: Notes:
x Francis J. Allard W9NUH Stillwater, MN 1939-7/2/2015
x Orville V. Badeau W9UWB Green Bay Green Bay 1910-5/4/1993  
John J. Barnes Never Licensed De Pere   1951- St. Norbert Director Of Facilities 1985-2015
x George B. Bellinger W9QPP/W9LET Green Bay Park Forest, IL 1906-10/28/1980 Radio repair man  
x Gregory A. Bennett Never Licensed  Green Bay 1963-2013 WFRV Engineer 1997-2000? (obit)
x Joseph "Joe" F. Berger W9BCH Wrightstown Wrightstown 1903-3/5/1963  
x Leslie "Les" R. Burckle W9WWC Green Bay Green Bay 1902-9/8/1996  
x Edward A. Binish W9OPA Green Bay Green Bay 1908-5/5/1976
x Kenneth "Ken" R. Bisel W9HWX/K6QEA Neenah Fullerton, CA 1908-9/25/1993 (Rudolph K. Bisel)
x Herbert "Herb" H. Bomalaski Never Licensed Green Bay 1905-6/6/2001 Established Green Bay NWS 
x Benjamin P. Bonno N9CEC Green Bay 1927-5/6/2000
x Dolph "Tony" Ciango KF9FT Green Bay 1941-10/19/2011
x Cletus J. Collom  8DAX, 8AXE Essexville, MI Clare, MI 1898-3/18/1994 SNC student and inventor, built WHBY
x Henry "Hank" A. Colwell W9JTZ Green Bay Green Bay 1910-9/29/1990  
x Sandra J. Corey N9RDC Green Bay 1957-5/30/1997
x Antonio Cruz-Uribe  XE1BT Green Bay Green Bay 1910-8/7/1985
x Lillian M. Cruz-Urbie W9MMO Green Bay Green Bay 1927-4/21/2014
x Oliver D. Davis W9WLZ Green Bay Green Bay 1919-1/5/2013 Obit
x Howard F. DeGroot W9TEV  Green Bay Green Bay 1922-10/1/1976
x Richard J. De Witt  K9PSW Green Bay Coos Bay, OR 1923-2/25/1995
x Harold A. Dole W9CTH Green Bay Eau Claire 1906-1/4/1964 Owner: Badger State Radio  Also listed as an operating engineer at WTAQ (obit)
x Elmer O. Eisenman 9BUT Green Bay Green Bay 1904-10/10/1995 Sold car batteries
x Bernard E. "Barney" Engels W9NTD Green Bay Green Bay 1902-4/9/1970
x John H. Foeller W9ART Green Bay Green Bay 1906-9/1/1985
x Francis "Frank" J. Fournier WD9EKU Green Bay Green Bay 1920-5/25/1995
x William J. "Bill" Galbraith KA9DYT Denmark Denmark 1920-6/29/1991 Red Cross Executive Director 1961-1984
x Carl J. Gerlach W9FKH/WA9PUH Green Bay Green Bay 1914-4/20/1994
Berthold "Bert" A. Halfpap 9BWU/W0KOA Green Bay Denver, CO 1905-03/14/1993
x Harrison L. "Harry" Haskins W9FWO/9AZV Green Bay Green Bay 1906-1/24/1975 Ran a TV repair shop in the 50's later played piano at Shakey's 70s
x Harry H. Heinrich W9KPG Green Bay Green Bay 1911-6/10/2001
x Harry R. Hill Never Licensed Green Bay   1926-10/25/2016 WFRV Engineer 1955-1986 (per phone call)
Ralph Hoffman   Shawano?   1909-1987?  
x John H. Holloway W9ZDY/W9PCR Green Bay Green Bay 1886-4/28/1966 US1778190 US2446090 US2258055 US2569002
Frommhold K. "Doc" Holtz W9NDT Hilbert Columbus, OH 1918-4/1/1994  
x Allan F. Houston W9WJH Green Bay W. Palm Beach, FL 1913-7/1/1995
x James J. "Jim" Hyskey W9GJK Sturgeon Bay Sturgeon Bay 1911-7/14/1978  
x Almon F. "Al" Ives W9JCC Green Bay Green Bay 1907-12/2/1970  
x Alton R. "Al" Janelle (Sr.) W9CEA/9APA Green Bay Green Bay 1904-9/4/1941 Al Jr "Alton W. Janelle" was born in 1927
x Alton W. Janelle II W9CEA/KA9AIV Green Bay Green Bay 1927-5/16/2017
x Elizabeth "Bette" Johnson WB9PKJ Green Bay Green Bay 1922-10/28/2010
X William F. Johnston W9NZL Green Bay Woodruff, WI 1925-2/6/2008 Teacher at West HS
x William H. Juhre W9IMQ De Pere Stevens Point, WI 1903-1/30/1976 obit
x Paul J. Kehl W9GFL Green Bay Green Bay 1913-5/24/1968
x Edward J. Kehoe W9NXA De Pere De Pere 1914-08/08/1999
Grace A. Kehoe W9OPV Green Bay Marinette 1911-2/19/2000 no real obit
X George E. Klak W9EFL Green Bay San Jose, CA 1899-12/21/1970 Teacher at East High
Lowell "Bud" W. Koeppell W9HIF Green Bay Brookfield, WI 1919-11/30/1996
Richard "Dick" J. Konkel KB9KEM/KN9MAZ Green Bay Green Bay, WI 1943-2/19/2018 No obit. Pfeffer Funeral Home of Manitowoc
x Edmund C. Liebert W9UMJ Green Bay Green Bay 1921-11/2/1996
x William "Bill" G. Lindeke W9BVL/K9GG De Pere De Pere 1923-2/13/1989
x George H. Lord W9NNL Green Bay Green Bay 1903-9/14/1962  
x Joseph C. "Joe" Lotter W9JBU/W9FFX Seymour Seymour 1901-11/22/1977
x Victor W. "Vic" Lotter W9DRI Seymour Seymour 1899-2/2/1988
x Ronald I. Mac Donald W9BKD Green Bay Green Bay 1909-5/22/1976
x Harvey A. Mattes K9DOL/W9UBX Green Bay Green Bay 1905-11/1/1972  
Ambrose S. McKloskey W9JXZ/W9ZOJ Green Bay Eden Prairie, MN 1914-9/30/2003  
x Russell W. Mott W9AHH Green Bay De Pere 1913-3/17/2007 obit
x Elhart "Earl" F. Nelson W9DER Green Bay Green Bay 1912-12/11/1992
x F. Ronald "Ron" Nelson N9CFN Green Bay Green Bay 1940-6/20/2000
x Meredith T. Nielsen K9CZC Green Bay Green Bay 1919-10/4/1997
x Finley C. "Curt" Peacock 9CTS/W9FIN Green Bay Green Bay 1907-05/11/2001
x Hobart "Hub" N. Paine W9IKY Green Bay Milwaukee 1894-3/19/1966 obit
x Louis "Louie" H. Pansier W9LYX Green Bay Green Bay 1925-1/26/1971 Water meter reader
x Emmett A. Platten 9CSX Green Bay Green Bay 1893-4/11/1977
x James M. Promis W9YE Green Bay 1946-3/11/1999
x Fredrick "Fred" A. Rahr II W9NNT Green Bay Green Bay 1901-08/21/1976 (new ham lic 1939)
x Elmo W. Reed W9VNC Green Bay Green Bay 1917-12/31/2014 WLUK engineer, and WJPG-FM
Harold Reid Green Bay   1908-? Wife: Rosemary
x Lawrence "Larry" H. Robbins W9LID Green Bay Walton, FL 1916-05/19/1995
x Lloyd W. Root W9EHD/W9HA Appleton Sun City, AZ 1908-9/28/1985  
x Charles J. Sanders WD9CLL Green Bay Green Bay 1914-10/4/1998
x Robert "Bob" W. Sanders, Jr N9LXM De Pere De Pere 1956-5/21/2011 NWS Meteorologist
x Carlton O. Schaaf W9QYH Green Bay Green Bay 1922-1/1/1993
Stuart M. Schindler N9NCQ Green Bay Green Bay 1969-10/29/2018 No obit
x Glen R. Schlingerman W9WNQ Green Bay 1918-10/9/1942
x Todd J. Schmeling KE9PW Green Bay 1945-10/14/2015
x Arthur W. Schmidt W9VGL Green Bay   1918-3/7/2000  
x Gregory J. Schneider W9IEI Green Bay Appleton 1939-11/18/2008 obit
x Richard C. Shafer W9URY Wrightstown Wrightstown 1922-6/11/2002 Taught at St. Mary High School in Menasha.. He started a ham radio club and mentor
x Ora L. Showers W9RNS Green Bay Iron Mountain, MI 1919-3/18/1995 English teacher at Preble High School
x Robert "Bob" E. Showers  W9HDV Green Bay Green Bay 1917-5/20/1980 Science teacher at East High 1941-1979
x Harlan P. Sieth NQ9F Green Bay 1924-2/25/2011
Thomas "Tom" G. Smith Never Licensed Green Bay   1946- St. Norbert Director of Media Services till 2013
x Harry P. Staszak W9TKZ/WB9WAT Green Bay Green Bay 1913-4/9/1988  
Walter J. Stromberg W9DC Green Bay   1904- 10/1978 Later Lake Geneva
Rodney L. Synnes W9GKZ Green Bay 1932- Alive in Sister Bay
x Joseph "Joe" A. Taylor W9OMT/W9JO Green Bay MN 1937-12/12/2002 Later moved to MN to become engineer at KSTV TV
x William "Bill" F. Terp W9FGH Green Bay Green Bay 1906-05/1/1972
Guy A. Theeke Never Licensed Green Bay   1913-1990 Per Kurt Theeke
x Robert A. Theroux WB9YCQ Green Bay Green Bay 1916-10/05/1997
x Orin C. Thompson W9KIZ/W9DSF Green Bay WI Rapids 1908-6/10/2002 corrected
x Clarence E. Toonen 9ARD Green Bay 1904-1/8/1965 died in Appleton
x Clayton J. Toonen Green Bay Green Bay 1923-3/4/2011 Involved with WHBY and WGBP
X Charles T. Urban W9ZEQ/K3IVI Green Bay PA 1926-03/9/2012 Fr. Urban taught at Premontre High School
Myron J. Vannes   Green Bay   1909-1994  
x John W. Varney W9YDY/AG9K Green Bay Clintonville 1918-2/5/1993  
Harold O. Walch W9GUE Green Bay Green Bay 1906-12/9/1958 no real obit
x "Jerry Van" Gerald VanDen Wymelenberg W9VOW Green Bay Green Bay 1916-2/14/2012 Obit
x Albert "Dutch" VanderZeyden WB9YWQ Yuma, AZ 1946 - 12/17/2014
x James A. Wagner W9STY De Pere De Pere 1901-3/1/1982 St. Norbert seminarian, WHBY
x Charles "Leo" Westerman W9BWZ/W9HID Green Bay Darlington, WI 1902-11/15/1993 Worked at WDUZ in 1961
x Daniel J. Wiese WA9UXM Green Bay Green Bay 1950-11/10/1999
x Joseph S. Yedynak N9LLA Green Bay 1947-07/15/2006
Lowell W. Zable W9UPB Neenah Sarasota, FL 1913-9/4/2006 Wrote the history of Neenah comm and patent


William F. Johnston W9NZL 1925-2008

William F. Johnston, Ph.D., age 82, of Woodruff, WI, died on Wednesday, February 6, 2008, in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

He was born on Sept. 28, 1925, in Dubuque, IA, to Frank and Margaret (McFarland) Johnston. Bill grew up in Alma, WI, and graduated from Alma High School. He received his undergraduate degree from UW-Platteville and master's degree and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin.

On Dec. 30, 1947, Bill married Gladys Mueller. This union was blessed with five children.

Bill devoted his life to teaching, including twelve years of teaching at the high school level and twenty-nine years as a professor of mathematics and computer science at UW-Whitewater.

He served for three years as an enlisted man in the U.S. Navy during WWII and continued as an officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve for an additional twenty-four years. He was an active member of the American Legion, Knights of Columbus, and enjoyed many years of serving as a Boy Scout leader.

Bill and Gladys enjoyed traveling together as well as working regularly as volunteers at a local hospital and a variety of other organizations.

Charles T. Urban  W9ZEQ/K3IVI 1926-2012

Charles Urban was born in Sea Isle, New Jersey in 1926 attended Annunciation Elementary School in Philadelphia and was graduated from Southeast Catholic in 1944.  That same year he joined the Merchant Marines and subsequently was appointed a Cadet Mid-Shipman and sent to Kings Point, Long Island until 1947.

After summer school at St. Norbert College, Charlie joined the Order in 1947 and was ordained to the presbyterate in 1954.  Appointed to the faculty of Southeast Catholic from 1955 until 1959; he taught physics and math.  Summers during those years were spent at Villanova and the University of Connecticut.  After a year at Archmere he was assigned to Premontre until 1962 when he again joined the newly formed faculty at Bishop Neumann High School until 1967.

Retiring from teaching, Charlie became a chaplain at Haverford State Hospital in 1967 with residence at Daylesford Priory.  A sabbatical in 1979 gave him the opportunity to be a chaplain-at-sea with worldwide travels.  In 1980 he functioned as assistant pastor of St. Norbert Parish in Paoli and from 1981 until 1985 as chaplain at Pennhurst State Hospital in Spring City, Pennsylvania with residence at Daylesford.

Charlie was a radio ham operator all his life as well as a photographer and lapidary artist.  It was not unusual to hear him grinding stones and metal into pieces of jewelry at all times of the day and night and then selling the pieces at local art fairs.

Charlie spent the final years of his life at St. Catherine Infirmary in Germantown, PA where he died March 9 in 2012 at the ago of 86.