CQ-VHF Magazine Index


CQ VHF was a ham radio magazine for ham radio operators whose operational and technical interests lie above 50 MHz.

The magazine focuses on radio technology, products, and activities that exist on 6 meters, 2 meters, 440 MHz and above. CQ VHF covers a broad range of skill levels, from the new Technician to the Extra Class microwave experimenter, and includes operating, technical and construction articles.

CQ VHF was published by CQ Communications, publishers of CQ Amateur Radio magazine.

CQ VHF Magazine was first published in 1996. The magazine had been published monthly from June 1996 to December 1999. The weak advertising and newsstand sales market made it economically unviable by the end of 1999.

It was announced in January 2001 that CQ VHF would come back Spring 2002, redesigned as a quarterly publication with these marketplace realities in mind and will rely primarily on subscription revenues to meet expenses.

Index Information

After completing an indexing project for 73 magazine, I noticed there wasn't a master index available for CQ VHF.  I have since also indexed Ham Radio Horizons.

As most of my interests lie on VHF above, and having acquired most of the issues since the publication went quarterly, the CQ VHF indexing became a new project.

Below is what I believe to be a complete article listing.  Note that my collection is not complete, but received some help from the ham community on the tables of contents.  If you have any of these magazines that you are looking to part with, please get a hold of me.  

This index is freely sharable, but please contact me if you plan to redistribute it commercially.  

Enjoy - Steve, KB9MWR


Issue Description Extended Desc. Author Page
Winter 2013 Transalantic Balloon Flight 2012, CNSP-18 K6RPT-12 The California Near Space Project launch, balloon launched from San Jose, CA.. signals heard in Malaga, Spain AI6RE 8
Winter 2013 K6RPT-12 Recovery Report The landing spot and final recovery of the payload in Fez, Morocco CN2GW/F1GXW 10
Winter 2013 A Panadapter for the FT-817 using the FUNCube Dongle Adapting the FUNCube Donge for the Yaesu FT-817 transceiver N1JEZ, W1FKF, W1GHZ 16
Winter 2013 Raspberry Pi in the Sky How this open-source hardware has been used for transmitting slow-scan from a balloon payload Dave Akerman 37
Winter 2013 Hopes Dim for 6-Meter F2 Activity during Solar Cycle 24 What can we expect in the new solar cycle? WA2AMU 46
Winter 2013 Homing In RDF keeps tabs on rover and provides international competition for hams K0OV 54
Winter 2013 Up in the Air 25th anniversary flight of the first high-altitude weather balloon which carried ATV and 2m FM transmitter WB8ELK 59
Winter 2013 FM Those radios from China K0NR 63
Winter 2013 Antennas Impedance matching WA5VJB 68
Winter 2013 VHF Propagation Propagation on low VHF with a look at the ionosphere NW7US 71
Winter 2013 Satellites The 30th annual AMSAT Space Symposium, 2012 W5IU 77
Winter 2013 Dr. SETI's Starship What's the frequency, Kenneth? N6TX 82
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Summer 2012 An Omnidirectional Antenna For UHF without Radials A unique antenna for UHF, here is something that suprised him by the increase in gain over the typical collinear antenna.  WB6IQN 8
Summer 2012 Solar Cycle 24 Predictions KH6/K6IMO's latest predictions on the current solar cycle, along with pertinent commentary KH6/K6IMO 16
Summer 2012 CQ VHF Reviews The InnovAntennas 6-Meter 7-element LFA2 WOS Yagi (9.5m) WB6NOA 28
Summer 2012 Geometry of Propagation Modes on 6 Meters The "Magic Band," in intriguing because of the many ways propagation occurs WB2AMU 38
Summer 2012 CQ VHF Reviews The FUNcube Dongle Pro G4WNC 42
Summer 2012 Homing In Californians host USA's Championships of transmitter hunting, and on to Serbia K0OV 48
Summer 2012 Up in the Air Great Plains Superlaunch 2012 WB8ELK 56
Summer 2012 Antennas Patch antennas and circular polarization WA5VJB 58
Summer 2012 Beginner's Guide Sporadic-E for beginners KK6MC 62
Summer 2012 VHF Propagation How Showers! NW7US 66
Summer 2012 Emergency Communications Let's build a Go Kit NA7US 70
Summer 2012 FM VHF/UHF mobile antennas K0NR 72
Summer 2012 Satellites Dayton demos, Field Day 2012, and STEM education update W5IU 76
Summer 2012 Dr. SETI's Starship Remembering Allen Tough N6TX 84
Spring 2012 Chasing Atlantis- Part 3 The last of a three-part article capturing the final flights of the US Space Shuttle program from a 20-mile high vantage point KJ4YNE 8
Spring 2012 Watts Up at M2 Antenna Systems Each year Mike Staal, K6MYC, owner of M2 Antennas, .. a look at the company's 6- and 2-meter amplifiers, plus a lot more fun WB6NOA 12
Spring 2012 January 2012 ARRL VHF Sweepstakes Sporadic-E Openings One of the more interesting winter VHF contests, this time there were some surprises for those on 6 meters, the "Magic Band" WB2AMU 18
Spring 2012 Extreme Range 50-MHz Es, North-South (TEFE) The third in a series exploring the propagation phenomena that appear to involve Es along the path KH6/K6IMO, W3ZZ 26
Spring 2012 The 3D Printing and MEMS Propulsion for the RAMPART 2U CUBESAT A cubesat project that involves cooperating from multiple sources and is scheduled for launch in mid-2013 N7YTK 41
Spring 2012 Real Science, Real Education- The University Nonostat Program The authors describe the University Nonnasat program and how it has given rise to amateur radio related cubestats David Voss 47
Spring 2012 Homing In USA ARDF Championship previews and an affordable Doppler set K0OV 59
Spring 2012 Up in the Air Dayton Hamvention Balloon 2011 WB8ELK 65
Spring 2012 Antennas Herringbone log periodics plus another AMSAT LEO antenna WA5VJB 68
Spring 2012 FM TRBO hits the amateur bands K0NR 72
Spring 2012 VHF Propagation Summer fun on the VHF bands! NW7US 76
Spring 2012 Satellites Working satellites though the decline on active "Birds" W5IU 78
Spring 2012 Emergency Communications Ham radio events, the WOUXON handheld, what's happening in EmComm, plus emergency tips NA7US 80
Spring 2012 Dr. SETI's Starship "This lousy T-Shirt" N6TX 84
Winter 2011 An Experimental Linear Translator for 2 Meters to 10 Meters The design and development of a "test bed" linear translator by Mozar Naing, KE5VKO, Nozar Naing, KE5VKP, and Michael Helm, WC5Z Staff 8
Winter 2011 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos- Part 7, Smoke in Terra Alta The early years of amateur radio in the Appalachian Mountains, WV WA2VVA 14
Winter 2011 The Mystique of Auroa Aurora propagation and its effect on the ham career and personal life of the author WB2AMU 20
Winter 2011 Want to Go on a DXpedition? A DXpedition to the Gambia and F2 and transequatorial propagation W0SD, W7XU 26
Winter 2011 There's No Such Thing as a Free Dish A takeoff idea that there is no such things as a "free lunch," but with a great outcome K1DS 32
Winter 2011 Microwave Update 2010 a Success! The 2010 MUD in Cerritos, California and the many activities that made it a success WB6NOA 40
Winter 2011 FM Get the tone right K0NR 44
Winter 2011 Satellites Satellites to promote science, technology, engineering, and math in education; ARISSat-1; and FUNcube W5IU 47
Winter 2011 Homing In RDF for the masses, plus USA's ARDF national championships in September 2011 K0OV 55
Winter 2011 Beginner's Guide An economical VHF+ station- the next step K7SZ 60
Winter 2011 Up in the Air HF balloon tracking KB8ELK 63
Winter 2011 Antennas Connecting multiple radios and antennas WA5VJB 66
Winter 2011 VHF Propagation Shattering scientific ideas, the August 2010 solar events NW7US 70
Winter 2011 Emergency Communications Trends and thoughts in the world of VHF/UHF EmComm NA7US 75
Winter 2011 ATV Video capture and streaming KB1JIJ 77
Winter 2011 Dr. SETI's Starship Remembering Malcom Raff, WA2UNP N6TX 82
Fall 2011 Chasing Discovery - Part 1 This is part 1 of a three part series capturing the final flights of the U.S. Space Shuttle program from a 20-mile-high vantage point KJ4YNE 10
Fall 2011 PMSE and Propagation at 50 MHz Are Polar Mesosphere Echos a factor in 6-meter propagation? W9LA takes a brief look into the physics of the atmosphere in relation to PMSE K9LA 14
Fall 2011 2-meter DXCC via EME- The Journey How KJ9I achives 2-meter DXCC via moonbounce KJ9I 18
Fall 2011 The Party is Not Over Yet 6 Meters provides surprises after the summer 2011 sporadic-E season WB2AMU 24
Fall 2011 West Point Balloon Satellite A story of a team of West Point cadets, to advisor-officers, and the Academy's public affairs officer launching a baloonsat in May KJHY 28
Fall 2011 First Look The ICOM IC-9100 transceiver on VHF and UHF WB6NOA 35
Fall 2011 Extreme-Range 50 MHz Es-nEs or Chordal The first of three articles on sporadic-E by KH6/K6MIO KH6/K6MIO 39
Fall 2011 Homing In US ARDF Championships 2011 K0OV 50
Fall 2011 Antennas 50-MHz beams WA5VJB 57
Fall 2011 Up in the Air Liberty Middle School (Alabama) balloon launch to the edge of space WB8ELK 65
Fall 2011 Emergency Communications Are we doing all that we can? NA7US 69
Fall 2011 FM Ten things you should know about FM and repeaters K0NR 72
Fall 2011 Satellites ARRISSat-1 "On Orbit," Project Fox- AMSAT's first CubeSat, and AMSAT Space Symposium W5IU 76
Fall 2011 VHF Propagation We're moving up in sunspot Cycle 24! NW7US 78
Fall 2011 Dr. SETI's Starship The strange case of the oscillating amplifier N6TX 82
Summer 2011 Hawaii Calls! The annual summer Hawaii to mainland West Coast U.S Connection plug this years beginning of tropo propagation on that path WB6NOA 8
Summer 2011 On the MUF of Sporadic-E VHF Propagation - Petit Chordal Hop and Layer Trapping An explanation of petit chordal hop Es in supporting VHF propagation from 50 MHz and up, plus high MUFs supported by signal trapping between closely spaced Es layers VK2ZRH 14
Summer 2011 A Homebrew AZ/EL Rotor Controller WA9PYH's description of his homebrew solution to azimuth/elevation rotation of antenna arrays WA9PYH 24
Summer 2011 First Look! The Comet CAA-500 HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analyzer "Hands on" time with the Comet CAA-500 from NCH Company Staff 32
Summer 2011 Homing In New products, new hunt opportunities, and foxhunting "down under" K0OV 36
Summer 2011 Antennas Roving Antenna range and much more WA5VJB 42
Summer 2011 Beginner's Guide Computers and amateur radio K7SZ 46
Summer 2011 Up in the Air Field Day balloon WB8ELK 49
Summer 2011 FM FM VHF distance from Pikes Peak, Colorado K0NR 54
Summer 2011 Satellites ARRISSat-1 "ready to go," AMSAT at Dayton, Project, Fox, and Field Day W5IU 57
Summer 2011 Emergency Communications How prepared are we? NA7US 62
Summer 2011 VHF Propagation Calling at North American VHF amateur radio operators! NW7US 64
Summer 2011 Dr. SETI's Starship Alien Telescope disarray N6TX 82
Spring 2011 Low-Cost Ham Antennas for 23-cm EME The building and analyzing of two large ham antennas for 23-cm Earth-Moon-Earth contacts WD5AGO 8
Spring 2011 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos- Part 8, Ahnighito Falling stars as related to amateur radio, plus the pioneers of meteor-scatter WA2VVA 14
Spring 2011 The ARRL VHF Contests Scoring Rules- A Commentary Grid locators in contests and awards, and suggestions for improvement WB2AMU 23
Spring 2011 Beacon Monitoring Without the Noise How to save your ears and spare your family from the background hash of beacon monitoring WB6NOA 30
Spring 2011 Converting a Commerical 10-element Channel 8 Yagi to 222 MHz Taking an old TV antenna and converting it for amateur radio K3MD 38
Spring 2011 An Amplifier for 70-90 MHz Options for creating a power amplifier for frequencies above 50 MHz N2DCH 40
Spring 2011 Portable "Cheap Yagis" An easy-to-assemble "Cheap Yagi" for portable use W3MEO 43
Spring 2011 A Very Simple ICOM ID-1 Application Using the ID-1 for moving large amounts of data in the digital data mode NY9D 46
Spring 2011 Homing In Rescue in Miller Canyon and updated RDF set for the 125-cm band K0OV 48
Spring 2011 FM Land Mobile radio technology K0NR 54
Spring 2011 Up in the Air High-Altitude photography WB2ELK 58
Spring 2011 Antennas Get Ready for the CSVHFS Conference  WA5VJB 62
Spring 2011 Beginner's Guide Journey to the high end of 2m K7SZ 66
Spring 2011 Satellites ARRISSat-1 update, work the satellites on Field Day 2011, and FUNcube Dongle W5IU 70
Spring 2011 Emergency Communications Disaster in Japan... a lesson for us? NA7US 72
Spring 2011 VHF Propagation The rise of sunspot Cycle 24 NW7US 76
Spring 2011 ATV Generating on-screen display KB1JIJ 80
Spring 2011 Dr. SETI's Starship Six degrees of SETI separation N6TX 82
Winter 2010 Echoes of Apollo 2009/1010 A bit of the history of the large dishes taking part in this event, plus an announcement of this year's EOA AA6EG 6
Winter 2010 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos - Part 3, A New Dawn The origin of the term sky noise and the importance of the 10.7 cm solar flux, plus more about the sun WA2VVA 15
Winter 2010 Rare Visual Tropo Duct Surprises the Microwavers What started as a Thanksgiving event turned into 6 hours of looking into a tropo duct! WB6NOA 20
Winter 2010 Dr. Ernest K. Smith Jr. (1922-2009) A reflection on his great impact on propagation studies WB2AMU 24
Winter 2010 Beginning Experiments on the VHF Amateur Bands Our mandate to build and experiment, plus using a 6 to 40 meter converter for QRP CW on 6 meters KK7B 27
Winter 2010 Digital Wattmeter Element for the Bird Model 43 Wattmeter How WA8SME replaced the analog meter with a digital meter element WA8SME 32
Winter 2010 Digital Television The new ham frontier WA8RMC 38
Winter 2010 Satellites The old, the new, and the meetings W5IU 44
Winter 2010 ATV Digital amateur television, an introduction KB1JIJ 50
Winter 2010 Homing In En route to Croatia via Ohio K0OV 56
Winter 2010 Antennas Stacking Yagis WA5VJB 62
Winter 2010 FM Repeaters - open or closed? K9NR 65
Winter 2010 Emergency Communications Then and now NA7US 68
Winter 2010 VHF Propagation The sun is alive! NW7US 71
Winter 2010 The VHF-Plus Classroom Elmers, a vital part of ham radio education KD7RPP 74
Winter 2010 Digital Radio Digital frequency coordination WB9QZB 76
Winter 2010 Beginner's Guide SETI, EmComm, and YO-YO 72 K7SZ 78
Winter 2010 Up in the Air Launches by the Space Hardware Club of the University of Alabama WB6ELK 80
Winter 2010 Dr. SETI's Starship Watching terrestrial television at Alpha Centauri N6TX 82
Fall 2010 Expectations for 6 Meters for Cycle 24 Predictions of what to expect on 6 meters for the new sunspot cycle WB2AMU 8
Fall 2010 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos - Part 6, Signaling The Boy Scout, the cosmos, and deep-sea hydrophones WA2VVA 10
Fall 2010 Echoes of Apollo EME/Arecibo 2010- Part 2 Reflections from some participants in the Apr EOA/Arecibo event, Yuri's Night, plus Mexico's new space agency AA6EG 18
Fall 2010 10 GHz Tune-Up Party A summary of southern California hams' Jul activity, plus interest in the elusive 10 GHz QSO WB6NOA 23
Fall 2010 Beginning Experiments on the VHF Amateur Bands - Part 4 Experiments guided by our interests, skills, and tools KK7B 26
Fall 2010 A Low Cost 60 cm Tracking Beacon for Rocket or Balloon Payloads A solution to finding balloon or rocket launch payloads WC5Z 31
Fall 2010 My Experience Getting Started on 2 Meters EMS AE3T reminisces about his EME activity, plus a challenge to give it a try AE3T 36
Fall 2010 The Meteor Shower Nobody Saw - Revisited The Jun 1975 lunar meteor shower, or was it? N6CL 38
Fall 2010 CQ's Satellite and 6 Meter WAZ Award Update - N5FG 45
Fall 2010 Antennas Quads, loops, and polarization WA5VJB 46
Fall 2010 Emergency Communications Lessons I have learned NA7US 54
Fall 2010 Beginner's Guide Proper EmComm training and Go-Kits K7SZ 56
Fall 2010 FM Inside the D-Star Protocol K0NR 59
Fall 2010 Homing In ARDF Team USA returns from Croatia with three medals K0OV 63
Fall 2010 ATV W2KGY BallonSat payload KB1JIJ 68
Fall 2010 Satellites Developing ARISSat-1, working astronauts on the ISS, and working OSCAR Zero W5IU 70
Fall 2010 Up in the Air SpaceJam-4 WB8ELK 74
Fall 2010 VHF Propagation Open Season for the VHF meteor hunting NW7US 77
Fall 2010 Dr. SETI's Starship Remembering Project Ozma N6TX 80
Summer 2010 Echos of Apollo EME/Arecibo 2010 - Part 1 A perspective on a world EME event, in this case from the Arecibo Observatory AA6EG 8
Summer 2010 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos - Part 5, Changes in the Weather Weather, radar, propagation and history of the Arecibo dish WA2VVA 16
Summer 2010 The Tropo Trigger An explanation of what triggers tropospheric ducting between Hawaii and the West Coast WB6NOA 24
Summer 2010 Beginning Experiments on the VHF Amateur Bands - Part 3 A discussion of modulation, with some fun experiments KK7B 30
Summer 2010 Tips on Portable VHF Antenna Setups Several setups for rover and portable operations WB2AMU 38
Summer 2010 The IDOLL Project Using amateur radio to keep track of those who checked in to the West Point Scout Jamboree KJ5HY 42
Summer 2010 A Homemade Collapsible Parabolic Dish Antenna The creative use if am umbrella to make an antenna KA2UPW/5 44
Summer 2010 Parabolic Antenna Calculations Using Excel to simplify calculating parabolic dish dimensions W3HMS, K4ITO 48
Summer 2010 Antennas Multiband antennas WA5VJB 54
Summer 2010 Homing In Championship RDF returns to the woods of Ohio K0OV 58
Summer 2010 Up in the Air Huntville, AL Field Day balloon WB8ELK 63
Summer 2010 Emergency Communications Volunteer opportunities and emergency preparation NA7US 66
Summer 2010 FM DVAP - your personal D-Star access point K0NR 69
Summer 2010 Beginner's Guide Building a fun VHF+ station K7SZ 72
Summer 2010 Satellites Satellite potpourri- a variety of amateur radio satellite topics W5IU 74
Summer 2010 VHF Propagation Sunspot Cycle 24 is progressing slowly, but normally NW7US 76
Summer 2010 Digital Radio Digital at the Dayton Hamvention WB9QZB 80
Summer 2010 Dr. SETI's Starship Big enough N6TX 82
Spring 2010 Activation of Elusive Grid EL58 The story of the 2009 K5N operation from grid EL58 on an island at the southeast tip of Louisiana WA4EWV 8
Spring 2010 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos - Part 4, Never a Dull Moment The space program in the 20th century, including a visit with space ambassador Wernher von Braun WA2VVA 14
Spring 2010 Ham-Tested at Quartzfest Ham radio RVers at Quartzsite, QZ, with details of battery chargers, antennas, and switching power supplies WB6NOA 20
Spring 2010 Twenty Years of ARRL VHF Contesting The author's history of operating in these contest with emphasis on portable operations WB2AMU 24
Spring 2010 Beginning Experiments of the VHF Amateur Bands, Part 2 Receiving an amplifying a weak VHF signal KK7B 32
Spring 2010 Transoceanic VHF Ducting- A simple Multifunction Beacon The design of a self-contained, transportable, rack-mountable beacon N7BHC 40
Spring 2010 Homing In Innovators in RDF- an inventor, a code writer, a fox meister K0OV 48
Spring 2010 Satellites Satellites 101- an introduction to amateur radio satellites W5IU 55
Spring 2010 ATV Digital Modulation and signal processing KB1JIJ 59
Spring 2010 Antennas Pitfalls in helix antenna construction WA5VJB 62
Spring 2010 Up in the Air New heights for science fairs WB8ELK 65
Spring 2010 Beginner's Guide Go for it! Ham radio... K7SZ 68
Spring 2010 FM What is a trail friendly radio? K0NR 70
Spring 2010 VHF Propagation Aurora season and the new solar cycle NW7US 74
Spring 2010 Emergency Communications Amateur radio at its best NA7US 80
Spring 2010 Dr. SETI's Starship To Venus and back N6TX 82
Winter 2009 The CY0X 2008 Sable Island VHF DXpedition The special CY0 call, rare 6-meter FN93, and seperate DXCC status equalled big pile-ups! VE3IKV 6
Winter 2009 The WinCube Project Pico-satellites, amateur radio, and high-altitude balloons-an opportunity for Manitoba high school students VE3NSA, VE4CZK 12
Winter 2009 The Basement Laboratory Group, Part 3- A Year to Remember Excerpts from a special 1956 Christmas tape prepared by W2CXY and sent to Ralph (Tommy) Thomas W2UK, KH6UK 16
Winter 2009 Riding the Terminator from 6 Meters Down to 160 Meters W1AW/KL7 special event station on the air from the 2008 Alaska Convention WB6NOA, KL7BB 24
Winter 2009 A Nostalgic 6-Meter Radiotelephone Station A homebrew 6-meter AM transmitter, including microphone to antenna K8VBL 30
Winter 2009 CDE/Hy-Gain Rotors, How to Keep 'em Turning- Part 1 W9FX shares his years of experience and knowledge of rotor repairs W9FX 38
Winter 2009 Homing In Transmitter hunters track rockets in the desert and plan to meet in Boston K0OV 46
Winter 2009 Antennas Vivaldi project WA5VJB 53
Winter 2009 VHF Propagation Old and new science NW7US 58
Winter 2009 FM A look inside D-Star modulation K0NR 62
Winter 2009 Beginner's Guide An exciting time in amateur radio, the basics of 2 meters and the FM mode K7SZ 66
Winter 2009 ATV ATV gives impetus to new math/science curriculum KD7RPP 68
Winter 2009 Digital Radio Hosting a digital conference WB9QZB 70
Winter 2009 Satellites The 2008 AMSAT Space Symposium and annual meeting W5IU 72
Winter 2009 Up in the Air Tracking beacon WB8ELK 74
Winter 2009 Dr. SETI's Starship Beckoning beacons, Part 2 N6TX 78
Fall 2009 Working the Continental U.S. on 2 meters Terrestrial Those who have worked the lower 48 states terrestrially on 2 meters, how it was done and from where W9GKA 6
Fall 2009 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos- Part 2, Crawford Hill Exploration of the connection between amateur radio and the cosmos, this time going back as far as the dawn of time WA2VVA 16
Fall 2009 Review of the 6-meter Sporadic-E Activity During Summer 2009 An overview of the plethora propagation events this past summer WB2AMU 24
Fall 2009 California Hams take 10 GHz Contesting to the Extreme! The activity and enthusiasm of CA hams for the ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest WB6NOA 30
Fall 2009 What is Your Location? How to properly state your location during emergency communication situations K6SOJ 36
Fall 2009 EmComm Gets Sky-High Boost from AMSAT's Phase IV Geostationary Satellitte A new, exciting AMSAT proposal and how it may roll out K9JKM 38
Fall 2009 ATV To the moon, Alice KD7RPP 44
Fall 2009 Digital Radio Digital resources from TAPR WB9QZB 46
Fall 2009 FM D-Star continues to grow K0NR 53
Fall 2009 Homing In Pay to play? ARDF vs. park officals K0OV 57
Fall 2009 Satellites ARISS International Face-to-Face meeting and new birds W5IU 62
Fall 2009 Beginner's Guide Try your local hardware store! K7SZ 68
Fall 2009 Up in the Air Superlaunch 2009 WB8ELK 70
Fall 2009 Emergency Communications Interoperability and you! NA7US 72
Fall 2009 VHF Propagation The verdict is still out NW7US 78
Fall 2009 Dr. SETI's Starship The day the Earth called out N6TX 82
Summer 2009 Crossing Oceans with VHF ducts- Subsidence Temperature Inversions How these inversions may be used for making record establishing QSOs N7BHC 6
Summer 2009 Amateur Radio and the Cosmos- Part 1, From Our Meager Beginnings WA2VVA explores the connection between amateur radio and the cosmos and discusses some of the early players WA2VVA 15
Summer 2009 Was It E Skip or Tropo? Some of the general differences between E ship and tropo propagation modes WB6NOA 22
Summer 2009 An Interview with the Fire Tower Man of Tennessee The story of John Williams, N4AOW, and his fire tower, station, and success on 2 meters from the top of a mountain KI4SGU 26
Summer 2009 Six Meter Paths of Glory Is there a correlation between the lack of sunspots and an increase in the multiple-hop sporadic-E propagation? WB2AMU 32
Summer 2009 HSMM Amateur Digital Video and HSMM-MESH K8OCL 38
Summer 2009 Homing In Championship Foxhunting brings the world to Boston K0OV 46
Summer 2009 Beginner's Guide It's summertime, antenna time! K7SZ 54
Summer 2009 Digital Radio Digital connectivity: It's about the network WB9QZB 57
Summer 2009 Emergency Communications Tips. tricks, camping, and Field Day NA7US 59
Summer 2009 FM A list of FM VHF operating activities K0NR 62
Summer 2009 Up in the Air Mobile steaming video WB8ELK 66
Summer 2009 ATV ATV in the classroom, helping make history KD7RPP 68
Summer 2009 Antennas Frequency selective surface WA5VJB 70
Summer 2009 Satellites Working the Easy Sats with portable equipment- an update W5IU 73
Summer 2009 VHF Propagation Solar Cycle 24- expectations NW7US 78
Summer 2009 Dr. SETI's Starship The bet is already won N6TX 83
Spring 2009 Echoes of Apollo A world space party and amateur radio EME event for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing AA6EG 6
Spring 2009 The Appalachian Trail Golden Packet APRS Event Passing a single packet to the length of the trail, and the Peak-2-Peak group WB4APR 12
Spring 2009 CDE/Hy-Gain Rotors, How to Keep 'em Turning- Part 2 Problems that can occur with rotor controllers and how to fix them W9FX 18
Spring 2009 A Pioneer in the Family, Jim Kmosko, W2NLY More about the golden days of VHF radio from an interview with W2NLY WA2VVA 26
Spring 2009 VHF/UHF Weekly Net Successes The story of KE6GFF and his weekly trek to a hilltop where he reaches out over 300 miles WB6NOA 38
Spring 2009 The Story Behind the Book Six Meters, A Guide to the Magic Band WB2AMU 41
Spring 2009 Homing In Ideas for increasing foxhunt participation K0OV 44
Spring 2009 FM VHF FM equipment for emergency communications K0NR 53
Spring 2009 Up in the Air Kentucky Space Balloon-1 WB8ELK 57
Spring 2009 Emergency Communications Introducing NA7US and a new column NA7US 60
Spring 2009 Satellites ARISS- Amateur Radio on the International Space Station W5IU 62
Spring 2009 ATV ATV, ARRL's Teacher Institute, and ham radio in public school curriculum KD7RPP 66
Spring 2009 Antennas Stacking broadband antennas WA5VJB 68
Spring 2009 VHF Propagation More new space weather discoveries NW7US 72
Spring 2009 Beginner's Guide Creating your station setup K7SZ 77
Spring 2009 Digital Radio Digital Modes- they're not just about data anymore WB9QZB 80
Spring 2009 Dr. SETI's Starship Betting on SETI success N6TX 82
Winter 2008 Launching Dreams The long-term impact of SAREX and ARISS on student achievement KB3NMS 6
Winter 2008 2007 AMSAT Symposium A report on the revolutionary changes proposed, plus updates on Phase 3E, Eagle, and SuitSat-2 K9JKM 16
Winter 2008 Cansat Hands-on experience learning about satellites KD4HBO 20
Winter 2008 ARISS Contact with the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children A first for ARISS, a contact with children who are hospitalized AA4KN 26
Winter 2008 The Lost Letters of KH6UK Part 3, the Klystron years, 1960-1961 WA2VVA 30
Winter 2008 Are Tropo Extensions to Sporadic-E Openings Possible? A discussion of the combination mode of tropospheric-ducting paths combined with sporadic-E skip WB2AMU 39
Winter 2008 Non-Noodling Rover Masts The BlueSky Lite sturdy mast system WB6NOA 44
Winter 2008 IARU International Satellite Forum Report A frequency wish list and discussion of congestion on 2 meters ZS6AKV 53
Winter 2008 D-Star in the Southeast US Pioneering D-Star in Alabama W4OZK 62
Winter 2008 Cycle 24 Begins! Solid indications that the new cycle is beginning to rev up KH6/K6MIO 77
Winter 2008 Homing In RDF protects lives, provides fun, and promotes goodwill K0OV 47
Winter 2008 Satellites The new world of AMSAT W5IU 54
Winter 2008 The Orbital Classroom To the moon, Alice! N6TX 56
Winter 2008 FM D-Star creates band planning challenge K0NR 58
Winter 2008 Antennas D-Star antennas WA5VJB 64
Winter 2008 HSMM The Hinternet, protecting HSMM radio networks K8OCL 68
Winter 2008 Airborne Radio Radio control QSYs to 2.4 GHz K1UHF 71
Winter 2008 VHF Propagation New solar cycle has begun! NW7US 74
Winter 2008 Up in the Air Transatlantic balloon race WB8ELK 79
Winter 2008 Dr. SETI's Starship Millimeter magic N6TX 82
Fall 2008 Long-Range Summer 6-Meter Paths Between The US and Japan Comments on the Short-Path Summer Solstice Propagation theory WB2AMU 6
Fall 2008 SSSP- Short-path Summer Solstice Propagation JE1BMJ's theory to explain long-distance propagation on 6 meters JE1BMJ 12
Fall 2008 The Basement Laboratory Group, Part 2- Walt Morrison, W2CXY A look back at our oioneers, this part focusing on the author's father WA2VVA 18
Fall 2008 VHF-Plus Contesting on a Shoestring K7SZ describes his initial success with getting his grandson interested in amateur radio K7SZ 26
Fall 2008 Radio Life Insurance with SPOT How Globalstar USA's satellite transponder can help rovers in distress WB6NOA 29
Fall 2008 Tulsa (OK) Technology Center's Innovative Approach to Training Future Engineers The author discusses the journey from development of a balloon sats to their launch KE5URH 32
Fall 2008 Contact- Another First (on Earth) How one teacher has promoted amateur radio to his students while also teaching them about archeology VE3NCE 38
Fall 2008 ATV Thanks to ATV, parents can view their children teaching math on the internet KD7RPP 40
Fall 2008 The Orbital Classroom AMSAT and teacher professional development N6TX 44
Fall 2008 Homing In A decade of ARDF (amateur radio direction finding) in the USA K0OV 54
Fall 2008 FM How to crossband on VHF/UHF K0NR 60
Fall 2008 Satellites Amateur radio satellite meetings W5IU 64
Fall 2008 HSMM New High-Speed Multi-Media radio mesh networking K8OCL 78
Fall 2008 Antennas Ultra Wide Band (UWB) WA5VJB 71
Fall 2008 Up in the Air Superlaunch 2008 WB8ELK 75
Fall 2008 VHF Propagation Sleeping on the job, plus working meteor scatter NW7US 77
Fall 2008 Dr. SETI's Starship Beckoning beacons N6TX 82
Summer 2008 A USB Programmable, High-Stability Local Oscillator for Microwave Transmitters A solution to frequency drift that can be programmed from your computer N5AC 6
Summer 2008 Low-Noise Pre-amplifiers from the 1.3, 2.3, and 3.4 GHz Amateur Bands Low-noise pre-amps for three of the popular microwave bands G4DDK 14
Summer 2008 Predicting 6-meter F2 Propagation A prediction method for any path, any phase of a solar cycle, any month, and any time of day K9LA 19
Summer 2008 2500 Miles with Just a Loop? VHF/UHF loop antennas may offer zero gain in all directions, but they are the hot ticket on SSB and CW WB6NOA 22
Summer 2008 Observing the Double-Hop Sporadic-E Phenomenon on 6 meters A possible solution for North America ops to work countries WB2AMU 26
Summer 2008 The Basement Laboratory Group A pioneering VHF club; part 1 W2AZL, WA2VVA 31
Summer 2008 BIG BLUE Projects, One Student's Perspective How this flexible-wing aircraft project has positively affected the life of KY1GDC KY1GDC 40
Summer 2008 ARISS Inspires a New Generation of Hams Earth Science students in Michigan exposed to amateur radio though the ARISS program N8MS 45
Summer 2008 FM Report from the Dayton Hamvention K0NR 48
Summer 2008 Homing In Hams helping fliers, boaters, and hikers one ELT at a time K0OV 55
Summer 2008 Up in the Air Field Day balloons WB8ELK 60
Summer 2008 VHF Propagation Bouncing VHF signals off shooting stars NW7US 63
Summer 2008 ATV Getting yourself and students started in Amateur Television KD7RPP 66
Summer 2008 Antennas ATV antennas plus antenna ranges WA5VJB 68
Summer 2008 Satellites Back to the present, the new world of AMSAT W5IU 72
Summer 2008 The Orbital Classroom National Science Education Standards N6TX 76
Summer 2008 HSMM HSMM and Field Day, raison d' etre K8OCL 78
Summer 2008 Dr. SETI's Starship Light Speed N6TX 82
Spring 2008 BIG BLUE University of Kentucky students exposed to aerospace careers via amateur radio KG4YLM 8
Spring 2008 Building a 10 GHz FM Television Link A high-quality linking system to cover a 17 mile path between stations W3HMS 14
Spring 2008 Get Ready for SuitSat-2 New developments of SuitSat-2 / RadioSkaf-2, good news for amateur radio W5DID, K9JKM 20
Spring 2008 AMSAT's New Spacecraft Integration Lab The setting up of AMSAT's new lab in Pocomoke City, MD, and plans for the future KF4KSS, W3JCT 26
Spring 2008 APRS Tactical Tropo Finder The AvMap G5 combined with the Kenwood D710A, an ideal GPS system for APRS use WB6NOA 30
Spring 2008 Spreading the Good News about VHF! Promoting VHF operation at Field Day and though other venues WB2AMU 35
Spring 2008 A Broad Look at 6m F2 Propagation for Cycle 24 and Beyond What does Cycle 24 hold in store for 6 meter F2 propagation? K9LA 40
Spring 2008 In Search of the Legendary Fred Fish W5FF's accomplishment and a memorial award W5WVO 44
Spring 2008 The Lost Letters of KH6UK Part 4, Project Moonbounce WA2VVA 48
Spring 2008 Homing In New gear for 1.25 meter foxhunting K0OV 54
Spring 2008 FM How many decibels are in my S-meter? K0NR 60
Spring 2008 Digital Radio Digital voice ad data modes, the way forward WB9QZB 64
Spring 2008 ATV Amateur television in math and science curricula KD7RPP 66
Spring 2008 VHF Propagation A switch is thrown NW7US 68
Spring 2008 Up in the Air Near space workshop WB8ELK 71
Spring 2008 The Orbital Classroom Lunar Link analysis N6TX 74
Spring 2008 Satellites The old world of AMSAT W5IU 76
Spring 2008 Antennas Pitfalls in stacking antennas WA5VJB 78
Spring 2008 HSMM Getting on the internet, your first HSMM radio station K8OCL 81
Spring 2008 Dr. SETI's Starship Sir Arthur C. Clarke Remembered N6TX 82
Winter 2007 Hams Help with 2006 Wild Ride Bike Rally Seamless integration of wireless components, including D-Star, to provide digital communications for this special event KD5OUG 6
Winter 2007 Inferring 6-meter Propagation Modes from Es and F2 Probabilities Is the propagation in a long-distance QSO multi-hop sporadic-E for F2? A look at the evidence from QSOs between J68AS and EU K9LA 10
Winter 2007 Building the Eagle Satellite WB4GCS, the Eagle project manager, describes AMSAT's latest project and the efforts to get it right WB4GCS 14
Winter 2007 CQ VHF Visits West Mountain Radio A tour of a company that offers weak-signal operators accessories for VHF and UHF WB6NOA 18
Winter 2007 Microwave ATV- A New Approach! W3HMS challenges the reader to consider other frequencies for ATV use W3HMS 22
Winter 2007 Tradeoffs in Designing Digital Communication Systems Problems and solutions in the design of wireless communication systems KD6OZH 29
Winter 2007 VHF Contesting from the Heartland Here's what happens when a southern California ham operates a VHF contest from the Midwest W6AQ 36
Winter 2007 International Satellite Frequency Coordination A way of bringing some conformity to the proliferation of new satellites ZS6AKV 38
Winter 2007 The Phase Modulator in NBFM Voice Communication Systems Why a phase modulator is best for FM communications systems W0INK 40
Winter 2007 Stereo Microscopes for Surface-Mount Soldering Considerations when buying a stereo microscope for your soldering projects N7HPR 44
Winter 2007 Homing In RDF in the headlines K0OV 46
Winter 2007 HSMM Building a ham radio digital network NA4AR 54
Winter 2007 Airborne Radio Care and feeding of batteries K1UHF 58
Winter 2007 The Orbital Classroom Reinventing the cube N6TX 62
Winter 2007 Satellites 2006 AMSAT BoD meeting & Space Symposium; ARISS International meeting W5IU 64
Winter 2007 Microwave Tricks-of-the-trade construction methods WB6IGP 68
Winter 2007 FM Basic frequency modulation theory K0NR 72
Winter 2007 VHF Propagation Call to action; what is aurora? NW7US 77
Winter 2007 Antennas Coaxial Cable WA5VJB 80
Winter 2007 Dr. SETI's Starship Journalistic exuberance N6TX 82
Fall 2007 SubZero Alternative-energy-powered vehicles and amateur radio come together KC0WSZ, KC0YXE 6
Fall 2007 Solar Cycles and Cycle 24 Predictions A detailed discussion of solar cycle activity past and present, plus future predictions KH6/K6MIO 10
Fall 2007 Amateur Radio and the International Geophysical Year 1957-58 The contributions of ham radio operators to this scientific endeavor and the Propagation Research Project WA2VVA 20
Fall 2007 Pounding the Key on 6 Meters A summer of 6-meter CW fun, and the VHF propagation hunter progress report WB2AMU 30
Fall 2007 Moondata Update 2008 and Related Comments A summary and table of the best and worst conditions for EME in 2008 W5LUU 38
Fall 2007 Ham Elmers Team Up for Radio Help A new website with experts to address questions about many aspects of amateur radio WB6NOA 40
Fall 2007 Building a Beacon for 2401 MHz A dual beacon in one box for satellite users W3HMS, K3VDB 44
Fall 2007 The Lost Letters of KH6UK Part 2- the VHF moonbounce years, 1958-1959 WA2VVA 54
Fall 2007 FM The 2007 Colorado 14er event K0NR 58
Fall 2007 Homing In USA's 2007 ARDF Championships and emergency transmitter news K0OV 63
Fall 2007 Antennas The DDRR- Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator, unintentional slot antennas, and passive repeaters WA5VJB 70
Fall 2007 Up in the Air Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon (ARHAB) 20th anniversary celebration WB8ELK 74
Fall 2007 Satellites Back to the basics, satellites Q&A W5IU 77
Fall 2007 The Orbital Classroom New AMSAT lab completes first satellite N6TX 79
Fall 2007 VHF Propagation It's open season for meteors, plus autumn outlook and the solar cycle pulse NW7US 80
Fall 2007 Dr. SETI's Starship When will we reach India? N6TX 82
Summer 2007 Creating a Few Scientist's and Engineers with Amateur Radio Students, Space Programs and Projects, and Amateur Radio create a Winning Combination With Many Possibilities KI4AOJ 6
Summer 2007 The Lost Letters of KH6UK, Part 1 The international Geophysical year and the most well-known QSO WA2VVA 16
Summer 2007 A Simplified Path to a High Performance 10 GHz Transverter System quick to build 10ghz x-band transverter KH6WZ 22
Summer 2007 The 10-GHz California to Hawaii Annual Attempt KH6HME and N6CA hope to complete a record shattering 10ghz contact WB6NOA 27
Summer 2007 A VHF Contest Expedition to Prince Of Wales Island Alaska Operating the ARRL Jun VHF QSO party on 6 and 2 meters K7CW 30
Summer 2007 VHF Propagation Hunter Tips for Long Range terrestrial contacts on 144 and 432 Mhz WB2AMU 36
Summer 2007 Jamesburg Earth Station EME Update The latest on the project to use the Jamesburg dish on ham frequencies AA6EG 46
Summer 2007 Remembering W2UK/ KH6UK History of one of the most accomplished VHF+ operators of the 1950's and 60's N6CL 48
Summer 2007 Up in the Air The View from the edge of space WB8ELK 54
Summer 2007 Airborne Radio Motor-less Flight K1UHF 57
Summer 2007 Homing In Computerized T-Hunting with Doppler radio direction finding K0OV 61
Summer 2007 Satellites Satellite station alternatives W5IU 68
Summer 2007 The orbital Classroom Following SuitSat N6TX 72
Summer 2007 FM FM VHF at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention K0NR 74
Summer 2007 VHF Propagation Calling All North American VHF amateur radio operators NW7US 78
Summer 2007 Dr SETI's Starship Light Speed N6TX 82
Spring 2007 Jamesburg Earth Station EME Update A 40 year old earth station with a 30 meter dish sees new uses in the world of amateur radio AA6EG 6
Spring 2007 Through the Backdoor A Teachers journey into amateur radio and how he is inspiring others to join our ranks and even make career choices related to the hobby KE7KVT 14
Spring 2007 SumbandilaSat, South Africa's Latest Satellite In Jun, South Africa plans to have it's second satellite in orbit, a university level education project with a youthfull connection ZS6AKV 22
Spring 2007 Bringing space into your classroom A how-to article on getting space communications into the classroom WA8SME 26
Spring 2007 Wagoner windtalkers Amateur radio In the classroom with a historical twist AF4CM 36
Spring 2007 The Central States VHF Society - What It Can Do for You The history of the grandfather of regional VHF Societies W3XO 47
Spring 2007 New FCC Rules Help VHF-plus Activity With the elimination of Morse code testing has come an increase In Interest In the VHF-plus bands; here's an opportunity to be a mentor WB6NOA 50
Spring 2007 CW- An Important Mode on VHF Morse code continues to play on important role In many VHF-plus opportunities WB2AMU 54
Summer 2007 Antennas Weak signal mobile antennas WA5VJB 40
Spring 2007 Remodeling an Old 6·volt Auto Battery Into a 12-volt Power Supply An easy, inexpensive weekend project K8VLB,VP2VEL 64
Spring 2007 Ladder Tower - A Simple Antenna Structure If you don' t have the wherewithal to put up a conventional tower. here's a solution W8FR 69
Spring 2007 CTCSS Modulation &. the LC Phase Modulator Drawbacks and some solutions for improving the quality of modulation W0INK 72
Spring 2007 Satellites Opportunities for the new ham and imagination in in space education W5IU 38
Spring 2007 The orbital Classroom Education vs. training N6TX 40
Spring 2007 Homing In Furry hams and a new rescue beacon K0OV 42
Spring 2007 FM What is this auxiliary operation stuff? K0NR 56
Spring 2007 HSMM The sociology of regulations K8OCL 60
Spring 2007 VHF Propagation trends, reflections, an outlook NW7US 76
Spring 2007 Antennas Vivaldi, cell phone booster, and discone antennas WA5VJB 79
Spring 2007 Dr SETI's Starship Their past, our Future N6TX 82
Winter 2006 A Low-Loss, Low-Cost, Three-Element Yagi Antenna System for 6 Meters Over 6 dBd of gain can be realized with this lightweight 6-meter Yagi, which costs less than $20 to build K8VBL,VP2VEL 6
Winter 2006 CQ VHF Reviews the Icom IC-7000 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver Plus modifying the rig for TV reception N5AC 9
Winter 2006 Calculating Tropospheric-Scatter Propagation Losses Understanding tropospheric-scatter losses and the factors that affect these losses VK7MO 12
Winter 2006 Predicting Propagation on 6 and 2 Meters, with Extensions to 70 cm How weather conditions affect sporadic-E propagation ZL3NE/1 14
Winter 2006 Beacon Monitoring with DSP Digital signal processing as a more effective means of monitoring for propagation beacons WB6NOA 16
Winter 2006 Public Service Event Guidelines How to successfully prepare for and work public service events KC5ZQM 18
Winter 2006 SMOGfest 2005 A major gathering of 6 meter operators WB2AMU 22
Winter 2006 Diversity Reception for Amateur Radio Discussion of a diverse way of receiving amateur radio signals WB9YBM 26
Winter 2006 A Tale of 2 Meters Restoring a SB144 transceiver and operating on 2 meters N9XU 28
Winter 2006 Sherlock in the XP Age A new system for detecting the turn-on/ turn-off characteristics of a transmitter WA9BVS 61
Winter 2006 HSMM The Hinternet on 5 GHz K8OCL 31
Winter 2006 Homing In Spurious signals and offset attenuators K0OV 36
Winter 2006 VHF+ Beginner's Guide A 6 Meter rig and an antenna analyzer K7SZ 40
Winter 2006 FM D-Star, digital voice for VHF/UHF K0NR 42
Winter 2006 Antennas The 1/4 wave whip WA5VJB 47
Winter 2006 Microwave Troubleshooting a 10 GHz conveter with a homemade noise generator WB6IGP 50
Winter 2006 Satellites An update on the world of satellites W5IU 56
Winter 2006 VHF Propagation What's there to do in the world of VHF propagation? NW7US 58
Winter 2006 Airborne Radio Getting started in model-aircraft flight K1UHF 66
Winter 2006 Dr. SETI's Starship When did we become obsolete? N6TX 82
Fall 2006 CNNSP Goes to GPSL 2006 Central Nebraska Near Space Program members attend this year's Great Plains Super Launch KC0MWM 6
Fall 2006 The VP2V/ W7XU Expedition to Anegada, BVI K5AND, K5AB, W7XU, and N0LAN put a needed one on the air for 6-meter ops K5AND 12
Fall 2006 Radio Merit Badge Program at Ham-Com 2006 Details on the Scout Radio Merit Badge program at this year's Ham-Com convention and the current badge requirements KF5WT 16
Fall 2006 Building an APRS Tracker, Part 2 The Powerhouse tracker, a challenging construction project W3DOE 20
Fall 2006 CQ VHF Visits M2 Antenna Systems WB6NOA takes a tour of this successful family-run antenna manufacturing company WB6NOA 28
Fall 2006 Observing the Relationship Between Aurora and Sporadic-E Events on 6 Meters WB2AMU and N0JK examine this complex relationship on the 6 meter band WB2AMU, N0JK 31
Fall 2006 Adding 3456 MHz to the Contest Station Adding another microwave band to your contest station is not as hard as you think N5AC 40
Fall 2006 Antennas The big opportunity WA5VJB 53
Fall 2006 Homing In Medals and more at the National and World ARDF Championships K0OV 56
Fall 2006 Airborne Radio Servos, installation and rigging tips K1UHF 61
Fall 2006 VHF Propagation The appearance of a backward sunspot may be the start of Cycle 24 NW7US 64
Fall 2006 Satellites Working AO-51 Mode L/S, Eagle Update, CubeSat and HITSAT launches W5IU 67
Fall 2006 HSMM What is happening to the HSMM WG? K8OCL 71
Fall 2006 Beginner's Guide Changing lives with radio W3OSS 72
Fall 2006 FM 2-meter band plans, many to choose from K0NR 75
Fall 2006 Dr. SETI's Starship Testing a dubious claim N6TX 82
Summer 2006 Six Meters Goes Wild! Some of the experiences of North American 6-meter operators during the extraordinary openings this past Jun WB2AMU 6
Summer 2006 Grid DXpedition to EN20 The activation of rare grid EN20 for the ARRL Jun VHF QSO Party KX9X 8
Summer 2006 Using Radar to Predict Rain-Scatter Paths How to use radar data to predict rain-scatter propagation, plus a software program designed for making such predictions K0SM 11
Summer 2006 Building an APRS Tracker, Part 1 How W2DOE built a simple APRS tracker using a Garmin eTrex GPS receiver, and Icom IC-T2H handheld, and a TinyTrac3 TNC W3DOE 15
Summer 2006 A Hot Spot GPS Finder Kenwood teams up with AvMap to give weak-signal operators precise driving instructions to that high, dirt-road site WB6NOA 20
Fall 2006 The Orbital Classroom Hams in Space N6TX 44
Summer 2006 Homing In Remembering two T-Hunting comrades, plug getting read for the Scout's Jamboree On The Air K0OV 24
Summer 2006 Antennas Cheap Antennas for LEO satellites WA5VJB 28
Summer 2006 Beginner's Guide Fun with VHF- MilCom equipment K7SZ 36
Summer 2006 The Orbital Classroom 1000-cc science N6TX 42
Summer 2006 Satellites AMSAT's vision- P3-E and Eagle W5IU 44
Summer 2006 HSMM The Hinternet and Virtual Private Network Projects K8OCL 48
Summer 2006 Microwave Putting 24 volt microwave devices to use WB6IGP 56
Summer 2006 Airborne Radio Electric power systems K1UHF 58
Summer 2006 FM Mountiantop operating with FM VHF K0NR 62
Summer 2006 VHF Propagation The new world of VHFing, and NN4DX's website with live display of 6-meter operators as spotted and mapped NW7US 67
Summer 2006 Dr. SETI's Starship This I Believe, a national media project N6TX 82
Spring 2006 Considerations for successful 6 Meter EME DXpeditions: How to make Earth Moon Earth QSO's happen on the Magic Band W7GJ 6
Spring 2006 Greater Range at 100,000 feet Using a Weather Balloon to get greater range on VHF K5IS/N5IS 8
Spring 2006 Band switching for multi-band Rover Contesting How N5AC Met the Challenges of microwave contesting N5AC 10
Spring 2006 Connecting Wires to Rocks Solving the grounding problem when your station is surrounded by rocks or rocky soil W5EX,W5KTX 12
Spring 2006 First "Back to Back" ARISS contacts Two Schools make the first scheduled contacts on successful orbits with the ISS W5IU 14
Spring 2006 Ionospheric phenomena on other Planets The Ionospheric Phenomena on other planets similar to those found in the Earths E-Region WB2AMU 17
Spring 2006 Historical Trends of the CQ VHF contest An analysis of the CQ VHF Contest with regard to the overall history of the VHF contesting W9GKA 22
Spring 2006 Selling SSB to FMers How to Bring FM operators onto SSB WB6NOA 28
Spring 2006 D-Star test results with FEMA and the US Army A possible solution to Communications Integration N9JA 37
Spring 2006 The Orbital Classroom Furthering AMSAT's mission through education N6TX 31
Spring 2006 Antennas GPS antenna project WA5VJB 32
Spring 2006 VHF Propagation Cycle 24 Predicted to be the best in 50 years NW7US 38
Spring 2006 Airborne Radio Radio Systems K1UHF 41
Spring 2006 Homing In RDF for the Masses, Pulsed emitters near 220 MHZ K0OV 44
Spring 2006 FM Rack Mount your portable station K0NR 49
Spring 2006 Satellites SuitSat, Expedition 12 on the ISS, CubeSats and more W5IU 56
Spring 2006 HSMM The Hinternet and openHSMM , plus experiments on 6 Meters K8OCL 58
Spring 2006 Microwave Test Equipment for Power Measurements WB6IGP 62
Spring 2006 Dr. SETI's Starship The Listeners By James Gunn, A science fiction classic N6TX 82
Winter 2005 Microwave Rain Scatter in the Upper Midwest Using rain to re-radiate microwave signals KM0T 6
Winter 2005 Patience Pays Off Students of the Tulsa (OK) Air and Space Museum Space Camps contact the International Space Station W5IU 8
Winter 2005 Rover Flagpoles Telescoping flagpoles that will let VHF/UHF rovers get their antennas up in minutes WB6NOA 11
Winter 2005 The PJ7M 6-Meter Expedition K4BI and K2ZD and 6-meter sporadic-E propagation on Dutch Sint Maarten K4BI 14
Winter 2005 Some Notes on Crystals and Oscillators K0VXM discusses what's inside a crystal and the frequency on which it oscillates K0VXM 17
Winter 2005 Portable PREDICT Plus! A sate llite-tracking , Pacsat-yakking , APRS hacking, Linux-packing mini application suite KD2BD 21
Winter 2005 DFing a Lifesaving Transmitter How hams found a missing transmitter that tracks patients N9SFX 26
Winter 2005 Receiver Dynamic Range, Part 2 How to correctly measure receiver dynamic range SM5BSZ 36
Winter 2005 The Solar Hits Keep Coming in Cycle 23 Report of Nov 2004's auroral-E openings WB2AMU 42
Winter 2005 Flat Audio How clear, crisp audio can be achieved on your local repeater K6JSI 44
Winter 2005 Antennas A Universal Antenna WA5VJB 60
Winter 2005 Microwave The Qualcomm "Omnitrac" DRO synthesizer WB6IGP 62
Winter 2005 VHF Propagation More on Sporadic-E NW7US 66
Winter 2005 Satellites A cheap Az-EI antenna positioner, and AMSATand ARISS meeting reports W5IU 72
Winter 2005 Dr SETI's Starship Quantifying our ignorance N6TX 84
Fall 2005 Oklahoma Amateurs Respond to Hurricane Katrina The story of those who aided in a rooftop rescue and provided backbone communications at an emergency shelter N7XYO 6
Fall 2005 Some Thoughts on Being Prepared for an Emergency WB2AMU discusses ways to be ready for that moment's notice call WB2AMU 8
Fall 2005 CAPNSPACE: The Civil Air Patrol Near Space program and the 2005 Great Plains Super Launch KC0MIC 10
Fall 2005 10 GHz and Up Liaison Frequency Observations How hams are handling the increased activity on the 1O-GHz band WB6NOA 12
Fall 2005 VHF+ Roving, Part 2 An overview of roving and the proper configuration of the rover station ND2X,N4FLM 26
Fall 2005 Real-life Dynamic Range of Modern Amateur Transceivers: The correct way to measure transceiver quality SM5BSZ 25
Fall 2005 Moondata Update 2006: When in 2006 it will be best to communicate via moonbounce W5LUU 36
Fall 2005 A Telemetry Beacon and Digital Camera Controller System: A simple flight payload system for high-altitude balloon flights WC5Z 38
Fall 2005 T-Hunting Then and Now Gooney Birds to GPS K0OV 44
Fall 2005 Airborne Radio: An introduction to using amateur radio to control model aircraft K1UHF 21
Fall 2005 VHF+ Beginner's Guide Mods for the IC-202 K7SZ 48
Fall 2005 FM FM Simplex on the Road K0NR 53
Fall 2005 Satellites PCSAT2, SSETI Express, SuitSat and SSTV for the ISS W5IU 57
Fall 2005 Microwave A transmit-receive relay control switching circuit WB6IGP 59
Fall 2005 Homing In Practice makes proficiency-learn RDF and have fun K0OV 61
Fall 2005 Antennas Painting Antennas WA5VJB 66
Fall 2005 VHF Propagation Is the end of Cycle 23 near? NW7US 69
Fall 2005 Dr SETI's Starship Shouting in the jungle N6TX 69
Summer 2005 The California to Hawaii Attempt on 10 GHZ The history of the records held to date on this path and the challenges ahead WB6NOA 6
Summer 2005 The classic Black Widow VHF AM Transciever How N8RG found and restored a 2-meter version of this 1950's transceiver N8RG 10
Summer 2005 VHF weak signal activity A review of recent progress on the 6 and 2 meter and 125 CM bands WB2AMU 14
Summer 2005 The Margelli-Miller Message Mash The behind the scenes technical story of the Tonight show CW/text messaging contest WB6NOA,N6CL 17
Summer 2005 Transmitter testing Part 2 The conclusion of SM5BSZ's discussion of how to correctly measure transmitter quality SM5BSZ 18
Summer 2005 VHF+ Roving, Part 1 A Dual perspective on how, why, what, when and where ND2X,N4FLM 20
Summer 2005 Back up Power switching How to Make a back up power source for home and repeater applications WB9YBM 25
Summer 2005 Grid locators are not Grid Squares W3EP discusses grid locators and explains why they are not grid squares W3EP 26
Summer 2005 Homing In The Watertown Sodalls Squad, an RDF adventure K0OV 32
Summer 2005 VHF+ Beginners guide VHF+ on a shoestring K7SZ 40
Summer 2005 FM A new voice on FM K0NR 44
Summer 2005 Microwave 2-meter Multimode radios used in microwave if-transverters WB6IGP 48
Summer 2005 Satellites VO-52, AO-51 mode V/S, SSETI, and the AMSAT Space Symposium W5IU 53
Summer 2005 VHF+ public service The first steps in supporting hospital communications WA6OPS 56
Summer 2005 VHF Propagation Bouncing VHF signals off "Shooting Stars" NW7US 60
Summer 2005 Antennas Antenna Measurements and Ranges WA5VJB 66
Summer 2005 Dr. SETI's Starship Remembering W8FIS, The Father of SETI N6TX 82
Spring 2005 The Minor Spring Equinox Sporadic-E Season of 2005: An account of what may have been the best ever-recorded spring equinox Es season N0JK 6
Spring 2005 Field Testing the Australian Foxhunt Sniffer: WB6NOA takes VK3YNG's Foxhunt Sniffer receiver to Quartzfest WB6NOA 10
Spring 2005 A Small Offset Stress Dish for a Portable 1296-MHz EME Station: An antenna and mount in a small package that is equivalent in performance to an approximately 8-ft. parabolic dish K2UYH 12
Spring 2005 Transmitter Testing, Part 1 SM5BSZ gives some well -deserved attention to the importance of the quality of a transmitter SM5BSZ 14
Spring 2005 QRP Portable in the ARRL Jan VHF Sweepstakes: A winter storm did not keep WB2AMU away from his QRP mobile operation WB2AMU 20
Spring 2005 VHF+ Beginner's Guide Setting goals and gathering information K7SZ 24
Spring 2005 Satellites A complete ground station for AO-51 W5IU 27
Spring 2005 VHF+ Public Service Amateur radio support for hospitals-how it began WA6OPS 30
Spring 2005 Antennas Cheap Yagis for 2450 MHz WA5VJB 37
Spring 2005 Homing In Transmitter hunting, a youth magnet K0OV 42
Spring 2005 HSMM The Hinternet on UHF-digital video coming to the 440-MHz band K8OCL 48
Spring 2005 FM The Simplex test KN4AQ 50
Spring 2005 VHF Propagation Nearing the cycle minimum; sporadic-E propagation NW7US 60
Spring 2005 Microwave Components for 1O-GHz and up transceivers WB6IGP 63
Spring 2005 Dr. SETI's Starship Blame it on Rio WB6IGP 82
Winter 2004 A 6 meter Rig Flies the Atlantic A dream of a lifetime, to fly a model airplane across the Atlantic, comes true W3FQF 6
Winter 2004 Amateur Radio on the International Space Station As the ISS enters a new phase of amateur radio operation, here are the details of the Phase 2 hardware system KA3HDO, RV3DR, W5DID, WB4APR, JJ1LYU 8
Winter 2004 Russian Power Tubes in Amateur Radio, Part 2 The author continues this discussion with tetrodes and tube sources ND2X 12
Winter 2004 Fall 2003 Aurora Events and More A report on the significant solar-activity happenings of Oct and Nov last year WB2AMU 14
Winter 2004 Using Antenna Simulation Software to Reconfigure Existing Antennas A 222 MHz Yagi created though the calculate and build method K3YWY 16
Winter 2004 A Broadcast Quailty Earphone Some ideas for improved earphone capabilities WB6NOA 18
Winter 2004 Conversion of the ETO Alpha HF Amplifier to a 6 meter Monoband Linear Amplifier New opportunities for a vintage amplifier on 50 MHz N2CG 20
Winter 2004 The Frontlines, HSMM Developments in amateur radio, Part 1 K8OCL 56
Winter 2004 Homing In Championship foxhunters gather in the Buckeye state K0OV 32
Winter 2004 Microwave The 1152 MHz synthesizer WB6IGP 38
Winter 2004 FM Life on 900 MHz KN4AQ 42
Winter 2004 Satellites Frequently asked questions WA9AFM 48
Winter 2004 Antennas Horn antennas WA5VJB 76
Winter 2004 VHF Propagation Radio aurora NW7US 80
Winter 2004 Dr. SETI's Starship Project Argus's first workout N6TX 84
Fall 2004 Broadband over Power Lines (BPL), Fact or Fiction? A unique perspective is brought to the BPL controversey VE4MA 6
Fall 2004 Adding to an Arrow Satellite Antenna for Easy AO-51 Tracking An impressive system for picking up FM signals from AO-51 W0LMD 10
Fall 2004 A Dual-Band Flexi-Dipole The operation and construction of this portable antenna KA4LBE 13
Fall 2004 Big(ger) Screen for Rovers The new big-screen GPS displays have detailed maps and can be also feed an APRS radio and TinyTrak WB6NOA 16
Fall 2004 Flight of the Near-Space Pirate 2004C KD4STH's experience as part of the Great Plains Super Launch 2004 KD4STH 19
Fall 2004 Jul 2004- Very Different Conditions on the VHF Bands Observations and a look at some of the physical mechanisms involved in this past Jul's propagation conditions WB2AMU 24
Fall 2004 Receiver Dynamic Range, Part 1 How to measure receiver dynamic range using a method that mimics the critical situation SM5BSZ 28
Fall 2004 Moondata Update 2005 When it will best to communicate via moonbounce in 2005 W5LUU 40
Fall 2004 CQ VHF Reviews The Cushcraft ASL670 50-450 MHz log-periodic antenna AD5X 42
Fall 2004 Intense Jul Aurora A report on the Jul 25-27 long-duration aurora opening N0JK 62
Fall 2004 FM Tone deaf KN4AQ 46
Fall 2004 HSMM Information security K8OCL 53
Fall 2004 Microwave A single thermistor power-meter adapter WB6IGP 57
Fall 2004 Antennas 2.4 GHz patch antennas WA5VJB 64
Fall 2004 VHF Propagation The cold facts NW7US 67
Fall 2004 Homing In T-hunters help the public, and fellow hams K0OV 74
Fall 2004 Satellites The first days of AO-51, and more W5IU 77
Fall 2004 Dr. SETI's Starship Remembering John Kraus, W8JK N6TX 84
Summer 2004 Great Plains Super Launch 2004 This year's event included the participation of six groups and also featured a symposium prior to the launch W0ZC 6
Summer 2004 From ECHO to OSCAR 51 The Jun 29th launch of ECHO and the capabilities of the newly designated AO-51 KU4OS 12
Summer 2004 The Most Fun You Can Have with a Rock A whimsical approach to meteor-scatter communications all year long K7BV/1 14
Summer 2004 QRP Operation in VHF Contests A survey of VHF QRP contest operators- what they use, how they operate, and why they choose the QRP category K0NR 16
Summer 2004 10,000 MHz on the Water Ham activity on the 10,000 MHz X-band is booming, and you, too, can join the fun WB6NOA 20
Summer 2004 NTIA BPL Study Summary The findings of the Apr 2004 study on Broadband over Power Lines by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration K3NG 26
Summer 2004 Spectacular Sporadic-E Openings! Early reports of the Jul6-7 sporadic-E opening N6CL 31
Summer 2004 The Frontlines, HSMM Developments in amateur radio, Part 3 K8OCL 32
Summer 2004 50 MHz Long Path Propagation And the spectacular 6 meter openings that can occur KH6/K6MIO 48
Summer 2004 FM Looking good on paper WA9AFM 38
Summer 2004 Microwave Microwave test equipment, power meters, and swap-meet savvy WB6IG 44
Summer 2004 Antennas Circular polarization with a patch antenna WA5VJB 64
Summer 2004 Homing In ARDF takes hold K0OV 68
Summer 2004 VHF Propagation The Perseid shower looks promising NW7US 73
Summer 2004 Dr. SETI's Starship Worked all worlds award N6TX 84
Spring 2004 Extreme Harsh Environmental Packet/ APRS A packet rig that is regularly exposed to salt water and the robust power system that supports it N4RVE 6
Spring 2004 The BPL Dilemma Investigation of a Broadband over Power Lines site and the surrounding area KN4AQ 8
Spring 2004 Loops for Omni Weak Signal Work Are you in tight space for a weak-signal antenna installation? A loop may be the answer WB6NOA 12
Spring 2004 Slow Scan TV in Space The beginnings of amateur radio SSTV, its inclusion aboard the Mir Space Station, SpaceCam on the ISS W8ZCF, W9NTP, W4HTB, WF1F 14
Spring 2004 Welcome to 6-meter EME! When the solar cycle minimum arrives, try using that 6 meter equipment for moonbounce contacts W7GJ 16
Spring 2004 AMSAT OSCAR-E Project The spring 2004 Echo status report W2GPS 22
Spring 2004 The Frontlines, HSMM Developments in amateur radio, Part 2 K8OCL 28
Spring 2004 The Sporadic-E Files Part 1, the E-region reservoir and transport theory of sporadic-E WB2AMU 32
Spring 2004 A Portable EME Yagi for 6 Meters WD5AGO's design for an 80 ft, 6 meter Yagi WD5AGO 63
Spring 2004 Software Defined Radio Receiver Operation The SDR-1000 and low noise satellite reception KG6RHE 68
Spring 2004 The Flight of NSTAR 03-E The Nebraska Stratosphere Amateur Radio organization's successful balloon mission N9XTN 70
Spring 2004 VHF Propagation The wind-shear theory NW7US 38
Spring 2004 Homing In Get better performance from your Doppler set K0OV 44
Spring 2004 Antennas Cheap Yagis to cheap Patches WA5VJB 50
Spring 2004 Microwaves Surplus components to construct a 1296 MHz transverter WB6IG 55
Spring 2004 Satellites Getting to the high frontier WA9AFM 60
Spring 2004 Dr. SETI's Starship Postcards from beyond N6TX 84
Winter 2003 Building a Super (Repeater) System What it takes to set up a really super repeater system and experience the magic WB6NOA 6
Winter 2003 How Kids Can Talk to Space People A practical look at how kids can talk to those aboard the International Space Station K5YFL 10
Winter 2003 AMSAT OSCAR-E Project Status Update The features, technical aspects, and optional payloads of this new LEO satellite W2GPS 12
Winter 2003 How to Build an Alaska-Style EME Array With this monster system in Alaska, KL6M hopes to help many newcomers make their very first EME QSO KL6M 14
Winter 2003 Getting Started on 2-Meter EME to Work Lots More DX The innovations and challenges associated with making contacts using the Moon as an RF reflector K6PF 16
Winter 2003 50-MHz F2 Propagation Mechanisms, Part 1 The whys and whens of F2-layer propagation for the 6 meter operator KH6/K6MIO 24
Winter 2003 A Look at Long-Range North-South Path F2-Skip on 50 MHz Observations of transequatorial propagation on 6 meters WB2AMU 30
Winter 2003 WSJT 2-meter meteor-scatter experiences in Australia using WSJT's FSK441 VK7MO 36
Winter 2003 Barging Through Britian, Part 1 WB5TGF prepares to travel with all he needs to operate his HT from a canal barge in Britian WB5TGF 44
Winter 2003 A Modular, High-Performance 23-cm ATV Transceiver An easy to build design using low-cost, readily built ATV modules GM4PLM 48
Winter 2003 The Last Hurrah for Cycle 23? North-South path F2 activity was great in fall 2002. What can be expected now? WB2AMU 54
Winter 2003 FM Repeaters and regulations KN4AQ 56
Winter 2003 Antennas Data antennas WA5VJB 62
Winter 2003 Satellites Low earth orbit (LEO) WA9AFM 78
Winter 2003 Dr. SETI's Starship Does SETI theory hold water? N6TX 84
Fall 2003 Join the Gang on 10,000 MHz Operating on 10 GHz, of growing interest among microwave enthusiasts, is an easy as plumb and play WB6NOA 6
Fall 2003 The Flight of El Fenix The launch of another high-altitude ham radio balloon by members of the Lockheed Martin ARC KG5OA, W5TCD 10
Fall 2003 Amateur Television on the Move Keeping ham radio rolling for future generations, this time with an ATV toy truck! N1RWY 12
Fall 2003 Aircraft Enhancement Some insights from bistatic radar theory and its application in VHF/UHF operating VK7MO 17
Fall 2003 A Summertime 6-meter Grid-Square Expedition Operating from a rare grid square can be both fun and rewarding WB2AMU 23
Fall 2003 North Texas Hams Study APRS A report on activities and seminars covering the Automated Position Reporting System W4FH 27
Fall 2003 How To Get into HSMM The ins and outs of High Speed Multimedia Radio, a driving force within amateur radio K8OCL, KA3JIJ 30
Fall 2003 Simple Test Gear and Techniques for Measurements above 50 MHz Off-the-shelf items that simplify the task of trouble-shooting VHF and above radios K3YWY 38
Fall 2003 Russian Power Tubes in Amateur Radio, Part 1 Background, specifics, and purchasing tips for Russian triodes and tetrodes ND2X 40
Fall 2003 Moondata Update 2004 and Related Comments When it will be best to communicate via moonbounce in 2004 W5LUU 50
Fall 2003 HSMM Is all data acceptable data? K8IT 48
Fall 2003 Satellites Moving your antennas WA9AFM 54
Fall 2003 Antennas AMSAT Mode L Antennas WA5VJB 58
Fall 2003 FM Questioning the pool KN4AQ 62
Fall 2003 VHF Propagation Fall meteor showers NW7US 79
Fall 2003 Dr. SETI's Starship The night that Elvis died N6TX 84
Summer 2003 The Great Plains Super Launch 2002 The record setting launch and recovery of eight amateur radio high altitude balloons carrying science and radio payloads KD4STH 6
Summer 2003 Watch the Weather for VHF/ UHF DX! With tropo DX as its highest levels in the summer and fall, imagine an FM and an ATV path completed over 2500 miles WB6NOA 10
Summer 2003 CQ VHF Reviews the Elecraft K2 Transceiver A popular build and design system GM4PLM 12
Summer 2003 AMSAT OSCAR-E Project Summer 2003 status report W2GPS 14
Summer 2003 Working the Lower 48 on 2 meters Without EME How KM0T worked all of the contiguous United States on 2 meters in less than six months KM0T 18
Summer 2003 How to Transform a Transformer Wind your own transformer, with a computer program to do all the math VE3ERP 24
Summer 2003 Go Simplex If your local repeater seems to be lacking some ham radio excitement, try simplex! WB6NOA 30
Summer 2003 Meteoric Transatlantic Attempt Falls Short Encouraging moments, lessons learned, from the Newfoundland-Ireland attempt VO1HE 32
Summer 2003 Experimental North American 144 MHz Sporadic-E Alerting Service The DXRobot developed by PE1NWL W8WN 38
Summer 2003 CQ's 6 Meter and Satellite WAZ Awards Update - K5RT 62
Summer 2003 The VHF Bands are Still Alive! Solar-flare activity creates major openings on 6 and 2 meters WB2AMU 69
Summer 2003 HSMM A horizontally polarized omni-directional antenna you can build K8IT 44
Summer 2003 FM Tone- to go KN4AQ 46
Summer 2003 Antennas Multi-band dish feeds WA5VJB 50
Summer 2003 Satellites A Keplerian elements primer WA9AFM 56
Summer 2003 VHF Propagation Trends, reflections, and an outlook NW7US 60
Summer 2003 Dr. SETI's Starship Testing the null hypothesis N6TX 84
Spring 2003 SETI Horn of Plenty An Argus antenna alternative N6TX 6
Spring 2003 Operating VHF QRP Portable How QRP and VHF can work very well together, especially during contests K0NR 12
Spring 2003 Portable WSJT How a New Mexico VHF operator makes meteor-scatter contacts from his parked car WB2FKO 14
Spring 2003 A Reliable Logging System for Field Day Based on Wireless Networking If you operate Field Day with more than one station, here's a way to keep track of all the logs real time WB6ZQZ 18
Spring 2003 I Rove, Therefore I Am A light-hearted look at roving, with tips to joining in on the fun K3YWY, N3LJK 24
Spring 2003 50 MHz F2 Propagation Mechanisms, Part 2 More on F2-layer propagation for the 6 meter operator KH6/K6MIO 28
Spring 2003 Using Internet Radio Links in Emergency Services How ham radio and the IRLP project were combined to overcome a challenge VE6RJZ 37
Spring 2003 On Amateur Radio Use of IEEE 802.11b Radio LANs The use of IEEE 802.11b protocol W4RI, K8OCL 40
Spring 2003 Barging Through Britian, Part 2 The fun- and trials and tribulations- faced along the way WB5TGF 44
Spring 2003 Comments on VK7MO's WSJT Meteor-Scatter Experiences in Australia A peer review of Moncur's article in the Winter 2003 issue W8WN 50
Spring 2003 Live Demos Sell Ham Radio Some easy tricks for putting on a one-day ham radio session WB6NOA 69
Spring 2003 HSMM Communicating voice, video, and data with amateur radio K8IT 56
Spring 2003 FM The eyes of Texas- the shuttle Columbia debris recovery effort KN4AQ 58
Spring 2003 Satellites Though adversity to the stars WA9AFM 72
Spring 2003 Antennas Shuttle Columbia remembered WA5VJB 78
Spring 2003 Dr. SETI's Starship A low-cost middle ground- SETI at home N6TX 84
Fall 2002 From Solar to Satellite Exercising doesn't have to be hard and can provide some ham radio fun at the same time, going bicycle mobile! N1RWY 9
Fall 2002 The Leonids Meteor Shower- Past, Present, and Future A brief history of this meteor shower, predicted to be a storm this Nov, plus what can be expected in the future N6CL 13
Fall 2002 A Beginner's Guide to Meteor-Scatter Operation, Part 2 The evolution of the software used for meteor-scatter communications W8WN 15
Fall 2002 DXing with a Heathkit Twoer DXing is possible even with a 2-meter AM transceiver with a crystal controlled transmitter and tunable receiver W3RW 24
Fall 2002 Operating via UO14 and Similar Satellites This ime with the FT-817 using two separate antennas and no duplexer OC2KK 26
Fall 2002 Six-Meter Propagation Tools of the Trade Secrets of internet spotting and the Tree Beam revealed WB2AMU 27
Fall 2002 A Simple-to-Build 2-Meter Antenna Tuner A straightforward antenna tuner project for 2 meters that can be constructed from easily obtainable parts W2OQI 32
Fall 2002 Are Your Batteries Charged? An idea of which battery to chose for a particular application and just what you can expect from it W6BNB
Fall 2002 Improved Results for the Directed Directional Weak-Signal Net How to hold down the confusion tha may occur on a weak-signal net WB6NOA 42
Fall 2002 The 6 Meter CQ WAZ Award Here's one way of achieving recognition for working worldwide DX on 6 meters K5RT 44
Fall 2002 The Battery Helper A one-night project advantageous for contesting QRP portable or as a rover K3YWY 46
Fall 2002 Predicting VHF/ UHF Conditions A simple way to predict how far you can talk if you live along the coastline of the US W2OQI 55
Fall 2002 Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays A single antenna solution for the VHF/ UHF operator K1ZJH 60
Fall 2002 Flying Amateur Television, Some Dos and Don'ts What can and cannot be done with an air-mobile ATV station WB6NOA 76
Fall 2002 FM Finding a good and affordable spot for a repeater KN4AQ 48
Fall 2002 Antennas Log periodics WA5VJB 64
Fall 2002 Satellites Antennas for satellite work WA9AFM 69
Fall 2002 Dr. SETI's Starship Targeted search and all-sky surveys N6TX 84
Summer 2002 Project Starshine- Satellties, Students, and Hams A hands-on involvement in ham radio for students around the world N5IS 9
Summer 2002 AMSAT OSCAR-E, A New LEO Satellite from AMSAT-NA An introduction to the satellite, its subssystems, and possible additional payloads W2GPS 13
Summer 2002 Working the VHF/ UHF and Microwave Contests as a Rover Strategies for improving your contest efforts as a Rover N9RLA 22
Summer 2002 The Soft Radio A look at the way SDRs will change the way we think about radio communications AC5OG 24
Summer 2002 The First 24-GHz EME QSO Looking for a new challenge, W5LUA and VE4MA completed this historic QSO last year W5LUA, VE4MA 32
Summer 2002 A Beginner's Guide to Meteor-Scatter Operation, Part 1 The basics of meteor-scatter operation and how to take advantage of it to complete QSOs on several VHF+ ham bands W8WN 38
Summer 2002 The Aviator's Solution to Shack Noise Is shack noise a problem? The answer may be a noise-cancelling headset KF2LF 46
Summer 2002 A 900 MHz Parrot Repeater How one ham built a multi-input repeater for this under-utilized amateur band KE4NZG 48
Summer 2002 Morse Code via Mountaintop Heliograph Communicating from mountaintop to mountaintop via the Sun KF6DXX 54
Summer 2002 Tropospheric Ducting- Myths and Truths Experts give the straight scoop on this atmospheric phenomenon WB6NOA 70
Summer 2002 What is ATV? A basic guide for receiving (and being challenged to transmit) amateur television signals W5ATV 75
Summer 2002 Antennas Really cheap antennas for 2 meters WA5VJB 58
Summer 2002 Satellites Rigs to communicate via satellite WA9AFM 61
Summer 2002 FM Utility Mode? KN4AQ 66
Summer 2002 Dr. SETI's Starship In the beginning... searching for intelligently generated microwave signals from the stars N6TX 84
Spring 2002 How to Move a Really Big Dish! The story behind moving KA0Y's 42 ft. parabolic dish across the cornfields of Iowa K0DAS 9
Spring 2002 JT44 Revolutionary EME Software The new version of WSJT software for weak-signal communications K1JT 12
Spring 2002 Let's Go Roving! Taking your VHF+ contest station on the road W7DHC 17
Spring 2002 IRLP- The Internet Radio Linking Project Linking ham radio to the internet VE3SY 22
Spring 2002 2001- A Year to Remember for 6 Meters Surprises last year fr those faithful to the Magic Band WB2AMU 29
Spring 2002 CQ VHF Interview- Chip Angle, N6CA The 6 meter FM DX window WB6NOA 35
Spring 2002 CQ VHF Reviews- The Ten-Tec 1260 A 6-meter FM transceiver kit K1ZJH 39
Spring 2002 Understanding Parabolic Dish Reflectors How they work and choices to make VE3ERP 42
Spring 2002 The Station Controller Taking the ultimate control of your station AF1US 46
Spring 2002 CQ VHF Interview- Arnie Coro, CO2KK
Working Cuba on 2-meter FM and periscope propagation on 6 W2VU 54
Spring 2002 CQ VHF Reviews- The G3WDG AMSAT AO-40 A 2.4 GHz- 144 MHz mode-S downconverter GM4PLM 60
Spring 2002 Cheap 435- MHz AMSAT Antennas Simple to build antennas for satellite communications WA5VJB 62
Spring 2002 BEACONet Spanning the Atlantic on 2 meter PSK-31 W2EV 72
Spring 2002 The Handie-Talkie Saver Diode and Battery Module Recharging a HT via a car battery CO2KK 75
Spring 2002 Computerized Analysis of VHF and Above Free Space Radio-Wave Propagation SPLAT! software and predicting communications paths KD2BD 76
Spring 2002 Antennas The helix, pitfalls in construction and monting WA5VJB 58
Spring 2002 FM The Tale of the Squelch Tail KN4AQ 66
Spring 2002 Satellites Tracking software WA9AFM 68
Spring 2002 Dr. SETI's Starship Star voyager N6TX 84

Dec 1999 Sneak Peek: Kenwood's Mystery Rig It's so new, it doesn't even have a name yet W2VU 12
Dec 1999 Results of the 1999 CQ VHF National Foxhunting Weekend A wrap-up K0OV 14
Dec 1999 Y2K: The REAL Need for Hams It may not be what you think KF6FGB 18
Dec 1999 Truly Portable Packet An HT, a mini-TNC, and a PalmPilot organizer KF6GPE 20
Dec 1999 CQ VHF Review: A Flame Thrower, a Fold-up Beam and an RF Sniffer - WB6NOA 25
Dec 1999 Don't Wait for Restructuring Make friends on HF with a Tech license-legally! KF4VQT 30
Dec 1999 In the Public Interest: Dennis, Floyd, and Ham Radio Hams help in hurricanes WA3PZO 36
Dec 1999 Digital Data Link: A $10 Packet Station Yes, it's for real! N2IRZ 41
Dec 1999 Antennas, etc.: All about Indoor Antennas What's the cost to your signal? WA5VJB 45
Dec 1999 Weak Signal News: Are You Ready for the Winter E-Skip Season? - N8NQS 48
Dec 1999 Orbital Elements: Ham Radio and Manned Space Flight A behind-the-scenes look W3XO 54
Dec 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: Old vs. New 6-Meter Radios What's the best choice? WB2AMU 57
Dec 1999 How It Works: An Introduction to Oscillators-Part 2 Plus Flip Flop Freddie K4TWJ 59
Dec 1999 Beginner's Corner: Time for New Toys Is it time to get a multimode rig? WB2D 64
Dec 1999 Project Corner: A Suction Cup Dipole for 2 Meters A great club project WA3PZO 68
Dec 1999 Ham Radio Glossary A Newcomer's Guide to Hamspeak Staff 79
Dec 1999 Amateur Satellites Getting Started in Out-of-this-World Hamming Staff 81
Nov 1999 Head to Head: Yaeeu FT-100 and ICOM IC-706 Mk II-G Comparing mini super-rigs WB6NOA 12
Nov 1999 Meteors on Your Computer Track the Leonids shower on packet radio W2EV 20
Nov 1999 Communicating with Computers: An Exploration Beginning with basics N2OZ 24
Nov 1999 CQ VHF Review: Alinco DJ-195 2-Meter Handheld Bugs and burglars beware! WB6NOA 35
Nov 1999 CQ VHF Review: Computer Automation Technology WX-1000 Digital Weather Receiver - K1ZJH 39
Nov 1999 Cross-Banding the ICOM IC-2800H Tips that aren't in the manual N9XGZ 77
Nov 1999 Orbital Elements Final SSTV Pictures from Mir Staff 44
Nov 1999 Weak Signal News: Leonids '99 Watch, and work, the year's biggest meteor show N8NQS 46
Nov 1999 In the Public Interest: Amateur Radio Public Service- A 50-Year Review - WA3PZO 50
Nov 1999 In Focus: ATV Innovation in Dallas Come join our tour! N5EM 55
Nov 1999 The Final Frontier: Want a Good Microwave Antenna? Drink More Coffee! - WA5VJB 60
Nov 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: Six-Meter Beacons Revisited An owner's perspective WB2AMU 63
Nov 1999 Beginner's Corner: Your First Workbench Isn't it time for a place of your own? WB2D 64
Nov 1999 Digital Data Link: Getting Started in Digital Communications- Part 2 - N2IRZ 67
Nov 1999 How It Works: An Introduction to Oscillators and a Blast from the Past - K4TWJ 71
Nov 1999 Packet Bulletin Board Systems You've got mail! Here's where you'll find it on packet Staff 80
Nov 1999 CTCSS Tone A guide to tone access for repeaters Staff 81
Nov 1999 Calling Frequencies Where to go to find activity on different bands and a guide to basic etiquette Staff 82
Oct 1999 A Loss in the CQ Family Remembering CQ Edit or Alan Dorhoffer, K2EEK W2VU 6
Oct 1999 Ham Life in Yugoslavia Returning to Normal Reports from hams in this troubled area Staff 15
Oct 1999 Discover the RF Attenuator A versatile, but underutilized, piece of equipment N9SFX 16
Oct 1999 CQ VHF Review: ICOM's IC-706MkII- Gets Even Better - WB6NOA 20
Oct 1999 Solid-State Guy Lines Introducing an alternative to traditional steel tower guys W8CM 24
Oct 1999 CQ VHF Review: Hamfest: Sleepers Excellent values found hidden away at hamfests WB6NOA 30
Oct 1999 The Impossible Dream: Helping Kids Learn and Remember Radio Facts - KC7GCL 36
Oct 1999 Rules: SVHFS Fall Sprints The Southeastern VHF Society's brand new operating event Staff 41
Oct 1999 Rules: ARRL International EME Competition The ultimate DX contest! Staff 42
Oct 1999 Orbital Elements: Ham Radio's Last Shuttle Flight But as one door closes, another opens W2VU 12
Oct 1999 Weak Signal News: The California-Hawaii Duct (and More) Hot DX from Hawaii to the Arctic WB6NOA 44
Oct 1999 In the Public Interest: Modern Day Public Service It's More than Talking into a Mic WA3PZO 50
Oct 1999 Beginner's Corner: The People Side of Ham Radio A prescription for improving ham radio WB2D 56
Oct 1999 Digital Data Link: Getting Started in Digital Communications- Part 1 - N2IRZ 58
Oct 1999 How It Works: Understanding Tubes, Transistors, and ICs - K4TWJ 62
Oct 1999 Antennas, etc.: The Horn- A Honking Good Microwave Antenna - WA5VJB 70
Oct 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Hams - WB2AMU 73
Oct 1999 Project Corner: The W3KH Quadrifilar Helix Antenna A simpler approach SM5IBE 74
Oct 1999 Weak-Signal Modes If you think FM and packet are all there is to VHF, this is for you! Staff 80
Oct 1999 6 -Meter DX Windows Where to listen for DX stations- and where NOT to chat with your friends! Staff 81
Sept 1999 CQ VHF Review: Icom Color Display IC-2800H Dual-Bander You've really gotta see it! WB6NOA 12
Sept 1999 Balkans Update: The Bombing Has Stopped, Now What? A first-person report WA3PZO 16
Sept 1999 Which Is Really Better? AM, FM, or SSB? Field test results KC0AMU, WB0CY 20
Sept 1999 CQ VHF Review: Yaesu FT-100 Field Commander HF/VHF/UHF Multimode Transceiver - WB2AMU 28
Sept 1999 U-Gotz Any Rain? A Sept VHF contest to remember WB5YYX 35
Sept 1999 Rules: ARRL Sept VHF QSO Party Will F2 on six make this the hottest contest of the decade? Staff 37
Sept 1999 Hollywood Ham Watch Hams help police prevent crime in Tinseltown KE5EQJ 38
Sept 1999 In the Public Interest: When the Shaking Starts, It's Too Late to Plan - K0OV 42
Sept 1999 Digital Data Link: Link Up with TAPR SIGs An invaluable resource N2IRZ 46
Sept 1999 Beginner's Corner: Your First Mobile Installation Set it up right WB2D 50
Sept 1999 In Focus: Getting Started in ATV- Part 2 The tour of ATV frequencies continues
N5EM 53
Sept 1999 How It Works: A Mini-Study of Voltage, Current, and Resistance- Part 2 - K4TWJ 56
Sept 1999 Orbital Elements: Analyzing Keplerian Elements- Part 2 Putting the numbers to use
N2WWD 63
Sept 1999 Final Frontier: Cellular Surplus More tips on converting cellular equipment WA5VJB 70
Sept 1999 Weak Signal-News: NASA Rockets to Probe E-Layer - W2VE, WB2AMU 73
Sept 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: Is It Es or MS? Even your hairdresser doesn't know for sure WB2AMU 77
Sept 1999 Setting Up Your Ham Shack
The first-timer's guide to doing it right the first time Staff 78
Sept 1999 Touring Traffic Nets The ins and outs of on-air message-handling networks Staff 80
Aug 1999 The Sister Bands, 10 and 6 Meters: A Cross (Band) Training Guide - WB2AMU 12
Aug 1999 CQ VHF Review: Alinco DR-M03 10- Meter Mobile Transceiver - WB6NOA 16
Aug 1999 CQ VHF Review: The Elecraft K2 Transceiver Kit Use it for HF or VHF GM4PLM 20
Aug 1999 A Visit with P3D or Is It C3PO? These abbreviations are SO confusing! W2VU 28
Aug 1999 Rules: ARRL UHF Contest An operating event for 222 MHz and higher only Staff 33
Aug 1999 SAREX Flies Again Whenever shuttle mission STS-93 lifts off, ham radio will go with it KC4YER 34
Aug 1999 (Not So) Portable Power- Part 3 Emergency power solutions for home use KF6FGB 38
Aug 1999 Rules: ARRL 10-GHZ And Up Cumulative Contest A chance to get cooking on the microwave bands Staff 51
Aug 1999 Beginner's Corner: The Perils of Simplex Is it safe to operate without a repeater? WB2D 42
Aug 1999 Weak Signal News: Hot Summer Weather = Hot VHF Bands Don't miss out on DX opportunities Staff 45
Aug 1999 Project Corner: A Portable VHF/UHF Antenna Mast It even packs up inside itself! KF4VCC 48
Aug 1999 Antennas, etc.: Building Other People's Antenna Designs Tips on avoiding problems WA5VJB 52
Aug 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: The 28.885-MHz 6 -Meter Liaison Frequency - WB2AMU 55
Aug 1999 How It Works: A Mini-Study of Voltage, Current, and Resistance In English!!! K4TWJ 56
Aug 1999 In the Public Interest: Public Service Around the World From Oklahoma to Yugoslavia WA3PZO 63
Aug 1999 Digital Data Link: Network Hardware for Weather Extremes Preparing PCs for outdoor use N2IRZ 68
Aug 1999 Orbital Elements: Analyzing Keplerian Elements- Part 1 What all the numbers mean N2WWD 72
Aug 1999 What Are Nets All About? For hams, the net with Inter in front of it is the new kid on the block
Staff 80
Jul 1999 Special Report: Ham Radio in the Balkans On the air in this embattled region WA3PZO 10
Jul 1999 CQ VHF Review: AOR AR8200 AII-Frequency/All-Mode Handheld Receiver - WB6NOA 14
Jul 1999 222 MHz-The Forgotten Band Reasons to remember, and to use, this band KB2BZP 18
Jul 1999 Getting On, and Getting Out On, the Forgotten Band Propagation on 222 K5MAT 27
Jul 1999 CQ VHF Review: Down East Microwave DEM222-28CK 222-MHz Transverter - KM5FA 30
Jul 1999 In Memoriam: Don Stoner, W6TN The father of ham radio satellites W2VU 34
Jul 1999 Announcing: CQ World Wide VHF Contest Will the bands be as hot as the weather? N6CL 36
Jul 1999 Portable Power- Part 2 High power you can carry in one hand KF6FGB 38
Jul 1999 Rover- More Than a Contest Category A non-contest trip to several rare grids N8NQS 42
Jul 1999 Beginner's Corner: SSB and the Meaning of Life Following the sideband path WB2D 48
Jul 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: Detective Story- Is It F2 or Double-Hop Es? - WB2AMU 51
Jul 1999 In Focus: Getting Started in ATV A beginner's guide to ham TV N5EM 53
Jul 1999 The Final Frontier: Putting Surplus Cellular Gear to Work on the Ham Bands - WA5VJB 56
Jul 1999 In the Public Interest: Hitting the Trail with Ham Radio But no horsing around! WA3PZO 61
Jul 1999 Orbital Elements: Fuji-OSCAR Operating Notes A guide to using FO-20 and FO-29 N2WWD 65
Jul 1999 Digital Data Link: More Promoting, More Lasers A packet success story and more N2IRZ 68
Jul 1999 How It Works: A Flash Course on CW and Keys Yes, there is code on VHF K4TWJ 73
Jul 1999 Soldering Hot tips on making solid connections and avoiding cold joints Staff 81
Jun 1999 Astronauts on Your Repeater Tune in live shuttle communications on the ham bands KC4YER 12
Jun 1999 CQ VHF Review: KB6KQ Full-Wave Loop Antenna Double sized for home and mobile use WB6NOA 18
Jun 1999 A Field Day GriDXpedition Activating a nearby, but rare, grid square pays off KD4GHQ 20
Jun 1999 Portable Power- Part 1 Stay on the air longer, with more power KF6FGB 28
Jun 1999 CQ VHF Review: Hands Electronics VHF Transverters Put your HF rig on VHF GM4PLM 32
Jun 1999 In the Public Interest: Something for Everyone in Public Service - WA3PZO 36
Jun 1999 Beginner's Corner: An Electronic Village The social side of repeater operating WB2D 41
Jun 1999 Digital Data Link: Promoting Packet Want to see more people on packet? It's up to you N2IRZ 44
Jun 1999 Orbital Elements: What Does Satellite Tracking Software Do? - N2WWD 48
Jun 1999 How It Works: A Mini Course in Microphones- Part 3 Hooking up your mic K4TWJ 52
Jun 1999 Antennas, etc.- Gain Verticals and a 6-Meter Yagi Design Contest - WA5VJB 56
Jun 1999 Weak-Signal News: Is It F2 or Is It TEP? A look at the differences in these DX modes WB2AMU 62
Jun 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: Transcoastal Reflections at 11 p.m. - WB5YYX 66
Jun 1999 Project Corner: Roll Your Own 902-MHz Repeater An advanced project W7UVH 68
Jun 1999 Emergency Communications Be prepared to pitch in when it counts the most Staff 80
May 1999 Grizzly Peak The FCC's Line in the Sand- A runaway repeater is shut down WA6ITF 8
May 1999 Make Your HT Talk Forever! Well, not quite, but here are tips to extend your battery life KO6UX 12
May 1999 CQ VHF Review: ICOM IC-746 HF/VHF Transceiver Power and flexibility W2VU 16
May 1999 CQ VHF Review: M2 HO Loop Antennas Loops that work even when they're wet WB6NOA 21
May 1999 Amateur or Commercial? The pros and cons of converting commercial gear for ham use W5LEP 28
May 1999 In the Public Interest: Mush! Hams and the John Beargrease Marathon - WA3PZO 34
May 1999 In Focus: ATV at Public Service Events Add video to your public service activities N5EM 40
May 1999 Beginner's Corner: The Fool on the Hill No, not him, or you the repeater WB2D 46
May 1999 Weak-Signal News: The F2 Is Coming! The F2 Is Coming! Six meters heats up W2VU 50
May 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: Six-Meter Rigs Are Everywhere Come join the fun WB2AMU 53
May 1999 How It Works: A Mini Course in Microphones- Part 2 Customize your mic to your voice K4TWJ 56
May 1999 Digital Data Link: The Y2K Bug and Digital Weathermen Are year-end storms on the way? N2IRZ 63
May 1999 Orbital Elements: What's a Molniya Orbit? Why it's a favorite for ham satellites N2WWD 66
May 1999 The Final Frontier: European Microwave Equipment Update A look at gear over there GM4PLM 70
May 1999 Short Skip: Antenna Construction Tricks The Amazing Wire Stiffening Method! WB2AMU 76
Apr 1999 Lasers to the Limit- Part 2 Using an Argon Laser for Free-Space Communication KB2TCQ 8
Apr 1999 CQ VHF Review: Kenwood's Dynamic Duo- The TH-D7A and VC-H1 Combo - WB6NOA 12
Apr 1999
A Case of Sunspots
Working REAL DX on the Magic Band WA6ITF 21
Apr 1999 Watch Out for (Too) Rare April DX So you think you've snared a rare one, eh? WB6NOA 27
Apr 1999 Tools and Techniques for Working High-Speed Meteor Scatter Get on the rocks -fast K7JA 28
Apr 1999 Emma's Challenge- U.S. Style Can young U.S. hams meet this British challenge? W2VU 43
Apr 1999 Spring Sprints Keep on Running With or without the ARRL, there WILL be Spring Sprints N8NQS 65
Apr 1999 In the Public Interest: 1999- The Year of the Drill Are YOU ready for Y2K? WA3PZO 36
Apr 1999 Beginner's Corner: Steps and Stumbles Never send to know for whom the bell tolls
WB2D 40
Apr 1999 How It Works: A Mini Course in Microphones- Part 1 Not all mics are created equal K4TWJ 44
Apr 1999 Digital Data Link: Electronics in the Great Outdoors Getting power to where you need it N2IRZ 50
Apr 1999 Project Corner: The Mercury ARA Battery Pack You can build one, too KE6UZQ 54
Apr 1999 Orbital Elements: AO-27 Operating Notes Practical tips for this beginner's bird N2WWD 62
Apr 1999 Antennas, etc.: Cheap Circular Polarization? It CAN Be Done WA5VJB shows us how WA5VJB 66
Apr 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: Yes Virginia, There Is Tropo on 6 Meters Get in the duct! WB2AMU 70
Apr 1999 Weak-Signal News: A Propagation Smorgasbord - W2VU 72
Apr 1999 Short Skip: (Rubber) Duck Tales Get the most out of your handheld's antenna CO2KK 76
Apr 1999 Radio Direction Finding A guide for the first-time foxhunter Staff 80
Apr 1999 Connecting with Packet Networks Extend the range of your packet station Staff 81
Mar 1999 The USA Takes on the World Foxhunting Championships World-class ham athletes K0OV 12
Mar 1999 Announcing: CQ VHF Spring Activity Weekends Three brand new contests W2TTT 18
Mar 1999 New CQ VHF WebSite, E-Mail Addresses We've got a new online home W2VU 22
Mar 1999 Six Club Announces 1999 Contests More activity boosters Staff 23
Mar 1999 Lasers to the Limit- Part 1, What's What in Laserland Pushing the frequency envelope KB2TCQ 28
Mar 1999 CQ VHF Review: Handhelds You've Never Heard of Until Now - WB6NOA 33
Mar 1999 Mission Impossible?- Getting Young People Interested in Ham Radio - KC7GCL 38
Mar 1999 SATERN- The Radio Club with a Difference Hams and The Salvation Army WH2E 42
Mar 1999 In the Public Interest: Training in the Public Interest The time to train is now! WA3PZO 47
Mar 1999 Orbital Elements: Keeping Track of the Space Shuttle Accurate predictions are key N2WWD 51
Mar 1999 Magic Band Chronicles: The War Against Silence Use it or lose it? WB2AMU 54
Mar 1999 In Focus: Earth-shaking ATV, Plus Watching quakes in progress and more N5EM 56
Mar 1999 How It Works: Understanding Signal Levels, Frequencies, and Modes- Part 3 - K4TWJ 61
Mar 1999 The Final Frontier: Microwave Propagation Going beyond the horizon WA5VJB 66
Mar 1999 Beginner's Corner: Would You Buy a Used Hobby from This Guy? - WB2D 69
Mar 1999 Digital Data Link: Higher Speeds, Tidbits from Here and There - N2IRZ 76
Mar 1999 Packet Radio The basics of putting your computer on the radio Staff 80
Mar 1999 CTCSS Tones A guide to the PL tones that control access to many repeaters Staff 81
Feb 1999 The Colorado 14er VHF Adventures in the Rockies WA6NGH 13
Feb 1999 2- Meter Mountaintopping with Mirrors Lighting up California mountaintops KF6DXX 20
Feb 1999 Mix 'n Match Propagation Multiple propagation modes and 6 meter DX
Feb 1999 An Antenna from Yesteryear - The Trusty, All-Purpose Saturn-6 - WA6ITF 34
Feb 1999 Origins of VHF FM and Repeaters Recollections from an early repeater owner W2OQI 37
Feb 1999 Color Your QSLs Make your QSL card as colorful as your personality WB6NOA 78
Feb 1999 Weak-Signal News Leonids '98-The Rocks That Roared W2VU 44
Feb 1999 Antennas, etc Still More Cheap Yagis-This Time, for FM and ATV WA5VJB 48
Feb 1999 Digital Data Link Web Pages on Packet?- Yes, it's being done in Wisconsin right now! N2IRZ 52
Feb 1999 In the Public Interest Year 2000- Maintaining Emergency Response Communications WA3PZO 56
Feb 1999 Magic Band Chronicles The Shape of Things to Come for the Magic Band WB2AMU 63
Feb 1999 Beginner's Corner Charlie and the Wizard- Is there a wizard in YOUR club? WB2D 64
Feb 1999 How It Works Understanding Signal Levels, Frequencies, and Modes- Part 2 K4TWJ 66
Feb 1999 Orbital Elements What's a Sun-Synchronous Orbit? N2WWD 70
Feb 1999 Short Skip A Balanced Coaxial Feedline & an Odd-Frequency Repeater CO2KK 76
Feb 1999 QSLing Introducing the final courtesy of a QSO Staff 80
Jan 1999 Line of Sight (Editorial) Where Are All the Leaders? W2VU 4
Jan 1999 Weak-Signal News: Hot News! Apparent F2 Openings on 6 Meters WB2AMU 10
Jan 1999 Unlocking the Door to New Repeaters Let your rig help you be a repeater detective KO6UX 14
Jan 1999 The Right Antenna for the Job A guide to deciding what's best for you AC6PD 18
Jan 1999 Changing of the Guard at AMSAT Will new leadership lead to a new direction? W2VU 22
Jan 1999 An Indoor OSCAR Station- Nothing unusual Well, his antennas are indoors, too! KE6SGU 28
Jan 1999 Ozone Layer Propagation: Pondering the Possibility It just might make sense WA1CUH 32
Jan 1999 Six Meters at Special Event Stations The "Magic Band" can work magic here, too WB2AMU 39
Jan 1999 Contest Rules The 52nd Annual ARRL Jan VHF Sweepstakes Staff 44
Jan 1999 Beginner's Corner: Ooooops Well, you broke the rules. Now what? WB2D 47
Jan 1999 In the Public Interest Hurricane Georges Puts Amateurs to the Test WA3PZO 49
Jan 1999 How It Works Understanding Signal Levels, Frequencies, and Modes-Part 1 K4TWJ 54
Jan 1999 Magic Band Chronicles Six-Meter Contesting Tips WB2AMU 62
Jan 1999 Orbital Elements The Turnstile-A Simple and Inexpensive Satellite Antenna N2WWD 64
Jan 1999 Project Corner: A Box Beam Fox Finder Build this "junkbox" direction-finding antenna W0DLQ 67
Jan 1999 The Final Frontier: All about MMICs A revolution in microwave circuit design WA5VJB 70
Jan 1999 Op-Ed: VECs Propose Alternate License Restructuring Plan - W5YI 73
Jan 1999 Digital Data Link: From Here to There on TCP/IP Using TCP/IP on amateur networks N2IRZ 75
Jan 1999 Ham Radio Glossary A newcomer's guide to "Hamspeak" Staff 79
Dec 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial) The University of Amateur Radio W2VU 4
Dec 1998 In the Public Interest: Tragedy at Peggy's Cove Hams respond to the crash of Flight 111 WA3PZO 6
Dec 1998 ARES and the Internet Using the Internet as a tool for training and communication KF6GPE 12
Dec 1998 CQ VHF Review: Adonis A New Choice for Ham Microphones WB6NOA 18
Dec 1998 Are NiMH Batteries Really Better? Don't toss out your NiCds just yet KO6UX 22
Dec 1998 The Magic of Radio Wave Propagation-Part 2 A close-up look at VHF propagation N2OZ 28
Dec 1998 Antennas, etc.: More Cheap Yagis Plans for putting yourself on 902 & 1296 WA5VJB 36
Dec 1998 Beginner's Corner: The Ice Season Cometh Time to winterize your antennas WB2D 41
Dec 1998 Weak-Signal News: Interstellar Aurora? Did a blast from the past cause Aurora on Earth? W2VU 44
Dec 1998 How It Works: Fun on a Budget QRP'n via Satellite- Part 2 K4TWJ 48
Dec 1998 Op-Ed: The 6-Meter DX Window A Dissenting Opinion N8NQS 53
Dec 1998 Orbital Elements: The FODtrack Antenna Tracking Interface Plus N2WWD's "Mods" N2WWD 54
Dec 1998 Digital Data Link: Information Transfer Reviewing TAPR's CD-ROM and a cool book N2IRZ 58
Dec 1998 Reader Feedback TAPR's S/S Radio Provides High-Speed Packet & Much More KD1NW 64
Dec 1998 Magic Band Chronicles Life in a "Somewhat Rare" Grid (FN30) WB2AMU 65
Dec 1998 In Focus : Moving ATV Toward the 21st Century A new look at digital ham TV N5EM 66
Dec 1998 Packet Bulletin Boards Ham Radio's "General Store" Staff 80
Nov 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial) : The FCC and License Restructuring Now It's Our Turn W2VU 4
Nov 1998 License Restructuring: Make Your Opinion Count! Let the FCC know what you think WB6NOA 12
Nov 1998 Two Meters on "Top of the World" Mountaintopping with a difference AC6XK 16
Nov 1998 CQ VHF Review: Two Hot New Dual-Band Micro HTs Alinco DJ-C5T/ICOM IC-Q7A WB6NOA 20
Nov 1998 The Magic of Radio Wave Propagation, Part 1 Learn how radio REALLY works N2OZ 27
Nov 1998 From VHF History to a Hydrogen Line Receiver Inside VHF weak-signal conferences W2VU 32
Nov 1998 Installing That New Radio in Your New Car Fitting into hard-to-spot places AD5X 38
Nov 1998 CQ VHF Book Review "Six Meters-A Guide to the Magic Band" (Revised Edition) W2VU 44
Nov 1998 How It Works: Fun on a Budget QRP'n via satellite K4TWJ 46
Nov 1998 Orbital Elements Downloading Weather Satellite Pictures N2WWD 50
Nov 1998 In the Public Interest: Youth in Public Service Plus a hurricane report WA3PZO 54
Nov 1998 Magic Band Chronicles Transequatorial Propagation on 6 Meters WB2AMU 62
Nov 1998 Beginner's Corner: Harmonious Antennas Keeping peace while keeping active WB2D 64
Nov 1998 Project Corner: Build a 2-Meter Quagi Yet another "cheap antenna" KI6US 67
Nov 1998 The Final Frontier: Homebrew Doppler Radar Listen to a baseball! WA5VJB 71
Nov 1998 Op-Ed: How Do We Sound to Them? New license rules must stress operating skills KC7MKX 75
Nov 1998 Weak Signal Modes Discover the World Beyond FM Staff 80
Nov 1998 Calling Frequencies Where to Find Action on a Quiet Band Staff 82
Oct 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial) Will License Restructuring Work? W2VU 4
Oct 1998 Is Your New HT Antenna Dangerous? New super-flexible "ducks" pose eye hazard WB6NOA 12
Oct 1998 Results of the First CQ VHF National Foxhunting Weekend - K0OV 14
Oct 1998 CQ VHF Review: Kenwood TH-G71 Dual-Band Handheld A tiny powerhouse WB6NOA 21
Oct 1998 Put Your Repeater on the Internet With a PIC Microprocessor Interface W2FS 28
Oct 1998 In Focus: ATV Today and Tomorrow Our amateur television column returns N5EM 34
Oct 1998 The 6-Meter DX Window Why, Where, and How Big? W3XO, WB2AMU 39
Oct 1998 Antennas, etc.: More Really Cheap Antennas Need we say more? WA5VJB 46
Oct 1998 How It Works- In the Spotlight Mobile VHF & UHF Antennas K4TWJ 51
Oct 1998 In the Public Interest APRS Supports Search-and-Rescue Operations WA3PZO 58
Oct 1998 Beginner's Corner: Handling Messages The art of ham radio "traffic-handling" WB2D 62
Oct 1998 Digital Data Link: A Look at Modems Plus APRS and the Internet N2IRZ 65
Oct 1998 Contest Rules: ARRL International EME Competition Are you up for the ultimate DX contest? Staff 69
Oct 1998 Orbital Elements Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) N2WWD 70
Oct 1998 Magic Band Chronicles Australia to the U.S. on 6 Meters! WB2AMU 74
Oct 1998 Reader Feedback "Rocks" in His Head K0MQS 75
Oct 1998 Radio Direction Finding An introduction to ham radio "foxhunting" techniques Staff 79
Oct 1998 Traffic Nets Read "Beginner's Corner" first, then read this to see how it's done Staff 80
Sept 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial) Good News, Bad News and...DX Anytime W2VU 4
Sept 1998 Six-Meter Openings Heat Up Field Day The "Magic Band" comes through again WB2AMU 14
Sept 1998 P3D: Left at the Alter Again Will this satellite EVER get off the ground? W2VU 18
Sept 1998 Two-Meter DX Anytime- "On the Rocks" Exploring high- speed CW meteor scatter KM5PO 23
Sept 1998 CQ VHF Review: Cherokee AH-50 6-Meter Handheld Good start for a great band! KE6HEY 30
Sept 1998 A Wind-Powered Repeater Consider this source of free backup energy NP3H 34
Sept 1998 CQ VHF Review: The G3WDG010 13-Centimeter Transverter Kit - GM4PLM 40
Sept 1998 Rules: ARRL Sept VHF QSO Party Capping off the summer contest season Staff 45
Sept 1998 Beginner's Corner: Visiting a Real "Space Station" Part 2 WB2D 46
Sept 1998 Orbital Elements: Book Review "The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook" N2WWD 52
Sept 1998 Project Corner: Double Your Fun While QRP Switch between high power & battery saver KE4WMF 56
Sept 1998 In the Public Interest More Ham Help in Severe Weather WA3PZO 60
Sept 1998 The Final Frontier Converting Radar Detectors to 10-GHz Rigs WA5VJB 64
Sept 1998 Digital Data Link Digital Modulation, from ASK to OQPSK N2IRZ 70
Sept 1998 Magic Band Chronicles: Spotlight on Grid Square FN32 Home of W2SZ/1 WB2AMU 75
Sept 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion Celebrating Ham Radio's Diversity KD4PW 76
Sept 1998 Emergency Communications: As the Boy Scouts Say, "Be Prepared" How to get and stay that way Staff 80
Sept 1998 CBspeak/Hamspeak Dictionary Trade in your 10-20 for a QTH. QSL? Staff 82
Aug 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial): Friends in High Places We need to make new ones W2VU 4
Aug 1998 The Senator from Amateur Radio A remembrance of Barry Goldwater, K7UGA W2VU 12
Aug 1998 Further Adventures in Near Space Asimov, Clarke, and Sagan take to the skies KD4STH 16
Aug 1998 CQ VHF Review: Kenwood TS-790A Multimode Transceiver A heavyweight champion! WB6NOA 24
Aug 1998 Make Project Labels with Your PC on Paper Make homebrew look professional W6JXW 30
Aug 1998 Announcing: ARRL UHF Contest It's THE event each year for 222 MHz and up Staff 35
Aug 1998 Search and Rescue "Boot Camp" Can YOU make it through SAR training? WA6NGH 40
Aug 1998 Announcing: ARRL 10 GHz And Up Cumulative Contest Heat up those microwaves! Staff 45
Aug 1998 Beginner's Corner Visiting a Real "Space Station" WB2D 46
Aug 1998 In the Public Interest Hams Drill for Radiation Safety WA3PZO 52
Aug 1998 Antennas, etc. Some Really Cheap Antennas WA5VJB 57
Aug 1998 How It Works An Introduction to FM "Toning" K4TWJ 64
Aug 1998 Weak Signal News: Two meters A Band that Really "Rocks" K7XC 65
Aug 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion-Give Your Grid! Don't confuse people about your location WB6NOA 71
Aug 1998 Magic Band Chronicles: Double-hop Sporadic-E From the Car! WB2AMU 72
Aug 1998 Announcing: 1998 Colorado 14er Radio Event How many peaks can you work? KB0CY 73
Aug 1998 Orbital Elements Introducing Keplerian Elements N2WWD 74
Aug 1998 Digital Data Link Packet Networking Wrap-up-TCP/IP N2IRZ 78
Aug 1998 Grid Squares : What are they? What's yours? And why should you care? Staff 81
Jul 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial): The Internet Advantage Use its power to strengthen ham radio W2VU 4
Jul 1998 Bringing a Swan 250 Back to Life Restoring a radio from yesteryear KC6WFS 12
Jul 1998 CQ VHF Review: ICOM IC-T8 A Triband Handheld One HT for 6, 2, and 440 WB6NOA 18
Jul 1998 Beacons in the Heartland A look behind the signals at N0LL/B WX2DEB 22
Jul 1998 GPS Rollover "Hiccup" Will your GPS receiver know where it is a year from now? WB6NOA 26
Jul 1998 "Repeater Timed Out" Why do repeaters have timers, anyway? W2VU 28
Jul 1998 Magic Band Chronicles The Great Field Day 1994 Opening WB2AMU 31
Jul 1998 In the Public Interest: A Disaster a Week! Spring storms bring out the best in hams WA3PZO 32
Jul 1998 Orbital Elements: STSPLUS and The Station Program Two satellite tracking programs N2WWD 40
Jul 1998 Announcing: 1998 CQ World Wide VHF Contest Part 1 of a double-header contest weekend Staff 45
Jul 1998 Weak Signal News: Summertime Propagation on 6 Meters - K7XC 46
Jul 1998 Announcing: Second Annual Internet 6-Meter DXContest The other half of the double-header Staff 51
Jul 1998 How It Works: A Close-up Look at Power Supplies Part 2 K4TWJ 52
Jul 1998 Digital Data Link: FlexNet- Part 2 Setting up a FlexNet system N2IRZ 58
Jul 1998 The Final Frontier: Cheap Microwave Parts A radio from a door opener? WA5VJB 62
Jul 1998 Beginner's Corner: Into the Wild Blue Yonder A look at radio/control...and hams WB2D 68
Jul 1998 Project Corner: A QRP Mod for the Yaesu FT-290 - WB2AMU 74
Jul 1998 Project Corner: A 2-Meter J Beam Antenna - N3SDO 76
Jul 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion- A Question of Leadership at the ARRL - KK3K 78
Jul 1998 What Are "Nets" All About? Don't get worried if you're caught in one! Staff 82
Jun 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial): Battling Band Bigotry Opposing "mode-ism" and "code-ism" W2VU 4
Jun 1998 CQ VHF Review: Yaesu FT-847 HF/VHF/UHF Multimode Transceiver - WB6NOA 14
Jun 1998 Need a Portable Mast? Try a Telescoping Flagpole! Great for contesting WB6NOA 20
Jun 1998 Operating Field Day? Don't Forget VHF! It's not just a good idea, it's good strategy WB2AMU 22
Jun 1998 Rover Operating-Scottish Style How about a contest on Cairnsmore of Fleet? GM4PLM 26
Jun 1998 Weak Signal News: GriDXpeditions for the Jun VHF Contest Who'll be where K7XC 32
Jun 1998 Rules: 1998 ARRL Jun VHF QSO Party How the game is played Staff 35
Jun 1998 Annual VHF Contest Calendar A CQ VHF reference Staff 39
Jun 1998 Mir Gets a New TNC (from US)- Part 2 Getting our new TNC launched and operating WF1F 41
Jun 1998 Beginner's Corner: Can You Really Do That? What is and isn't legal on the air WB2D 49
Jun 1998 Antennas, etc.: Mounting Yagis Doing it wrong can cost you lots of gain WA5VJB 52
Jun 1998 How It Works: A Close-Up Look at Power Supplies How do they do what they do? K4TWJ 56
Jun 1998 In the Public Interest: Tornadoes, Bomb Scares, and Hams Perfect together? WA3PZO 60
Jun 1998 Orbital Elements: A Portable Club Satellite Station Perfect for VHF contesting N2WWD 66
Jun 1998 Magic Band Chronicles: A Four-Star Sporadic-E Opening Some real Magic Band magic WB2AMU 71
Jun 1998 Digital Data Link: Inside FlexNet- Part 1 Is North America ready? N2IRZ 72
Jun 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion- The Value of VHF (and Radio Clubs) KB0UPK 76
Jun 1998 Rules: 1998 SMIRK QSO Party A hot weekend on 6 meters Staff 80
Jun 1998 Packet Bulletin Boards Ham Radio's General Store Staff 81
Jun 1998 6-Meter DX Windows Keep 'em open for the DX stations Staff 82
May 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial): Are You a "Real Ham?" - W2VU 4
May 1998 The Golden Age of Kit-Building Returns Building a Heathkit, plus a look at today's kits WA6NGH 14
May 1998 Mir Gets a TNC Upgrade (from US)- Part 1 The story behind the newest TNC in space WF1F 19
May 1998 Orbital Elements: Communicating with Mir and the Space Shuttle - N2WWD 23
May 1998 Two-Meter Loop Shootout How do today's 2-meter loop antennas stack up? WB6NOA 28
May 1998 Get 100-Plus Mile Mobile Range on VHF Sideband- Part 2 SSB mobile operating tips K1MAP 32
May 1998 The Final Frontier New Developments on 76 GHz, Plus Goin' Microwave Mobile WA5VJB 39
May 1998 In the Public Interest Weather Woes Keep Hams Busy WA3PZO 42
May 1998 Taking the Fear Out of Calling 911 The essential guide to surviving your first emergency call KC7GCL 49
May 1998 How to Wire a Bike for Ham Radio Tips for turning your bike into a 2-wheeled ham shack W8HI 53
May 1998 How It Works: Demystifying Capacitors, Coils, and Antenna Tuners Part 2 K4TWJ 56
May 1998 Beginner's Corner: Failure or Feedback? The saga of Peter and Keith continues WB2D 60
May 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion-ARRL Convention? Thanks But No Thanks KE4QWP 63
May 1998 Magic Band Chronicles: The Strangest Propagation Mode A look at 6-meter aurora WB2AMU 65
May 1998 Weak Signal News: The Evolution of a Winning Contest Effort - K7XC 66
May 1998 Digital Data Link: A ROSE by Any Other Name Our networking software tour continues N2IRZ 71
May 1998 Project Corner: An Alternate Energy System for Your Home Rig and More - K4TWJ 76
May 1998 Packet Networks Connecting beyond your local range Staff 82
May 1998 CCTSS Tones Whether you call them CTCSS or PL, you may need these to access your favorite repeater Staff 83
Apr 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial): When the Infrastructure Crumbles Will YOU Be Prepared? WA3PZO 4
Apr 1998 Announcing the CQ VHF National Foxhunting Weekend Hit the road for a "f-Hunt " Apr 25-26 K0OV 12
Apr 1998 Ship of Dreams: The NEW Adventures of a Technomad From "BEHEMOTH" to "Microship" N4RVE 16
Apr 1998 Why Put a Perfectly Good Ham Rig on a Bicycle? The joys of operating bike mobile AA6WK 24
Apr 1998 Get 100-Plus Mile Mobile Range on VHF Sideband Part 1: Extend your range on SSB K1MAP 30
Apr 1998 The Effects of Moon Phase on EME Signal Strength More gain at full moon K7JA 39
Apr 1998 In The Public Interest: Two-Wheel Public Service Plus the Northeast Ice Storm WA3PZO 43
Apr 1998 Weak Signal News: The "Power" of Portable Operating Get the power you need wherever you are K7XC 50
Apr 1998 Antennas, etc: A Few "Facts" About Antennas Quads vs. Yagis WA5VJB 53
Apr 1998 Magic Band Chronicles: The Silence of the Bands The virtue of patience on the Magic Band WB2AMU 56
Apr 1998 How It Works: Demystifying Capacitors, Coils, and Antenna Tuners Part 1 K4TWJ 58
Apr 1998 Orbital Elements: Pass Predictions The ups and downs of satellite band openings N2WWD 62
Apr 1998 Digital Data Link: Packet Networking- Part 1 TheNET, the most popular networking software N2IRZ 72
Apr 1998 Beginner's Corner: Persistence Pays (But Not Pajamas) The Peter and Keith Show, Part 2 WB2D 76
Apr 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion- The "Politically Correct " FCC vs. Ham Radio - WA6ITF 79
Apr 1998 Announcing: The 1998 ARRL Spring Sprints Here are the rules for these "short 'n sweet" mini-contests Staff 82
Apr 1998 Packet Radio: Putting your computer on the radio An Introduction Staff 83
Mar 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial): A Dying Hobby (Not) The prophets of doom are wrong W2VU 4
Mar 1998 Microwave Radio European Style! How it's done "across the pond" GM4PLM 14
Mar 1998 The G3WDG 10-GHz Narrowband Transverter System Europe's main "X-Band" rig GM4PLM 18
Mar 1998 Final Frontier: Ham Radio Above 1000 MHz A Few "Facts" About Microwaves WA5VJB 22
Mar 1998 An NiMH Warning: Don't Toast Your Battery! The wrong charger can be a fire hazard! WB6NOA 26
Mar 1998 CQ VHF Review: Kenwood TM-261A A 2-meter FM mobile that will set the standard W2VU 30
Mar 1998 CQ VHF Review: MFJ-224 2-Meter FM Analyzer A poor man's service monitor K1ZJH 34
Mar 1998 VHF Worldwide: News from "Down South" Australia and South Africa, that is Staff 40
Mar 1998 A Super-System Wish List If you could build a dream repeater well, maybe you CAN! WA6ITF 42
Mar 1998 Weak-Signal News: A Call to Arms Tim says it's time to defend weak-signal frequencies K7XC 44
Mar 1998 Magic Band Chronicles: A Mar Sporadic-E Opening! Never say never on the Magic Band! WB2AMU 50
Mar 1998 Magical Moments Share your special ham radio experiences with us WB9OMC 52
Mar 1998 Orbital Elements: Future "Little LEO" Amateur Satellites New "Birds" waiting in the wings N2WWD 54
Mar 1998 In the Public Interest: Lost and Found Hams Helping Search & Rescue WA3PZO 58
Mar 1998 Project Corner: Build a Solar-Powered Charger For Your FM Handheld K4TWJ 62
Mar 1998 Digital Data Link: A Packet Potpourri Troubleshooting, the Internet, and Packet Networks N2IRZ 66
Mar 1998 Beginner's Corner: "Are You a Ham?" A question you might hear in the most unexpected places WB2D 70
Mar 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion "I Have a Dream" WF0H 76
Mar 1998 Ham Radio Glossary Your guide to translating "Hamspeak" into English Staff 79
Mar 1998 Setting Up Your Ham Shack Making your station comfortable, convenient, and safe Staff 82
Feb 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial): The VHF "Specialty Shoppe" Where to go for what YOU need W2VU 4
Feb 1998 Hams and Heart Disease: Are You a Sitting Duck? Steps toward healthy hamming WB2QJA 14
Feb 1998 Riding the Airwaves- The ultimate in mobile operating Put your shack on a bike KE4WMF 18
Feb 1998 CQ VHF Review: The Yaeeu All-Mode VHF Portables A 10-Year Review WB2AMU 22
Feb 1998 CQ VHF Review: Comet CYA-240 Dual-Band Yagi Antenna Portabililty with punch WB6NOA 26
Feb 1998 Microwaves: Ham Radio's Final Frontier Answer the call of the open spectrum W2VU 30
Feb 1998 A Beginner's Guide to Amateur Microwaving The "How-To" of operating over 1000 MHz GM4PLM 32
Feb 1998 Magic Band Chronicles: A Visit to Grid Square DMO3 6 meters, west coast style WB2AMU 39
Feb 1998 From "No-Code" to "Know Code" Conquering a big problem in small, easy steps N2VHV 40
Feb 1998 Going Global for Grids: Where in the world are you? Here's how to find out.. to the grid WB6NOA 44
Feb 1998 CQ VHF Review: Garmin GPS-III Global Positioning System Receiver Built-in maps and more WB6NOA 50
Feb 1998 In the Public Interest: Operation Goodearth Roughing it in Minnesota for the sake of others WA3PZO 53
Feb 1998 Beginner's Corner: The Amateur's Code Do YOU know what makes a "good ham"? WB2D 57
Feb 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion- Is There QSL Above 50 MHz? - KB2SGX 60
Feb 1998 Orbital Elements: Making the Most of the Current Amateur Satellites - N2WWD 62
Feb 1998 Digital Data Link: APRS on the Move Why it's relocating.. plus a construction project N2IRZ 68
Feb 1998 Weak Signal News: Inside the 1997 Western States Conference And a busy month on the air K7XC 74
Feb 1998 Weak Signal Modes: Introducing the world beyond FM - Staff 79
Feb 1998 Grid Squares: Determining your precise location Determining your precise location Staff 81
Jan 1998 Line of Sight (Editorial) Let's Make Band Plans A Little Less "Voluntary" WB6NOA 4
Jan 1998 How "Reliable" Is Your Radio? "Reliability engineering" and ham radio WB2AMU 12
Jan 1998 VHF Adventures in Ireland and England Working DX the easy way WA6NGH 16
Jan 1998 Report from Germany: The 42nd "Weinheimer UKW-Tagung" The Weinheim VHF Conference W2VU 24
Jan 1998 CQ VHF Review: The Yaesu VX-1R Dual-Band Micro HT A tiny handheld with "big-rig" features WB6NOA 30
Jan 1998 Soldering Tools for the Ham Shack The tools that every ham needs WB7DHC 33
Jan 1998 A 6-Meter AM Experiment on the World Wide Web Bringing old and new together KC6WFS 40
Jan 1998 In the Public Interest: NY Hams Put on Olympic Effort Helping at the Empire State Games WA3PZO 46
Jan 1998 Digital Data Link : Trips on the "Digital Bus" Visits to conferences and conventions N2IRZ 52
Jan 1998 "What We Are Doing Here IS Rocket Science" AMSAT Conference Report W2VU 56
Jan 1998 Orbital Elements: Measuring from Afar A look at satellite telemetry WA4SXM 59
Jan 1998 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion-Reality Check - KC7GC 65
Jan 1998 Announcing: 1998 ARRL Jan VHF Sweepstakes Complete contest rules Staff 66
Jan 1998 Magic Band Chronicles Remembering the Last Great F2 Opening on the Magic Band WB2AMU 69
Jan 1998 Beginner's Corner: Time to Dream and Plan What to look for in a new rig WB2D 70
Jan 1998 Project Corner: "Morsing" on Your FM Rig Another "rearranged" T-Kit K4TWJ 74
Jan 1998 Soldering: Got the tools? Here's the right way to use them Staff 80
Jan 1998 Radio Direction Finding How to track down transmitters in unknown locations Staff 81
Dec 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial): Through a Cornfield Quickly-Visiting VHF hams in Europe W2VU 4
Dec 1997 Rockets into the Ionosphere Forty years of NASA research helps hams WB2AMU 16
Dec 1997 A Network of High-Power Beacons Spot band openings on your TV set VA3ACK 20
Dec 1997 A State-of-the-Art Ham Station-in a Museum A model satellite station KF4OW 28
Dec 1997 Hot Topic: Heat and Your HT Is your handheld too hot to handle? AC6PD 33
Dec 1997 You Don't Have to Be Einstein...to Understand Decibels Making it all add up N0IVN 40
Dec 1997 CQ VHF Review: Maha MH-A302 Docking Booster A review helps solve a mystery WB6NOA 45
Dec 1997 Build an Efficient HT Power Supply Get all-day power, efficiently AD5X 50
Dec 1997 CQ VHF Review: MFJ-1762 Three-Element 6-Meter Yagi Tested in a contest WB2AMU 54
Dec 1997 Beginner's Corner: How to Buy a New Radio Picking what's best for you WB2D 58
Dec 1997 In the Public Interest: Public Service Around the World Helping hams everywhere WA3PZO 63
Dec 1997 Weak Signal News: Being Competitive How the top contesters do it K7XC 68
Dec 1997 Digital Data Link: A TNC Buyer's Guide A look at the marketplace N2IRZ 73
Dec 1997 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion Does the Code Requirement Help or Hurt Ham Radio? KW5D 76
Dec 1997 VHF Propagation: Is It Tropo? Aurora? Or Sporadic-E? What does it all mean? Staff 82
Nov 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial): Our Brothers' Keepers A threat to scanning is our problem, too W2VU 4
Nov 1997 Speak to the Stars How to schedule and set up a shuttle contact N3LAK 14
Nov 1997 Staffing an Emergency Are you ready? KA0DXM 20
Nov 1997 Gordo's Twister Going a step too far with realistic demos!. WB6NOA 24
Nov 1997 Who Can Build the Better Beam? A Central States Conference challenge Staff 26
Nov 1997 CQ VHF Review: ICOM IC-T2A 2-Meter Handheld - WB4HUM 28
Nov 1997 10 Meters: Is It HF or VHF? Let's treat ten like a VHF band CO2KK 32
Nov 1997 Build a VHF/UHF SWR Meter Can't find one? Make your own! KE6UZQ 40
Nov 1997 A Ridiculously Simple Way to Use 75-0hm Coax More feed line tips 4X1MK 49
Nov 1997 CQ VHF Review: Autek RF5 VHF Analyst Measure SWR, impedance, and frequency AD5X 52
Nov 1997 Op-Ed: One Reader's Opinion Scanner Laws Affect Us All AC6EN 58
Nov 1997 Beginner's Corner: It's a Small World Share your excitement with kids WB2D 60
Nov 1997 Weak Signal News: The Fine Art of Scrounging Stretch your ham budget K7XC 68
Nov 1997 Digital Data Link: Keeping Your Station on the Air What to do when the lights go out N2IRZ 72
Nov 1997 Project Corner: Surround Sound Mobiling Send ham audio to your car radio K4TWJ 75
Nov 1997 Beginner's Corner: Ham Radio Glossary Your guide to unjumbling "Hamspeak" Staff 80
Nov 1997 Amateur Satellites Getting started in out-of-this-world hamming Staff 82
Oct 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial): The VHF Amateur Yesterday, today, and tomorrow W2VU 4
Oct 1997 Orbital Elements: Phase 3D Launch in Limbo - Staff 12
Oct 1997 Are You Covered? Does your homeowner's insurance REALLY cover your ham gear? W9FX 20
Oct 1997 The "Simple Easy" 2-Meter Antenna Shed those "rubber duck" blues W1SE 30
Oct 1997 CQ VHF Review: ADI AT-600 Dual-Band Handheld Big on features, small on price WB6NOA 33
Oct 1997 A Quick Meter Shunt A lesson in the art of "guesstimating" WE2R 36
Oct 1997 "CQ Universe"- Is Anyone Out There The growing role of hams in the search for life out there VE3ZXN 40
Oct 1997 CQ VHF Profile : Marvin Rohrs, KF6HVJ Overcoming adversity with ham ingenuity WB6NOA 44
Oct 1997 Announcing: The Great '98 5A Challenge Anyone for a 6-meter DXpedition to Libya? G3WOS 46
Oct 1997 The VBW-1 Antenna It's omnidirectional, covers 25 to 110 MHz, and doesn't cost a lot CO2KK 50
Oct 1997 Beginner's Corner: The Sport of Ham Radio Skill-building through practice and preparation WB2D 56
Oct 1997 In the Public Interest: Meltdown! Ham radio and nuclear accidents WA3PZO 59
Oct 1997 Weak Signal News: What would you do for 3 dB? The search for gain in EME stations K7XC 64
Oct 1997 Digital Data Link: Of Mic-E and Men The MicEncoder: The next step for APRS N2IRZ 68
Oct 1997 In Focus: Introducing Digital TV- Part 2 The lack of standards in DTV and a challenge for hams KB9FO 72
Oct 1997 In Theory: Components and Circuits- Part 2: What do capacitors and inductors really do? W6TNS 76
Oct 1997 Op-Ed: A Different Experience - AD5X 79
Oct 1997 CTCSS Tones What does "PL 4A" mean, anyway? Staff 81
Oct 1997 The 6-Meter DX Window Leave it open for DX stations Staff 81
Sept 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial) A Ham Radio Revolution W2VU 4
Sept 1997 First Look: Two New Micro HTs from Alinco These tiny wonders are truly pocket-sized WB6NOA 14
Sept 1997 The Art of VHF Contesting - Part 1: Why Bother? An introduction plus operating tips N0IVN 16
Sept 1997 The Art of VHF Contesting - Part 2: Know What to Expect Make the most of your time WB2AMU 21
Sept 1997 CQ VHF Review: Maha MH-A104100-Watt 2-Meter Amplifier For HTs AND weak-signal work WB6NOA 26
Sept 1997 An Experimental Noise Blanker for 6-Meter FM Hit the flea markets and knock out noise W3RW 30
Sept 1997 DL0ART/AM: A Mini-Satellite Over Germany A balloon-launched transponder DL9QJ/N3NSF 40
Sept 1997 Announcing: ARRL Sept VHF QSO Party Rules for the year's final fair-weather contest Staff 44
Sept 1997 In the Public Interest: Dealing with disaster Plus, all about APCO WA3PZO 50
Sept 1997 Beginner's Corner: Blowin' in the Wind How hams help during hurricanes WB2D 54
Sept 1997 Project Corner: Let's Go Six'N! Two antennas and an antenna tuner, all for 6 meters K4TWJ 60
Sept 1997 In Theory: Components and Circuits- Part 1 The building blocks of all electronics W6TNS 65
Sept 1997 Op-Ed: Time for a New Packet Revolution TAPR's President says "start from scratch" WD5IVD 71
Sept 1997 Announcing: Western States Weak Signal Society Sprint A quickie contest for the "left coast" Staff 72
Sept 1997 Digital Data Link: Pondering Packet's Future How should we chart our course? N2IRZ 73
Sept 1997 Weak Signal News: Calling Frequency Etiquette Do's and Don'ts on the calling frequencies K7XC 76
Sept 1997 Orbital Elements: Playing Hide and Seek with Phase 3D Tracking the newbird after launch G3RUH 79
Sept 1997 Common Schematic Symbols Keep this handy for the rest of W6TNS's series on components Staff 81
Sept 1997 Grid Squares: Grids are the basic VHF contest multiplier How to figure out yours Staff 82
Aug 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial): Radio Ambassadors A call to friends and family W2VU 4
Aug 1997 Ham Testing in Mexico For a U.S. License WB6NOA, KC6UGF, KC6PBT 14
Aug 1997 Build a 25-Amp, 12-volt MOSFET Power Supply A step-by- step guide K3YWY 18
Aug 1997 The Debate over Spread Spectrum The controversy is heating up W2VU 26
Aug 1997 Spread Spectrum-Yesterday and Today Tracing the shadowy course of an enigma N7HPR 32
Aug 1997 902 FM-UHF's Final Frontier Try something new, the old-fashioned ham way KD3NC 40
Aug 1997 VHF-Related Web Sites & Mailing Lists How "VHF+ers" stay plugged in Staff 42
Aug 1997 How Ham Radio Saved the Movie - N1MZZ, W2CSB 44
Aug 1997 Announcing: ARRL 10-GHz+ Cumulative Contest - Staff 49
Aug 1997 Announcing: The 1997 ARRL Aug UHF Contest - Staff 50
Aug 1997 In the Public Interest: A "500-year flood" Tests the mettle of midwest hams WA3PZO 54
Aug 1997 Beginner's Corner: Field Day A state of mind and a question of...questions? WB2D 58
Aug 1997 In Theory: Easy experiments with your field strength meter And a simple antenna range W6TNS 61
Aug 1997 Inside an Antenna Range: Checking out your antenna The way the pros do it W2VU 64
Aug 1997 Digital Data Link: More on eye diagrams Plus how to build a test transmitter N2IRZ 67
Aug 1997 In Focus: Introducing Digital TV- Part 1 Is it the future yet? KB9FO 72
Aug 1997 Orbital Elements: An update on Russia's "easysats" and Mir - WA4SXM 76
Aug 1997 Op-Ed: Reinvigorating the Culture of Ham Radio A Third Model KK3K 79
Aug 1997 Touring Traffic Nets Learn what they're about, and maybe even get involved Staff 82
Jul 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial): Those "Scary" New Test Questions Is there really anything to fear? W2VU 4
Jul 1997 Yes, All My Coax Cables Are 75 Ohms And everything works A-OK! CO2KK 14
Jul 1997 75-0hm Cable: Additional Options Advice from the Internet W2VU 18
Jul 1997 Battery Test: NiMH and NiCd Packs Go Head to Head How safe are they? WB6NOA 20
Jul 1997 Converting to VERY Narrow Band Squeeze more channels into your radio WA6ITC 24
Jul 1997 Listen for Egypt This Summer on Six! A new country on "the magic band" G3WOS 32
Jul 1997 CQ VHF Review: Alpha Delta VRC Speaker System When audio's important WB6NOA 34
Jul 1997 VE1SMU and the Beacons of Sable Island A ham's ham helping to track propagation VE1PKD 40
Jul 1997 Beginner's Corner : Hamfests-Garage Sales Just for Hams- Tips for first-timers WB2D 44
Jul 1997 In the Public Interest: Ham Radio Public Service A Sales Guide-Marketing US WA3PZO 50
Jul 1997 NEW! Project Corner: Tools of the Trade Basic tools for your ham radio projects K4TWJ 54
Jul 1997 Digital Data Link: Turbocharge Your Packet Station Make the mods to go to 19200! N2IRZ 58
Jul 1997 Orbital Elements: The Oldest Operating Ham Satellite A look at OSCAR-11 WA4SXM 64
Jul 1997 Weak Signal News: The Lure of the DXpedition It's all in the thrill of "being there" K7XC 71
Jul 1997 Op-Ed: A Mode of Operating Should Be a Choice, Not a Barrier License proposals WB9OMC 75
Jul 1997 Emergency Communications: As the Boy Scouts say, "Be Prepared" How to get and stay that way Staff 80
Jun 1997 A Tale of Two Rovers - Part 1 The serious competitor-there are NO holds barred for this rover! K7XC 14
Jun 1997 A Tale of Two Rovers - Part 2 The one-ham, one-band "Little Gun" roves the west WB2AMU 19
Jun 1997 CQ VHF Annual Contest Calendar A year's worth of contest dates Staff 24
Jun 1997 CQ VHF Contest Proposals Here are some of our contest ideas - what are YOURS? W2VU 26
Jun 1997 Announcing: The 1997 CQ World Wide VHF Contest Complete contest rules N6CL 28
Jun 1997 First Look: Kenwood's TH-235 Taking on Tandy for the new ham market WB6NOA 30
Jun 1997 Build a 2-Meter Notch Filter Cancel out those pesky pagers N6JF 32
Jun 1997 SSB the Easy Way Build a 2-Meter transverter from kits WE2R 40
Jun 1997 Announcing: The SMIRK 6-Meter QSO Party Complete rules for this event, too Staff 44
Jun 1997 Op-Ed: The Family Radio Service Threat or opportunity? WB6NOA 45
Jun 1997 Club Spotlight : The Meriden ARC Celebrates its 50th anniversary WV2LKM 50
Jun 1997 Orbital Elements: Close encounters Two guest columnists share their space stories WA4SXM 52
Jun 1997 In the Public Interest: APRS and SKYWARN Perfect Together WA3PZO 56
Jun 1997 Digital Data Link: Germany's FlexNet A packet network that WORKS! N2IRZ 60
Jun 1997 Weak Signal News: A day in the life of a weak-signal op PLUS Jun contest plans K7XC 65
Jun 1997 Beginner's Corner: Is there a tower in your future? - WB2D 69
Jun 1997 In Theory: Build a remote field strength meter - W6TNS 72
Jun 1997 In Focus: The Nature of Video - Part 3 Concluding the series KB9FO 74
Jun 1997 Ham Radio Nets: Don't worry if you get caught in one! Don't worry if you get caught in one! Staff 79
May 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial) : License restructuring A CQ proposal W2VU 4
May 1997 Flight of the Isaac Asimov A very educational...balloon flight KD5STH 14
May 1997 Turn Your "Power Station" into a Workhorse Make the most of it with these easy mods WB6NOA 24
May 1997 The Great Sporadic-E Debate - Part 2 Is weather at work? KB5KYN, KI6JD 28
May 1997 CQ VHF Review: The ADI AT-201 and AR-146 How do they rate? WB6NOA 34
May 1997 Switchbox on a Plate-A Modular Mic/TNC Switch Build this simple switch for new-style mics AD5X 40
May 1997 Big-Time Mobiling with Your FM Handheld Hear, and be heard, better in your car K4TWJ 42
May 1997 Weak Signal News: Summertime propagation returns! Time to get ready for good DXing K7XC 46
May 1997 In the Public Interest: When seconds count are you ready- REALLY ready? - KE2HG 53
May 1997 Beginner's Corner: Antenna gain, radiation patterns, decoupling, and other concepts - WB2D 56
May 1997 In Theory: Understanding standing waves Just what is it your SWR meter measures? W6TNS 60
May 1997 Digital Data Link: Spread spectrum and a beautiful woman named Hedy! - N2IRZ 64
May 1997 Announcing: The ARRL Jun VHF QSO Party Complete contest rules Staff 69
May 1997 Orbital Elements: Operating the digital satellites- Part 4 The 9600-bps birds WA4SXM 71
May 1997 Op-Ed: Don't Fault the ARRL Survey for the Sample Size A reader takes us to task KM7W 76
May 1997 VHF Calling Frequencies Where to find the action on every band Staff 79
May 1997 A CBspeak-Hamspeak Dictionary How to sound like an old-timer Staff 80
Apr 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial) A new ARRL proposal looks like a raw deal for No-Coders NW2L 4
Apr 1997 Moving Off Repeaters When You're on the Move FM simplex and SSB go the distance WB6NOA 14
Apr 1997 Secrets of Successful "Rover" Operating-Midwest Style Multiband monsters in motion K0DAS 18
Apr 1997 Hams in Space: A Guide to Working Mir - Part 2 Do it now, and do it RIGHT! WF1F 22
Apr 1997 The Great Sporadic-E Debate Part 1 The Solar Connection: The search for a theory WB2AMU 25
Apr 1997 A VHF/UHF Antenna in a Pipe Easy, inexpensive, and inconspicuous... and YOU built it! W2OQI 32
Apr 1997 VHF DXpeditions to Cyprus and Tunisia Two rare countries are put on the air I4YNO 40
Apr 1997 In Focus: The nature of video - Part 2 From transmitter, to air, to your antenna KB9FO 44
Apr 1997 CQ VHF Book Review: "Radio Monitoring: The How-To Guide" Handy for all radio hobbyists NW2L 49
Apr 1997 In the Public Interest: Driving the public service highway Hams pitch in for safer traffic K06UX 50
Apr 1997 Op-Ed: Ham Radio and Women - Part 2 A response to our Feb "Op Ed" WD8LQH 54
Apr 1997 Announcing: ARRL VHF/UHF Spring Sprints A contest a week for five weeks, for five different bands Staff 55
Apr 1997 Digital Data Link: GPS fun and games Making tracks with the Global Positioning System N2IRZ 56
Apr 1997 Orbital Elements: Using "PB/PG" and "WiSP" Your software keys to the digital birds WA4SXM 62
Apr 1997 Weak Signal News: Spring Sprints And debris falls in NC7K's "Sky Labian" experience NC7K 67
Apr 1997 In Theory: Transmission lines and impedance Making the perfect match W6TNS 71
Apr 1997 Beginner's Corner: Choosing and installing RF connectors? Which is best? You may be surprised WB2D 74
Apr 1997 Club Spotlight The Southeastern VHF Society, Inc NZ3I 78
Apr 1997 Packet Bulletin Boards: Ham Radio's General Store Send mail, get the news, make a deal Staff 81
Apr 1997 CTCSS Tone Chart Standard tone frequencies for repeaters Staff 82
Mar 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial) Are statistics really for real? NW2L 4
Mar 1997 Hams in Space: A Guide to Working Mir- Part 1 What you'll need to make contact WF1F 14
Mar 1997 Build a Low-Power Beacon for 6 Meters It's a 1-watt beacon...it's a QRP rig...it's both! WB2AMU 19
Mar 1997 Aurora: A New View Exciting data bring us closer to understanding this VHF phenomenon WN2L 26
Mar 1997 VHF in Israel: Mostly FM and Packet, with "a Touch" of Satellites Hamming in the Holy Land 4X1MK 32
Mar 1997 From the Internet: Who's Using What on 902 Online and in-tune with 33 centimeters WB4IUY 39
Mar 1997 First Person: Hams Just Do That: The Blizzard of '96 A saga of hams who helped KB2VNB 40
Mar 1997 Build the 6-Meter Discpole Antenna Compact and apartment-sized? Sounds perfect! K1BQT 44
Mar 1997 "Freq Out" with Free Frequency Charts CQ VHF readers, stay properly tuned-for FREE WB6NOA 52
Mar 1997 Beginner's Corner: Understand antennas and feedlines How's that for a challenge? WB2D 58
Mar 1997 Digital Data Link: Instant TCP/IP - Part 2 You already learned "Why," nowfind out "How" N2IRZ 61
Mar 1997 Orbital Elements: Operating the digital satellites - Part 2 The 1200-bps PSK birds WA4SXM 65
Mar 1997 In Theory: This "theory" may be strong medicine for some - W6TNS 70
Mar 1997 In the Public Interest: Cellphones vs. ham radio What do WE offer that THEY don't? Staff 74
Mar 1997 Ham Radio Glossary Basic terminology for newcomers Staff 81
Mar 1997 Packet Radio Connecting with packet networks Staff 83
Feb 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial) OSCAR-13 reminds us of the magic that is ham radio NW2L 4
Feb 1997 OSCAR-13's Last Picture Show Final images from an old friend W8ZCF, W9NTP 12
Feb 1997 10 GHz Coast to Coast Gordo works both west and east in the ARRL 10-GHz WB6NOA 17
Feb 1997 10 GHz-A Good Band for a Rainy Day Discover outta-sight microwave communications WA1MBA 20
Feb 1997 CQ VHF Review Standard C156A 2-Meter Hand held WB6NOA 26
Feb 1997 Beginner's Corner: The fine art of QSLing The concluding courtesy of a QSO WB2D 30
Feb 1997 Lighthouses of the Airwaves VHF and UHF Beacons-Guiding you to better contacts WD4GSM 40
Feb 1997 Two-Meter DXing from Nothern Italy But will it play in Perugia? I4YNO 43
Feb 1997 In Theory You can be an antenna designer- Part 2 W6TNS 50
Feb 1997 In Focus: Video transmissions The science behind the image KB9FO 56
Feb 1997 Weak-Signal News Of antennas, awards, and activity NC7K 60
Feb 1997 Op-Ed: Marketing Ham Radio to Women - VE3SRE 64
Feb 1997 Orbital Elements Operating the digital satellites-the basics WA4SXM 66
Feb 1997 Digital Data Link Packet meets the Internet in the user-friendly TCP/IP language-Part 1 N2IRZ 71
Feb 1997 Club Spotlight: TAPR The pioneers of packet are stronger than ever WD5IVD 74
Feb 1997 In the Public Interest A challenge to use the Web to our advantage ... and a farewell AC6EN 78
Feb 1997 Packet Radio A guide for the beginner Staff 83
Jan 1997 Line of Sight (Editorial) A Look into the Crystal Ball NW2L 4
Jan 1997 "WearStation": A Ready-to-Wear Ham Station These clothes really do make the ham N1NLF 14
Jan 1997 Cyberspace: Amateur Radio's New Frontier Boldly going into the Web ... and beyond N3MHU 20
Jan 1997 Trunked Repeaters: A Home in Ham Radio? If so, they may end repeaters as we know them NW2L 24
Jan 1997 Complying with the FCC's New RF Safety Rules Staying safe and legal N6NB 30
Jan 1997 Build a $5 Headset Mic Get convenience on a shoestring with this easy project KI5PG 40
Jan 1997 VHF Worldwide: VHF News from Germany Weinheim's exemplary 41st annual VHF convention Staff 43
Jan 1997 Where in the World Are You? It's 22:00, do you know where your QTH is? WB6NOA 44
Jan 1997 Op-Ed: Reinforce the Basics And Stop Worrying About the Code KE4MTM 50
Jan 1997 In Theory In the time-honored tradition, you, too, can be an antenna designer W6TNS 52
Jan 1997 In the Public Interest Reflections and resolutions for a better year to come AC6EN 60
Jan 1997 Digital Data Link The main event- Packet vs. the Internet! N2IRZ 63
Jan 1997 Beginner's Corner: Yes, you can work worldwide DX with satellites We tell you how WB2D 67
Jan 1997 Orbital Elements A look at satellite tracking programs WA4SXM 71
Jan 1997 Weak-Signal News Get more power to the tower NC7K 76
Jan 1997 Club Spotlight: Weak signal, contests, beacons, and repeaters Mt. Airy's "Pack Rats" do it all Staff 81
Dec 1996 Line of Sight (Editorial) Where has all the hi-tech gone? WN2L 4
Dec 1996 Gordo's Goodie Guide Holiday ideas for penny-pinching hams WB6NOA 14
Dec 1996 Announcing: ARRL Jan VHF Sweepstakes - Staff 20
Dec 1996 CQ VHF Review: The Alinco DR-605 High-Power Dualband Mobile Radio The Alinco DR-605 High-Power Dualband Mobile Radio WB6NOA 24
Dec 1996 In Focus: The N5JXO portable ATV repeater You can build one, too WB9FO 30
Dec 1996 Digital Data Link: A few gifts for the Holidays from Santa Don That you WON'T want to return! N2IRZ 33
Dec 1996 CQ VHF Profile: WB2COP-The Ham and the Station Giving recognition to a Ham's Ham W2OD 40
Dec 1996 VHF Worldwide: VHF News from South Africa: Our newest feature looks at what's happening around the globe Staff 45
Dec 1996 In Theory: Mysterious? No, just misunderstood solving the decibel dilemma - W6TNS 57
Dec 1996 Orbital Elements AMSAT and ESA-A match made in the heavens WA4SXM 62
Dec 1996 Beginner's Corner: Introducing ham radio's "exotic modes" What's weak signal, anyway? WB2D 66
Dec 1996 Weak-Signal News: Of preamps and Perseids - NC7K 70
Dec 1996 In the Public Interest: 2,000-year-old lessons in emergency preparedness still apply - AC6EN 74
Dec 1996 Op-Ed: Time to broaden our thinking and narrow our "splits" - WA6ITC 78
Nov 1996 Line of Sight (Editorial) Canada and the Code-Our neighboring hams take a stand NW2L 4
Nov 1996 The Duplexer and Triplexer Connection Matching your multiband rig and antenna setup WB6NOA 14
Nov 1996 CQ VHF Review The Standard C5900DA Triband FM Mobile Transceiver K4TWJ 18
Nov 1996 "To the Moon, Alice"- Part 2 EME Operating Techniques for the Beginner NI6G 22
Nov 1996 6-Meter QRP: How Far Can You Work? WB2AMU's answer may surprise you WB2AMU 28
Nov 1996 Marathon Ham(s) Preparation and ingenuity on land for Columbus, Ohio's "Great Race" AA8EY 34
Nov 1996 The 1996 General Clinton Canoe Regatta And on the water N2CSQ/3, WM9J 40
Nov 1996 In the Public Interest: Dog days of Maine Sled racing with ham support AC6EN 46
Nov 1996 In Theory Getting to know your hand held radio- Part 3 W6TNS 52
Nov 1996 Digital Data Link: Back to basics What can I do on packet? N2IRZ 56
Nov 1996 Beginner's Corner Space communications the easy way WB2D 60
Nov 1996 Orbital Elements: The P3D antenna challenge What it takes to go the distance WA4SXM 64
Nov 1996 Weak-Signal News A quickie guide to VHF/UHF feedlines NC7K 68
Nov 1996 Op-Ed: The "Dumbing Down" of Amateur Radio - KG7FU 74
Nov 1996 Ham Radio Glossary Basic terminology for newcomers Staff 79
Nov 1996 The 6-Meter DX Windows A gentlemen's agreement on the "Magic Band" Staff 81
Oct 1996 Line of Sight (Editorial) Just how big a threat to ham radio are "Little LEOs"? NW2L 4
Oct 1996 50-Watt Clout for Your FM Handheld Get super range with crossband repeating! K4TWJ 12
Oct 1996 World-Class Fox Hunting Comes to America Put an international spin on a challenging sport K0OV 16
Oct 1996 "To the Moon, Alice"-Part 1 2-Meter Moonbounce Basics NC7K 22
Oct 1996 Announcing: The ARRL International EME Contest Staff 27
Oct 1996 No More Holes for Mobile Antenna Mounts Pamper your car AND pull in signals WB6NOA 28
Oct 1996 Discover the World of 1.2 Gigs It may well be the future of UHF, why not introduce yourself? W6SAI 33
Oct 1996 Orbital Elements Our guest columnist gives you the lowdown on AMSAT's next bird KA0SNL 41
Oct 1996 Beginner's Corner Learn about ham radio's rocky first flight into space WB2D 46
Oct 1996 In Theory Getting to know your handheld radio- Part 2 W6TNS 51
Oct 1996 In Focus A TV record breakers plus some cool happenin's in Houston KB9FO 55
Oct 1996 Digital Data Link Learn how a diode matrix works and which TNC is best for you N2IRZ 62
Oct 1996 Weak-Signal News Will you be ready for the Jan VHF Sweepstakes? NC7K 68
Oct 1996 In the Public Interest Field Day is for VHF, too; plus put pizazz in your meetings AC6EN 72
Oct 1996 Club Spotlight Six-Club Florida Field Day KC4YTP 76
Oct 1996 Op-Ed: Considerations for Complete 2-Meter Band Management - K4JRB 78
Oct 1996 Calling Frequencies Designated calling and national simplex FM frequencies by band Staff 80
Oct 1996 CBspeak/Hamspeak A translation guide to common terms Staff 81
Sept 1996 Line of Sight (Editorial) Rediscovering the True Spirit of Ham Radio NW2L 5
Sept 1996 Foxes, Hounds, and Hams An Introduction to Fox Hunting: It's elementary! KB8TEP 12
Sept 1996 Introducing "Sherlock"-A Hi-Tech Fox Hunting Tool Meet a digital detective WA9BVS 16
Sept 1996 Sniffing Out "Birdies" on Your Radio Tracking down those annoying dead carriers WB6NOA 22
Sept 1996 A TVI Detective Story A ham gumshoe finds his interference culprit KD2BD 27
Sept 1996 Flight #9: Ballooning on a Budget Build it, launch it, track and retrieve it K5IS 32
Sept 1996 From Drill to Disaster: Be prepared Sometimes drills turn into the "real thing"! KC7KUE 38
Sept 1996 CQ VHF Review: Tucker Electronics' V-100W 100-Watt, 2-Meter Amplifier WB6NOA 41
Sept 1996 Computer Connection The final "Data Mining" chapter challenges your skills K1RT 44
Sept 1996 Digital Data Link Surfing and mapping the packet network for big payoffs N2IRZ 47
Sept 1996 In Theory Getting to know your handheld radio- Part 1 W6TNS 51
Sept 1996 Beginner's Corner Test equipment that really helps you in your shack WB2D 57
Sept 1996 In the Public Interest A slice of life in the service of others AC6EN 60
Sept 1996 Weak-Signal News Hitch a ride to the moon and back on 2-meters and up NC7K 64
Sept 1996 Announcing: The ARRL Sept VHF QSO Party - Staff 67
Sept 1996 Op-Ed: The FCC Response to 2-Meter Threat - Staff 68
Sept 1996 Club Spotlight LIMARC-The Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club KA2GWM 70
Sept 1996 Ham Radio Glossary Basic Terminology for Newcomers Staff 76
Sept 1996 Radio Direction Finding Grab your deerstalker hat and magnifying glass-the game's afoot Staff 78
Aug 1996 Line of Sight (Editorial) Hot Topics: Meteors and Deed Restrictions NW2L 5
Aug 1996 VHF News Satellite Industry Takes Aim at Ham Bands Staff 6
Aug 1996 Antennas and Deed Restrictions Will the Walls Come Tumbling Down? W6TNS 12
Aug 1996 "Incoming!"-An Introduction to Meteor Scatter Get ready, here come the Perseids! WB6NOA 18
Aug 1996 "CQ Scatter": A Meteor Scatter Operating Primer KP4XS gets you started KP4XS 24
Aug 1996 CQ VHF Review The Alinco DJ-G5 Dual-Band Hand held NW2L 28
Aug 1996 VHF Afloat Bring your rig a-sailing for some great long-distance VHF contacts WB6NOA 32
Aug 1996 "Crazy Marine 93" A thrilling contest at sea nearly ends in disaster! KE6GOS 37
Aug 1996 "CPR" for Drowned Radios Act fast and you might save that salt-water-logged rig WA6ITF 40
Aug 1996 Digital Data Link: Introducing WinAPRS Discover this hot new packet application N2IRZ 45
Aug 1996 A Repeater for $1: Impossible? Not for one diligent ham club VE9SHM 50
Aug 1996 In the Public Interest: Left Coast, Right Coast Plan Your Effort or You're Toast AC6EN 52
Aug 1996 Weak-Signal News: Pursuing the Perseids Finally! The biggest and best of the year! NC7K 56
Aug 1996 Orbital Elements: The Fuji Satellites Great for Beginners WA4SXM 60
Aug 1996 In Theory: Single Sideband for Techs- Part 2 Continuing our look inside your radio W6TNS 66
Aug 1996 Beginner's Corner: Successfully Failing Ham Exams Hey, it's practice, isn't it? WB2D 70
Aug 1996 Club Spotlight SMIRK-The Six Meter International Radio Klub W5OZI 74
Aug 1996 Op-Ed: Involving the Uninvolved Ham It's up to us to draw them into our ranks WA6ITF 76
Aug 1996 Ham Radio Glossary Basic Terminology for Newcomers Staff 78
Aug 1996 Grid Squares Where in the world are you, anyway? Staff 80
Jul 1996 Line of Sight (Editorial) Put Ham Radio to Work for Your Kids NW2L 4
Jul 1996 Ham Radio Paging: Putting "POCSAG" on Packet Got a TNC? Goodbye monthly fees W0XI 12
Jul 1996 Predicting Sporadic E Openings on 6 Meters Sure it's sporadic, but it's not random WB2AMU 16
Jul 1996 Using Bandpass Filters to Improve 2-Meter Listening Stamp out interference WB6NOA 20
Jul 1996 VHF/UHF Receiver Preamplfiers Using MMICs A guide to Monolithic Microwave ICs K4IPV 28
Jul 1996 Field Day-How to Win and Still Have Fun Hard work but good times KB2DDM 32
Jul 1996 Making Ham History in Massachusetts A QSO with a historic space mission WF1F 36
Jul 1996 In the Public Interest: Make It a Summer of Science Time to plan a school science project AC6EN 42
Jul 1996 Orbital Elements: Working the RS Satellites It's exciting and EASY! WA4SXM 46
Jul 1996 Weak-Signal News: Exploring Summertime Propagation Get set to enjoy Jul VHF activity NC7K 50
Jul 1996 Op-Ed: The Code Isn't What's Ailing Amateur Radio There are threats, but not from CW K1ZJH 54
Jul 1996 In Theory: SSB for Techs- Part 1 A primer for working SSB on 6 meters W6TNS 56
Jul 1996 Beginner's Corner: Packet: Have at It How to get started ... and avoid a common problem WB2D 62
Jul 1996 Digital Data Link: Network Building Blocks Build a node site from the ground up N2IRZ 65
Jul 1996 Club Spotlight: The Utah County SCATeam An elite team for emergency communications N7PPW 69
Jul 1996 Computer Connection: The Packet Detective- Part 2 More thoughts on data mining K1RT 73
Jul 1996 Setting Up Your Ham Shack Keep it comfortable, convenient, and safe Staff 76
Jun 1996 Line of Sight (Editorial) How Boring Are We? NW2L 4
Jun 1996 Confessions of a Single-Op Rover Cover 1,200 Miles and 15 Grid Squares? It Can Be Done NC7K 12
Jun 1996 VHF DX from Summer Tropos Get Ready to Work Over 500 Miles on 2 Meters WB6NOA 15
Jun 1996 CQ VHF Review: The ICOM IC-820H 144/430-MHz Multimode Transceiver N2DSY 18
Jun 1996 Build the Featherweight 6-Meter Yagi A Dependable Performer for the "Magic Band" K1BQT 24
Jun 1996 Building Stripline Power Dividers Using Waveguide A New Use for Microwave Feedline WA3AXV 31
Jun 1996 Announcing... The 1996 CQ World-Wide VHF Contest Complete Contest Rules Staff 40
Jun 1996 Weak-Signal News: If It's Jun, It Must Be Contest Time It's also Peak Sporadic-E Time! NC7K 34
Jun 1996 Beginner's Corner: Summer Fun Don't Forget Your Radio WB2D 45
Jun 1996 In Focus: Having Video Fun Outside the Shack Today's Tiny Gear Takes You Anywhere KB9FO 48
Jun 1996 In Theory: The Ups and Downs of Modulation What Exactly Goes on in Your Radio? W6TNS 52
Jun 1996 Orbital Elements: "eSPRE de Corps" Meet a New Ham/Shuttle Operation WA4SXM 56
Jun 1996 Op-Ed: AMSAT: Encourage Experimentation, Not Interference Use Caution with S/S W3XO 60
Jun 1996 In the Public Interest: NiCds, Gel Cells, and More Readers Share Their Comments AC6EN 62
Jun 1996 Digital Data Link: A Packet Networking Primer Double Performance, Not Investment N2IRZ 69
Jun 1996 Club Spotlight: NEDA The Northeast Digital Association N2IRZ 72
Jun 1996 Packet Bulletin Boards- Ham Radio's General Store Making the Most of Packet's World-Wide Network Staff 76
Jun 1996 Common Schematic Symbols Ueed in Circuit Diagrams A Guide to the Most-Frequently-Encountered Staff 79