Standard C510A Quick Reference Sheet
St 5 Change frequency steps. Can be set for each band. (5/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50 kHz)
F- St 1.0 Fast step function setting. [FUNCTION and Selector knob]. (10MHz/1MHz/100kHz)
inP.AE Direct enter sequence (inP.AE = auto/inP. 3 = 3 digits/inP. 5 = 4 digits/inP. 6 = 6 digits)
rPt.oF Repeater mode. Sets repeater TX offset of +/-. (of = off, on +/- offset)
E59.oF Tone encoder/tone squelch. (oF = off/on T = tone encode/on TSQ = tone squelch)
CF 100.0 Sets tone encoder/squelch frequency.
OF 0.60 Repeater offset frequency. (default = 0.60 VHF/5.00 UHF)
SP ###.## Split mode frequency. [dUP.oF must be set to dUP.on to set split mode frequency.]
dUP.oF Split mode on/off. dUP.of= split mode off/dUP.on split mode on.
PAG.oF Sets paging/code squelch option on. (PAG = Paging/C59 = code squelch.)
co 000 Sets the paging/code squelch code.
dLY.25Paging/code squelch transmit delay in milliseconds. (25 = 250ms/45 = 450ms/85 = 850ms)
SPd. H DTMF code transmit time delay. (H = 50ms/L = 100ms)
SA .oF Battery save options. (oF = off/1 = 1 second/2 = 2 second/3 = 3 second)
APO.oF Auto power off. (oF = off/3 = 30 minutes/6 = 60 minutes/12 = 120 minutes)
PL .oF Transmission PTT lock. (of = PTT operates/on = PTT locked)
tot.oF Time out TX timer. (oF = off/on = PTT held>5 minutes transmission stopped)
FL CH oFChannel selection knob on/off during key lock.
BE EP on Turns keyboard beep on/off.
S9L 2Sets the squelch level. (0,1,2,3,4,5)
rF S9L of RF-squelch. Prevents RF signals less than _ S-meter units from opening squelch.(0,3,5,7,9)
bnd onAllows automatic step to next band of frequencies. (on/off)
CH oFDisplays channel number instead of frequency information in display when on. (on/off)
mm oFAllows scan of specific marked memory frequencies. [Must set ( in VFO mode then press SC]
Scn PSelects scan type. P=pause (resumes after 5 sec.), B=busy (resumes 2 sec. after signal), H=hold
iSP onTurns speaker on/off with CMA510 or CPB510D attached.
At rPt onTurns auto repeater mode on/off. (2 meter band <147.000 MHz. only)
At Am onTurns auto AM reception mode on/off.
Am oFSets the AM reception mode manually.


Last Update: 8/30/97

Name: Rodger N. Bird II

Email: [email protected]