Ham Radio

Hi and welcome To Our Web Site.

We ham in Ontario, Oregon.

We moved from Drewsey Or. from our ranch (Riley Ranch)  to Ontario, 26 years ago with our son Tony. 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 horses. Joe opened up his welding shop soon after that. I worked at Ore-Ida Foods and Tony went to school. In 1991 he got his license.  We became hams after 2 years of Harping  from our son (N7QVC) to get our ticket. We finally broke down and started studying. Now I KB7USR have a general class license in which I enjoy daily. Joe got his license in 1996 as a Technician KC7IQQ.

Cat and Moma Kitty

    Joe AKA Pete, Harry, Runs his welding shop with the help of his sidekick Numbnuts and Cat. Naadene keeps busy with her yard, two dogs, "Jenny and Tippo" and two cats. Mamma kitty kitty and Puss.  Tippo is suppose to be the worlds largest Newfoundland. If you know of a larger Newfoundland Breed I would love to hear about them. He weighs around 250 pounds. Jenny a shepherd dog who belonged to my brother came to live with us about 6 months ago upon Howard's passing away.

  Tony found a starving Mamma kitty kitty and 4 kittens in a hay stack. After lots of TLC and being hit by a car and wearing a brace on a shattered hind leg for several months. She is now my pride and Joy. Puss A Siamese cat  We adopted some 20  years ago is still in good heath and very much a part of the family.

    Tony, now lives in Caldwell, Idaho and works at Mystiblue Computing

You can visit N7QVC's Ham Shack @ QSL.NET - Tonys webdesign Services

We all enjoy Ham Radio, as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends.