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It was the beginning of 1998 and I had an idea to make the KB7TBT Ham Radio Website. The website was designed for the ham radio operator in mind, specifically my own. It was originally a 3 page site with just some of the junk I needed all the time and was being hosted on a 28.8 Dial-Up ISP. In 2005 it was redesigned and has been changing ever since.

Today, *20* years later,  it is not as popular as it was, it seems that other social media platforms have taken over. I still hold to the same old style of making this site for me and what I need, and allot of other people enjoy it too. So have a look around and I hope some of the stuff that I use on a daily basis will help you in some way.

I am full time RV, click here to see where I am: KB7TBT APRS LOCATION

Most everything on the site is clickable or downloadable.

If you have found this site because you are curious about Amateur Radio click below.

Online Study, Practice Tests, Testing Locations and General Help Click Here

Kilo Bravo 7 Too Busy Talking


YL-System Co-Control - YL#17284 - 14.332MHZ



Worldwide HAM Radio QSL Website


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