The S9er

  These excellent articles discuss a method of improving receiver sensitivity and lowering noise on older design reveivers. They were scanned from articles in the May and August 1956 issues of CQ magazine. This material is applicable to many older receivers with a pentode front end. The material is in GIF format. You may be able to print from your browser. Otherwise you can save a copy to your computer and print with your favorite program. Save the images by right clicking on them and then left clicking on "Save Image As..." (Netscape) or "Save Picture As..." (Internet Explorer). Save the image file in a suitable location and then view/print with a graphics program such as Ulead PhotoImpact or Adobe PhotoShop, etc. You can also download and use a freeware view program such as Xnview or IrfanView (see InfranView notes).

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IrfanView Notes:
To insure that InfanView works correctly with these GIF files, you must not use the "Fit to the desktop" function. On the Image menu, uncheck "Best Fit to Desktop." On the Options - Properties - Viewing menu, uncheck "Always Fit To Desktop For Big Images."

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