You wantYou want
We needI want
It's your decisionI'll decide
Do what you wantYou'll pay for this later
We need to talkI need to complain
Sure...go aheadI don't want you to
I'm not upsetOf course I'm upset, you moron
You're...so manlyYou need a shave and you sweat alot
You're certainly attentive tonightIs sex all you ever think about?
I'm not emotional!I'm on my period
Be romantic, turn out the lightsI have flabby thighs
This kitchen is so inconvenientI want a new house
I want new curtainsand carpeting, and furniture...
Hang the picture thereNo, I mean hang it there!
I heard a noiseI noticed you were almost asleep
Do you love me?I want something expensive
How much do you love me?I want something REAL expensive