Technogeek Sniglets !!

From the Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

SUPERSTITIATE To submit a job that abended (an IBM term of "abort-end) previously without making any changes, hoping it will magically work this time.
ONOSECOND The amount of time between the pressing of the ENTER key and the realization that you have made a horrible mistake.
PSCREWDOCODE The gibberish that results when you put your typing fingers on the wrong set of keys.
PURGEATORY Where files go after they are purged.
STUPIDUPLICATE To make an error and then copy it.
BEEPCREEP One who keeps pressing the ENTER key when the terminal is locked up.
QUEUE PASA Looking at a computer's queue list to see what's happening.
OVERBYTES Unit of measurement for unavailable disk space.
PAPER POPPER A job that prints one line per page and spews paper all over the floor.
PRINTCRASTINATION When people go to get their printout, see that the printer is out of paper, and decide to come back later for it.
GLIP The stuff you see when you TYPE a file that's binary, not text.
PASCODE The extra statements you add to code because the language won't allow mixed-type operations.
LOG-UP When you think you are in a subprocess, and you're not, and you log out.
DEBLINK When you recompile a program, but forget to relink it, and you can't figure out why the new changes don't work.