List of BBOD capacitors for Hallicrafters SX-100

NumberCapacitance Voltage Quantity Source Part No.
C97, C98, C101 .001 600 3 AES C-MD001-630
C73, C82 .0047 600 2 AES C-MD0047-630
C74, C83, C86 .01 600 3 AES C-MD01-630
C75, C84, C89, C90, C91, C92, C99 .022 600 7 AES C-MD022-630
C81 .047 200 1 AES C-MD047-630
C33, C37, C77, C113 .047 600 4 AES C-MD047-630
C32, C85 .22 200 2 AES C-MD22-630
C112 .5 200 1 AES C-MD47-630

I used Mallory metalized polyester devices that I bought from Antique Electronics Supply. These devices are relatively inexpensive, a lot smaller than the originals and have axial leads. Also, I think they look a lot better than the commonly used "Orange Drops". I replaced the 200 volt devices with 630 volt ones simply because that is what was available from AES. There are many other sources of these capacitors so feel free to shop around.