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You are invited to splash around in here.   The Ham Operators on the Central Coast of California usually have more than one hobby.   Many are computer buffs as well.   Some even do photography, oil painting, R C model operation, and more.   Personally, I like cameras to supplement my Ham Radio and ARES/RACES activities.

The California State Flag.

Here is a link to another Ham site that you will like. Be sure to use your 'BACK' button and finish looking this site over. I will show you why so many Hams love this part of the Pacific West.   Lemme take a look! And, I'll be back in a little while...

Amtrak's ''San Diegan'' serves my hometown. 


Too -- This is a testing area, among other things, where we can do experimentation.
Hams are experimenters by their very nature.   It's a way of life for us --
a hazard of the hobby!         -- KB6RG -- 

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Along the Central Coast of California there are many points of interest.
About a mile northwest of the Pismo Beach pier, is an area called Shell Beach where the cliffs at the Margo Dodd mini-park offer this treasured view.
Bring your camera anytime you visit our majestic area of the Pacific Coast.
Set your mobile rig &/or H-T for either of our local repeaters;
146.700 MHz.(–) T=127.3 Hz.
146.940 MHz.(–) T=127.3 Hz.
Coastal Cliffs at Shell Beach

Central Coast beauty invites the camera fan.
And, you
VHFers, bring your H-Ts! 

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Picture: Paul and Mac awaiting chow-time. 

These two Hams don't require FCC licensing to do what they're about to do.   The delicious Bar-B-Q'd beef is almost ready, at the annual Central Coast Amateur Radio Meet-to-Eat August BBQ.

This group gets together some ten or twelve times per year.   They meet for the purpose of filling their 'tummies' with delicious food from a different place and of a different origin each month.   Only a few of the Hams are seen here.   There are over a hundred members of the group, most of whom are Amateur Radio Operators.   Some of the meals are commercially prepared.   This one is catered by Dan Phelan, NM6W, and wife, Ruth. Dan is a longtime cattleman, and he knows how to prepare delicious beef.

This event is usually held at the old ''Bassi House''-- the picnicground of PG&E's Diablo Plant employees.

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Behind every successful BBQ chef, stands a good woman.
Here, in the background (behind Dan) we see Ruth Phelan, keeping Dan supplied with meat and garlic bread, for the open pit.

The fellow in the background is another Ham, helping with the preparation of some 75 or 80 delicious meals.

Photo: Dan - NM6W is the BBQer, supereme!.

Dan - NM6W likes his work, and
everybody likes the 'work' that Dan turns out!

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