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442.350 + PL 82.5

San Antonio, TX

This repeater is a labor of love. I have wanted to put a repeater on the air ever since I was a young ham of thirteen. I have many happy memories of listening to conversations of friends and autopatches on the scanner before I got my ticket, and then later participating in those conversations and making autopatches myself. I hope this repeater through your help can again bring the warmth and spirit of ham radio back to the air. Just remember the repeater is only as good as its users so if you donít get on the air and use it, then it is just a collection of components sitting there. To use a term from the sailing days, a heart of a ship is its crew, and so to the heart of this repeater will be you its users. I can not nor do I want to be the only one using it. Again welcome, and 73.

Robert, KB5UJM

The repeater equipment is currently:

Repeater, GE Executive II by Micro Computer Concepts

Duplexer, 4 cavities Motorola T1540A (1.4DB) loss

Controller, CAT 1,000 with AD-100 audio delay module and DR-1000 digital recorder accessory installed.

SAME Weather receiver WX250.

All above by Computer Automation Technologies

Realtime weather station Ultimeter ∆ U-100 by Peet Brothers

Preamp, Model: P432VDG by Advanced Receiver Research

Feedline, 1/2 Inch Heliaxô .

Antenna, Comet CA-712 EF with 9.8 DBI / 7.2 DBD

Please read the Repeater Code of Conduct before using the repeater

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