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After a five year hiatus I have rediscovered Amateur radio and as a result I feel it is time to update and improve on this website. so along with the old favorites like the ARRL Home Page and The HAM Association of Mesquite home page we will be adding new features as we have time so bookmark this page and don't forget about the HAM Association of Mesquite Tuesday Night Net .

KB5JBV's Public Service Page for information on Public Service Events and The National Traffic System. HERE

The North Texas Speakers Association is now taking registrations form Speakers and Clubs in the north Texas area so if you would like to register yourself or your club with the NTSA please click links below

Go to the north Texas Speakers Association Here


Join the new North Texas Public Service Mailing List Today. HERE

Other HAM Radio in North Texas


HAM Association of Mesquite (HAM)
Located just east of Dallas Texas, the city of Mesquite is home to the HAM Association of Mesquite. This diverse group of amateur radio operators is not only committed to their hobby but also in strengthening their community.
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
The League has been the national organization for radio amateurs since 1914. Headquartered in Connecticut, its operations are national and international in scope. The League operates strictly as a non-profit, educational and scientific organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of the privileges that ham operators enjoy. There is a place in the League for everyone who has an interest in amateur radio.

National SKYWARN Home Page
Weather is an important part of Amateur radio in the North Texas area. in the spring and fall months storm spotters stand ready in case a really severe storm does blow through on the Weather Links Page you will find some of the better tools we have here to help us do our jobs as storm spotters.

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