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Hello, My name is Bob and my amateur radio call sign is KB4A. I have been a ham radio operator since 1964 when I got my first call sign of WA4SLG.  Although I had an interest in amateur radio while I was in high school, I did not have a chance to be around ham radio operators until I joined the U.S. Navy.  I was an Electronic Technician in the Navy and my last station was the U.S. Naval Communication Station at Lualualei, Hawaii.  There I had a chance to work with several ham radio operators and visit the "shack" on the base.  The call sign of the station on the base was KH6NAA.  I enjoyed listening and watching Ken Sears work all the DX on the homebrew 1kilowatt AM transmitter and the Collins 51J receiver.  I did not master the code for my own ticket until 1963 when I worked at Delta Air Lines.   I worked with several hams at Delta and George Diggs (W4SLG) worked and helped me with Morse Code.  I got my general license in 1964 and ironically with the call of WA4SLG.  I got my Extra Class license in 1966 before incentive licensing was enacted. I applied for a call sign change in 1978 when I moved to a new home.  The call sign that I received and still have today is KB4A.

I have been active on CW,AM,FM and SSB over the years.  I have renewed my interest in AM and vintage equipment in recent years and enjoy chatting with the AMI radio club members on 3885KHz AM with my vintage equipment.

The pictures below are at Lualualei, Hawaii about 1959


Ham Radio Shack  KH6NAA                Bill Voreis W6CQH, Ken Sears W7DGF, Richard Tucker KF6DNY


The picture below is my "Gold Dust Twins"  that I got from Scotty, W4DHI.

The power supply for the KWS-1 is home brewed.

The "Gold Dust Twins" Collins KWS-1 and 75A4


Pictures of my Ham Shack

My Old Ham Radio Page

My High School Class

My Navy Pages

3.885  Audio

I plan to improve this site later

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