Modifications to the HTX-252

On this rig the squelch takes a fairly long time to open, so parts of trasmitions can be lost

I modified my rig to shorten this time constant by removing a chip capacitor. The location of this part is shown in the picture, it is just in front of the transistor in the highlighted circle in the diagram on the bottom of the rig.

The value printed on it is 105, I assume this means 1mfd. The picture shows the capacitor already removed. You can see the silkscreen on the board that was previously under the capacitor.

Now the sqelch snaps open almost immediately when a signal appears.

Steady hands, some solder wick, a pair of tweezers and a small tipped soldering iron does the trick.

To Increse your audio level with this rig you must take to top cover off which is the one with the speaker mounted to it. Then right in the center of the board you will see a Variable resistor labled RV2 Clockwise will increase the audio level. I did have some problems with audio when I turned it all the way to the right, So I recomened turning it all the way and bringing it back just a hair.