TV in Equatorial Guinea

There is just one channel, on 48250 KHz video/53750 audio, situated on the island of Bioko at the top of a volcano 3000m asl. From Malabo, the peak of the volcano is at an angle of about 7 degrees.

The 3C video is a really good beacon for 6m dx conditions and is normally 3-4 S points stronger than my signal.

There are a few other TVs on a similar frequency in West Africa, so don't get them mixed up!!



The antenna is designed to have 3 major lobes. 6 dipoles headed towards the mainland (SE), 2 dipoles to Malabo (N), and 2 dipoles to Annobon (SSW)

Time of operation:

The TV transmissions start reliably at 1440Z each day and stop at 2359Z. However, it relies on a diesel generator for power and during wet season, it can be very difficult to keep enough diesel fuel supplied via the windy and steep track which tends to get washed out.

Frequency, power:

The frequency is about 48.2504 with a little drift and a horrible rasp which provides plenty of QRM across 6m.

The original TX is rated at 10Kw output but is normally run at 5Kw. A new TX has been bought but has not been installed.

The original installation was done by EA???






How to recognise the video:

Here are a few typical shots of the beginning and end of broadcasts which may help you recognise 3C TV if the signal is so strong that you can see the video.

El Presidente del pais

Fishing with a cast net