A short tour and history of Station KB2SEO:
















    A.R.S. KB2SEO began in 1994 in Pt. Pleasant NJ. As a Tech-Plus, I was granted full privileges on VHF, and small slices of the H.F. spectrum from 80 meters to 10 meters. On 10 we had Voice (phone) as well as Morse Code modes. My first radio was a borrowed Ten-Tec Century 21 and a Radio Shack VHF “Handi-talkie”.  Soon after , as a gift, My Wife Terianne, KG4UBD and my kids Mitch,KG4GQY and Stephanie KG4GQX presented me with a gift I use to this day, My Emperor TS-5010 10 meter transceiver. It is in Daily use as the Beacon transmitter.















  We moved to GA in 1999, and at that time, I was using a Icom 737 I purchased used from NC1A, George while living in NJ. It was probably one of the nicest rigs I ever owned. Being on a big open area with over 5 acres got me on the air with some BIG wire antennas. I literally wore that rig out.  Eventually I purchased a ICOM 725 owned by a Amateur from Canada. The Rig was only used for listening. The owner said other than a quick test into a dummy load, he never got on the air with it. I used it first for all modes, all everything. In July 2006, Terianne surprised the heck out of me by purchasing a ICOM 718. A great basic HF radio with good receiver capability as well as a nice tone on C.W. DSP noise filter included– I love the radio!!                                                                                                                                  






















The Maidenhead grid square is EM74PT  and we are about 9 miles south of the Tennessee  border in Murray County. Although Whitfield County calls itself the carpet capital of the world, we take claim in that too, since many of the active plants of the mills are right around here.  The Station is against the west side of the mountains, with Ellijay and Mineral bluff being to our east on the other side of the mountains. The only sounds we hear out hear at night are Whippoorwills, Coyote, maybe a cow or two and Barred Owls, which have an odd call that sounds like they are asking

“Who cooks for you?” One thing is for sure: It’s not everyday you see 4 or 5 deer bound over your fence after their breakfast, And we get all kinds of visitors: See picture left


Looking East to the back of Fort Mountain from the front of the Radio Station

















 I consider myself really fortunate to have a large clear property to put up some “big wire” for my  antennas.  I run a 10 meter ground plane, It’s actually a knock off of a popular CB radio antenna from the 70’s. Called the Start duster.  In actuality, it’s a basic 10 meter 1/4 wave ground plane with a capacitance hat to allow some broad banded use. It will tune from 26.500 to 29.700 with a usable SWR. I run the antenna through the Tuner to keep the SWR at a reasonable level. (I also have a wonderful family who puts up with my experiments and the TVI I sometimes cause)




















The Primary HF antennas are a 265 Foot long doublet optimized for operation on 20 meters. It will cover all the Amateur frequencies to 2 meters. I use a MFJ 949E for the Antenna matching system, aaaaaane other antenna is a 40/15 meter Long wire: 1 wavelength long on 40 meters, It offers great omni propagation all over the US and Caribbean. In this picture I would be standing directly under it. It’s over all length is 140 feet. It is up at the very top of the two tallest trees on the property– about 70 feet in the air.


 For 20/17 , I also have a elevated vertical with elevated counterpoise. I like using this antenna for PSK-31 digital and it works well for more localized rag chews on 20 and 17.

  Sunrise at  ARS KB2SEO The antennas are (l-r) the 10 meter vertical the 20/17 meter vertical  Up in the air High above is the 265 foot long doublet all bander Fed with 450 ohm ladder line. The antenna is up around 50 feet in the center but closer to 70 at the tree in background of the photo-Behind mom in law’s house. The peak of Ft. Mountain is behind the tree line. You are facing South east.


Looking South toward the Peak of Ft. Mountain That part of the mountain is partially owned by the State parks and some private land is there too. This is the extent of Neighbors– a few cows! ( It’s great!)

This beautiful Luna moth (female) is checking out KB2SEO’s 2001 Jeep wrangler’s 20 meter antenna, Maybe she is wondering if she’d do better if she retro-fitted on of my ham sticks on her antennae?


  On behalf of my wife Terianne, KG4UBD, Mitchell, KG4GQY and Stephanie, KG4QQX– I would like to say thank you for visiting, We wish you health, wealth, happiness and great DX always! 


                                       For Direct QSL information:

                                       ARS KB2SEO

                                       Drew R. McCarsky

                                       P.O. Box 463

                                       Eton, GA


                                       United States of America

                                        Please include a Self addressed envelope if possible...

Around the Shack at KB2SEO:

THE QTH– EM74PT: Murray County/Cohutta Wilderness:

ARS KB2SEO is located in North Georgia east of  Dalton, GA . We are in a small valley with surrounded by the local mountains.  The range is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Further east , Is the town of Blue ridge and the beginnings of the Appalachian trail!

Left: IC-718 with Vibroplex Square Racer Iambic Paddles which work the Electronic Keyer in the IC-718, Microphone is a Astatic 575 MB6 Handheld Amplified Microphone