Op:  Drew R. McCarsky

    [email protected]

ARS KB2SEO is capable of providing emergency communications throughout the world, regardless of Phones, commercial power, or Cellular service. As proven many times over the years, when all else fails...Ham Radio gets the message through!


I am a member of the American Radio Relay League and am a certified Volunteer examiner with the ARRL VEC Program. I am active with  SKYWARN


For Fun, I enjoy Morse Code, Talking to other Hams with Digital modes like PSK-31.  I can be heard on the “Phone band” checking in to the various “Nets” on 20 and 40 meters. Another one of my favorite activities in this amazing hobby is to get other people interested in becoming a Amateur I have “Elmered” close to 45 people over the years, From as young as 6 years old to one person in his 80’s!


 Whatever your reason, Be it the technical, the Computer, to help assist with Emergency Communications or for fun like Contesting , building a kit or “Rag Chewing– Amateur Radio offers any age, and gender a place to be!  Drop me a email, I would be happy to help!


The Station desk at ARS KB2SEO:

 Hi! I am Drew R. McCarsky, KB2SEO I have been on the air since 1994, and active in several radio hobbies back to my early years in middle school. I was often seen trying  antenna ideas between my yard and my grandmother’s home next door.

  I moved through the ranks of Amateur Radio rather quickly, earning my Extra class shortly after moving to Georgia. I took the 20 word per minute code test by listening to a recorded audio tape on a picnic bench at a club barbeque. I did not think I was going to pull it off, but sure enough, after the tape stopped, and I was able to review the written letters, there was all the information for the test!

  Over the years, I have been active in Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Serving as the Emergency Coordinator for Murray County, GA and as the Net Operator for Murray County Skywarn, relaying vital weather conditions to Peachtree City NWS station WX4PTC. Currently you  are welcomed to visit 28.390 Wednesdays at 8 pm ET. I was a Control Operator and Organizer of several large scale field operations, The Point Pleasant 75th Anniversary Special Event Station under the call of my Elmer and late friend Mr. William (“The Wizard) Sullivan WA2TSM. I also ran the Twin Lights lighthouse Special Even sponsored by Ocean-Monmouth ARC and the Camp Evans Special Event. My Friend  Scotty Sullivan originally KB2TXE is now the owner of Bill’s call WA2TSM after Bill’s passing and is very active rag chewing on 40 and 10 meters out in West Virginia. It was Bill’s dream to see Scott and I get our tickets and help futher the hobby as best we could. A lot has come and gone since our first steps into Ham Radio together that night in Sayerville, NJ!

These days, I split my time between CW and Digital modes, But I still love to rag chew on 10 meters and  17 using  SSB. I can be found a lot of evenings on or around 7.015-7.25 then I jump up to about 7.120 for the “Slow coders” If you see the KB2SEO mobile, my 2001 Jeep, Check on 146.805, 147.135 or 28320.

The Beacon, KB2SEO/B is a 24x7 automatic propagation beacon transmitting 10 watts PEP CW. The Radio is a 10 meter Monoband made by Emperor ,Model TS 5010 and the antenna is a A-99 up 1 wavelength. Listen for it on SSB or CW mode on 28.238





Current Equipment:

· ICOM718 for SSB

· ICOM 725 Digital/CW

· ADI 147 2 meters

· Emperor 10m for Beacon signal (28.238)

· Kenwood F6A for local repeaters/ Skywarn

· Vibroplex square racer Iambic Key

· US Navy “Flameproof” Straight Key







· 264 ft. Doublet fed with 400 Ohm twin lead

· 40/15  & 10 meter long wire antennas

· Solarcon  A-99 For

through 10-15 meters

· ARX-2B Ground plane

· MFJ –949E Tuner

· MFJ-969 tuner

· 600 Mhz PC w/xbuntu


Drew R.  McCarsky

167 Crandall-Ellijay road

Chatsworth, GA 30705

Murray County, United States of America

The KB2SEO Beacon transmitter:

Emperor TS-5010 Transmitting at 10 watts continuous. CLICK HERE to hear “on-air” transmission of the beacon message






Message repeats every 5 seconds 24x7x365 for propagation checks on 10 meters, 28.238-if you hear the beacon then you should be able to talk to operators in the region of the beacon location