What Is New

Version 0.1.0 04/14/2012
Made it possible to save a radiogram with a new message number.
RadioGram uses the message number as the file name that is saved
to your disk drive.
Lets say that you have a message that has the same body but needs to
be addressed to two or more people. You can now open a saved message
then change the message number and the to address then save
the message. Before you would have to type in multiple messages each
time typing in the same message body.

Version 0.0.9 04/07/2012
Removed the drop down box from the
handling instructions and replaced it with a text box.
The drop down box did not allow the user to enter
the handling instructions that have extra information.

Since ARRL Radio Grams are all upper case I have
made it so that no matter what position the users
caps lock is in all the fields of the radio gram are
upper case characters.

Version 0.0.8 02/26/2012
Thank you to Gerry N2GJ for testing out 0.0.8
Gerry pointed out to me that the / character
has three different ways of being displayed in the
message body portion of a radio gram.
304/BA as a character separator of a word group
http colon slash slash www dot somewebsite dot com
As in the above URL. Slash spelled out instead of /
/ as a word group all by itself.
I missed this in the ARRL radio gram documention.
RadioGram now is compliant with the ARRL documentation.

Made more fixes with the check. Noticed that RadioGram
under certain circumstances could add extra spaces to
the message body portion of a radio gram. These extra
spaces would cause the check to be wrong.
This is now fixed.
Please read version 0.0.7 what is new
to learn about the new setup program.

Version 0.0.7 02/20/2012
Thank you to Bob K2TV for testing out version 0.0.7
Fixed a bug in the check calculating routine.
If the user ended each line in their RadioGram with
the enter key under certain circumstances RadioGram
would not compute the check correctly. This is now fixed.
I do not understand why no one informed me of this problem.

RadioGram now uses a new Setup program.
This change was made to make RadioGram complaint with
Microsoft's rules for software installation.
The new Setup program creates the new RadioGram folder
on the users Desktop.
This change will mean a little work for the current users of RadioGram.
They will first have to uninstall RadioGram Version 0.0.6
Then Install RadioGram Version 0.0.7
Then copy the formsgin and formsgout folders from the C:\RadioGram folder
to the new RadioGram folder on the users Desktop.
Then delete the C:\RadioGram folder.
Sorry for any inconvenience this change may cause.

Version 0.0.6 01/23/2011
Change to the start up of the program,
The same two questions are asked but now RadioGram remembers
the user answers to the Call Sign question and the Place Of Origin
question. So the next time RadioGram is started up the user is not
asked these two questions,
Added a new menu item named Update.
The update menu item is used to change the Call Sign and the
Place of origin.

Remove the seconds part of the time field, The Time Field now
only contains the Hour and Minuets.

Version 0.0.5 12/05/2010
Changed the user interface.
Made changes to the structure and format of the .nts files.
This means that version 0.0.5 cannot read earlier versions of
.nts files.
If a user opens a earlier .nts file RadioGram version 0.0.5
will crash.

Anyone who upgrades to version 0.0.5 should cut and paste their
.nts files that were made with an earlier version of RadioGram
to another directory.

The new file format and user interface was done because of a user
The above change was made so that the .TXT file format could change.
Now the .txt file is a complete Radiogram packet radio message.
which now includes the ST [email protected]
The second line in the .txt file is also new. It is the bbs title line
It contains the City and the area code and the exchange of the
Telephone number.

Version 0.0.4 12/05/2010
There never was a version 0.0.4 released.

Version 0.0.3 11/26/2010
Added a new feature to RadioGram.
RadioGram now saves it files in two formats.
One is the .nts format which is used by RadioGram.
The other is .txt which is the radiogram in the standard
packet radio format.
When you click on the save menu item RadioGram saves
in these two formats. You can then go to the
or the
folders and then using your favorite packet software send
the .txt file via the packet radio BBS system.

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