Version 1.00

A Windows 32bit based program that allows the user to search APRSdos History and
WinAPRS Log files for one or more Call Signs.
Also the user can search one History file or multiple History files for 1 or More
Call Signs. When a match is found the matching record is placed in a New
History file that the user named. Or the matching records can be appended
to the end of an existing History File.

What this means is users can now take their APRSdos History Files or WinAPRS
Log Files and catenate them into one or more History Files or Log Files
Based on matching one or up to 20 Call Signs.

Note HIST might work on other "flavors" of APRS software.
Not just APRSdos or WinAPRS.
If the other APRS software has the same format for their Log or History files
as APRSdos and WinAPRS does then HIST will work with that software's Log files.

Why would an APRS user want to do this?
The reason is this way you can create a History or Log file that will
play back in APRSdos or WinAPRS with just the Call Signs of the stations
you are interested in Viewing.

HIST is contained in HIST.EXE which is a self extracting EXE file.
Make a "JUNK" sub directory on your hard drive and down load
HIST.EXE to that "JUNK" sub directory.
Double click on the HIST.EXE Icon and HIST will self extract into the
Sub directory it is in. Which in this case would be the Junk sub directory.
Once you have done the above. Find the install.html icon and double click on it.
This start your browser and then you will be able to read the installation
instructions. Also the install.html file contains the "How to use HIST instructions."

The author is not responsible for any and all problems that might arise from
the proper or otherwise use of HIST.EXE.

Enjoy de John,KB2SCS

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