Version 0.0.9

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Very important. Please read the What is new for this release.

What is GateWayScs
GateWayScs is a system that allows the user to send and receive Internet Emails via Packet Radio.
The GatewayScs system consists of the following hardware and software.
There are two packet stations. One I call EcomScs( Which is available on this web site)
The other is GateWayScs.

GateWayScs consists of a plain vanilla AX25 Packet station. With one addition a connection to the Internet.
EcomScs consists of a plain vanilla AX25 Packet station. A TNC and a Transceiver.
GateWayScs is "freeware". There is no charge to use GateWayScs.

System Requirements to Run GatewayScs
GateWayScs is designed to run with Windows XP or Windows Vista
Your system also needs the Netframe work 2.0
You can tell if your system has Netframe work 2.0 installed by going to
control panel add remove programs. In the list that is displayed you should
see NET 2.0
If you do not then you can down load and install net 2.0 by going to

One of the nice things about using the NET 2.0 is the fact that installing GateWayScs
does not make any changes to your system. To uninstall GateWayScs all that is
needed is to delete the C:\GateWayScs directory.

Why was GateWayScs created?
GatWayScs was created to fill the perceived need of sending internet Emails during an emergency.
Yes the internet is down inside the disaster area. But outside of this area the internet is
doing just fine. All that is needed is a GateWayScs station be set up outside where the
the internet is working. Naturaly also an EcomScs station would be needed inside the disaster
area. If EcomScs and GateWayScs can reach each other via RF then this system will work very well.

GateWayScs can also work without an Internet connection.
The idea is that in the beginning of a disaster it is possible that all the
BBS will be down inside the disaster area.
Yes the dedicated BBS Sysop's will have the BBS system up and running in short order.
But until then with out the BBS running inside the disaster area EcomScs would have no way to send
and receive “local E-Mails”.
All you would need to do is set up a GateWayScs station inside the disaster area on a high spot
with the Internet switch unchecked. In this non Internet mode GateWayScs functions as a
Packet mail box. Any message that GateWayScs receives is stored on its hard drive until the
station that the message is for connects to the GateWayScs station.
Note this non Internet mode of GateWayScs does not do any mail forwarding.
GateWayScs is not designed to replace the BBS's. That is why it does not do any mail forwarding.

Is GateWayScs Legal?
The sending of Internet Emails via Amateur Packet Radio is no contest.
The Receiving of Internet Emails is a little "sticky".
GateWayScs would send an Email to EcomScs. It may have orginated from a non HAM.
This in itself sounds illegal. But it is not since the way I have programed EcomScs and GateWayScs.
GateWayScs is set up to act just like a Packet BBS does. All Packet traffic is initiated by the Ham
operator at the EcomScs station. When the Ham operator at the EcomScs station wants to read his Email
that is waiting for him at the GateWayScs station he connects to the GateWayScs station.
Connecting to GateWayScs causes GateWayScs to check to see if the connected station has any un-read E-Mails
If GateWayScs finds any un-read E-Mails for the connected station GateWayScs sends those E-Mails
to the connected station. The Ham operator is causing (initiating) all the packet RF traffic
and a non Ham is never causing a Radio to key then I feel that this system is legal.

Now if you feel that I am wrong and in fact GateWayScs is against the FCC rules then simply
do not download GateWayScs.

How do I Download/Install GateWayScs?
Right click on the "Down Load GatewayScs" Hyper link below.

Select Save Target As.
Create an empty Junk directory and save gatewayscs.msi to this
empty junk directory.
Double left click on the gatewayscs.msi program. Follow the instructions that
the installer displayes

Enjoy 73 de John,KB2SCS

Down Load GatewayScs Right Click then select Save Target As

GatewayScs user manual Right Click then select Save Target As