Version 0.3.2

A 32 and 64 Bit XP,Vista and Windows 7 Packet Radio E-Mail Client Program.
Designed for Emergency Communications.
EcomScs can also be used as a day to day Packet Radio E-Mail Client Program.

Please join the EcomScs Google user group by pointing your browser at.
EcomScs User Group

what is new

EcomScs is a fully complete RF based E-Mail client. It works and feels exactly
like your Internet E-Mail client.
EcomScs uses All Full Service BBS to transport your E-Mails.

Short list of EcomScs features.
The Ability to Send and Receive its E-Mails using any full service BBS
The ability to send and receive Attachments
A fully intergrated Address Book
Receive and Send E-Mails with one button click
Reply and Forward of E-Mails
Macro List of user supplied commands
The ability for the users to design and make their own forms.
The ability to reduce the file size of JPG,GIF,TIF,BMP files from inside the EcomScs Program
Can also be used as a Packet Radio Terminal Program

I have released GateWayScs. GateWayScs is an Internet Gateway program that will
send and receive E-Mails from the Internet Via RF.
Please see the GateWayScs link on the Home page of this web site.

EcomScs also has formatted messages. These messages are very close to
the ARRL NTS format. They are not exactly the same. The one difference's is the
fact that the ARRL message format does not allow punctuation.
For example the period character in an ARRL message would be changed to either
a R or X or Dot. Since EcomScs is designed to use Packet Radio it does not make
much sense to not allow punctuation. So the punctuation in EcomScs formated
messages do not count in the check field.

EcomSCS needs Microsoft Netframe work 2.0 or higher to work.
Most XP systems came with Microsoft Netframe work installed. Vista comes with
Microsoft Netframe work 3.0 installed.


  1. Right Click on the Down Load EcomScs link below.
  2. Click on the Save Target As context Menu Item
  3. Save ecomscs.msi to an Empty Junk Directory on your PC
  4. Open the Junk Directory where you saved ecomscs.msi
  5. Double left click on the ecomscs.msi file.
  6. Follow the instructions that the Installer displayes.

Please use the default install directory C:\Ecomscs.
Do not install EcomScs to the Programs Files directory. EcomScs will fail
if you install to the Programs Files directory.

First install of EcomScs.

  1. Start EcomScs. FIll in the setup form.
  2. Close EcomScs. A new BBS directory has been created.
  3. Down Load the BBS ASCII text command files found on this Web page.
  4. Copy these BBS command files to the C:\EcomScs\bbs directory.
  5. Start EcomScs.
  6. Click on the BBS Setup Menu Item.
  7. Click on the Help button that is on the Define Edit BBS Form

Final notes on installing EcomScs
You must be logged onto your PC using an Administrator account.
to install EcomScs. If your PC only has one account then that account is the
Administrator account.

Very Important Information!!!
Before you run EcomScs for the first time you have to know the following
You have to have a Home BBS.
You have to know the command to connect to your Home BBS
You have to know what your Packet Radio Hierarchical Address is
Example of a connect command: C WA2PNU-4 VIA WA2PNU-2
Example of a Hierarchical address would be: [email protected]#nli.ny.usa.noam
The reason why you have to have the above information before starting EcomScs
is because as a new user the Setup Form is the first form you will see.
Since the above information is vital for the program to run the setup form
will not allow you to continue to run the program without the information.
If you find that you do not have all the information for the Setup form
you can click on the Cancel button on the setup form. The main EcomScs form will now
display. Again until you finish filling in the setup form EcomScs will not allow
you to do much more than view the main form.

If you have any questions please feel free to E-Mail me.

Enjoy 73 de John,KB2SCS

Down Load EcomScs Right Click then Select Save Target As Right Click then Select Save Target As Right Click then Select Save Target As Right Click then Select Save Target As

EcomScs user manual Right Click then Select Save Target As