Version 3.00

Findu is the result of the dedicated work of Steve Dimse K4HG.
Thank You Steve for providing such a valued resource to the Amateur Radio Community.

What is Cgifindu
It is software that I have written that is designed to formulate Findu CGI.

Cgifindu is freeware. Like all my other software it is free to use.
Cgifindu is a Windows 32 bit program. You need Windows 95 or higher to run it.
CgiFindu was tested on Win95 and Win98.
You also need an Internet connection. Either full time or dial up is fine.
Note Cgifindu Uses the Internet Explorer Engine.
No you do not have to have Internet Explorer as your default Browser.
What this does mean is that you have to have not uninstalled IE from your
system. Cgifindu has been tested with Internet Explorer versions 3,5,6.
Cgifindu does not work with Internet Explorer version 3. But it does work with
version 5 and 6. I do not know if it works with version 4.

Why Was Cgifindu Created?
Cgifindu was created to fill the precived need of making the Findu system easier to use.
No longer will the user have to formulate the Findu CGI. All the user will have to do now
is fill in the easy to use dialog box. Once the information is filled in Cgifindu will
display the Findu results on its included Browser window.

Whats New?
Version 2.00 has the following new features.
More CGI have been added.
Now there are two windows. The first window is the Dialog box where the information
is entered. The second window is the built in browser window. It is fully sizeable.

Version 3.00 is now avaiable as a Full version and an Upgrade version.
If you are already a user of CgiFindu then please down load cgifinduupgrade.exe
Else down load cgifindufull.exe
Version 3.00:
The find call sign radar image was broken. It is now fixed. John K9IJ thank you
for pointing this out to me.

How to DownLoad:
Left Click on the Cgifindu Full or the Cgifindu Upgrade Hyper link below. This should cause
your browser to start the DownLoad
Note Save cgifindufull.exe or cgifinduugrade.exe to an empty "Junk" Sub Directory.
This is so that when you follow the installation notes below you can easily delete the
no longer needed setup files after Cgifindu has been installed.

INSTALLATION NOTES for cgifindufull.exe
1) Double Click on the cgifindufull.exe Icon. This will cause
      cgifindufull.exe to self extract.
2) Double click on the SETUP.EXE Icon. Follow the setup program directions.
      That is all there is to it.

INSTALLATION NOTES for cgifinduupgrade.exe
1) Double Click on the cgifinduupgrade.exe Icon. This will cause
      cgifinduupgrade.exe to self extract.
2) Copy the cgifindu.exe and the cgifindu.html files to the directory where you
      installed cgifindu.
      That is all there is to it.

Cgifindu Full

Cgifindu Upgrade

Enjoy 73 de John,KB2SCS