Version 2.2

What is Australian Weather Radar?
It is software that I have written that is designed to automatically download
Radar images from the Australian Weather Service.

AWXRADAR is freeware. Like all my other software it is free to use.
AWXRADAR is a Windows 32 bit program. You need Windows 95 or higher to run it.
AWXRADAR was tested on Win95 and Win98.
You also need a Internet connection. Either full time or dial up is fine.
Note at this time AWXRADAR does not have proxy support. If you use a proxy to
connect to the internet then AWXRADAR will most likly not work. Unless the
proxy server you use is like WinProxy which is a transparent proxy.

Why Was AWXRADAR Created?
Weather radar images can be overlayed on top of APRS maps. The overlaying of radar images
can make the real time tracking of storms easy. Skywarn would benefit from such a system.
I would like to thank Richard VK3JFK for asking me to create AWXRADAR. And for his tireless
efforts during the beta testing of AWXRADAR.

Thank you Ron vk4fc for making the job of adding the 512km radar sites a real
easy job for me

How to DownLoad:
Left Click on the AWXRADAR.ZIP Hyper link below. This should cause
your browser to start the DownLoad
Note down load awxradar to a empty junk directory. This is so that after you
have followed the installation notes below you can delete the no longer needed
setup files.

1) Use PKZIP or Winzip to extract the file
2) Double click on the SETUP.EXE Icon. Follow the setup program directions.
      That is all there is to it.

1) Use PKZIP or Winzip to extract the file
2) Copy the new awxradar.exe file to the directory where you installed AWXRadar
      That is all there is to it.

Enjoy 73 de John,KB2SCS