“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

“The Barnstormers News”                                                                  Volume 9 No.1, January 8, 2004


Annual Christmas Party January 10, 2004 @ 6:30 PM


Well, it’s time again for our Christmas Party and we are getting in early this year. With the VHF contest and CQWW CW 160 Contest scheduled for January 24-25 we had to plan for an early date. I did miss that the NAQP is this weekend end but it was too late to change the date.


So far on the menu is Kim’s “Mad Cow Chili”, KB1H “ Wrecktum Firing Buffalo Wings”, Miss Piggy’s (K1JCL XYL) cookies, and a batch of Sweet and Sour Keibasa. Paul, KE1LI, has brewed up a batch of Chocolate Porter Beer. I suspect if you usually drink Bud Light you better bring some. Bring a dish or desert to share. Plan on sleeping over if you party too hard. I will start the fire early as they are predicting below zero temperatures Saturday morning.


Who will win the prestigious “K1GX Award” for 2003?  Come and see!



Recent Wind Damage


We didn’t go unscathed in the recent winds. We lost the whole installation on the tripod. The rotor, tribander, and 6M beam were all on the ground. The cause? It looks like the mounting bolts for the rotor fell out. This is the second time this type of failure has hurt us. If it gets warm enough we will have to go up and Locktite any rotor mounting bolts that are no so. I think only the 20M rotor is already done. We also lost a reflector tip on the lower fixed on Europe 15M beam. Should be easy to fix.




160 Meters….


If you have not heard, we think we found the problem regarding our 160 Meter poor performance. We always knew there was a noise and the beverage even was noisy. The one thing we were afraid to do during contests was shutdown the node computer. One night while Chris was listening on 160 I shut it down and shazam! The band came alive. Europeans booming in. Working them with 200 watts. Deep into Russia. Chris worked the 5X easily. If these were the conditions during CQWW CW I projected we would have had a minimum of 300,000 more points. Putting us ahead of K1RX and close to K1TTT.  We changed the power supply and all seems right. This will be an exciting band in the upcoming contests.



ARRL CW Feb. 21-22


It’s not too early to be thinking about the next major contest. I plan on the same approach of an Operator’s Schedule. Be prepared to discuss during the party any changes we want to do to the schedule. There has been a few brought up like shorter operator periods.




Just when I thought we were caught up with QSLing Chris brought another 1500! More typing and sticking labels to follow.



40 Meter Tower Project and Progress


Kim has started to go up with the mast pipe. The prop pitch enclosure is anchored, the bearing on top to it, the first bearing up about 13 feet, and the first section of mast pipe.  It will go fast now and I will be the bad guy as I have not made any progress on the boom for the “Dallas”. Kim will need climbers to help with the next bearings mounting.


See you all in about 48 Hours!!!


73, Dick