“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

“The Barnstormers News”                                                           Volume 8 No.8, December 3, 2003

How good did we do in CQWW CW?




Though we haven’t finished investigating the “probable” wrong zone entries, here is what our totals look like with maybe a few adjustments before we submit the logs:


      160           100           95           0.95               8              19
       80            713       1940           2.72             22              87
       40          1153       3301           2.86             33            117
       20          1397       4014           2.87             38            135
       15          1685       4853           2.88             35            127
       10          1233       3581           2.90             35            122
     Totals      6281      17784         2.83           171           607  =>  13,835,952
Operator List: NB1U, AA1CE, K1EBY, KB1H, K1IN, N4XR, K1GX, KM1X, N1XS


Can you believe these numbers???!!! If you were here you would have seen why. I pushed everyone, everyone pushed everyone else, our schedule of operators worked great, and we had very few equipment problems. The bands (except for 160) were great.


But it is not just the operators above that helped make this score. There were plenty of others that helped week after week to get ready. KB1DFB, KE1LI, N1ROZ just to mention a few. This was a “Team” effort guys. Almost like the Army, for everyone on the front there are support troops behind. Whether it’s fixing antennas, rotors, or even picking up food during the contest all this happens outside the earphones.

I would have never thought we would cross the 6000 QSO barrier. Maybe not even the 5000 QSO line but we did it!


Highlights and Lowlights


160 Meters still proves to be disappointing. What can we do?


Over 700 QSOs on 80 Meters!


Over 1100 QSOs on 40 Meters with only the 4 Square!


A full 48 Hours with the chairs filled! The Operator Schedule worked well and will be tweak some more before the next contest. Ideas?


13,835,952 Points Final Score! Unbelievable! Another new record for us.


South 15 Meter antenna not working. Bummer!


Backup Tri-bander not working. Double bummer!


Lots of laughs. I mean a lot of fun.


Frank’s dog licking everyone’s face who was sleeping. He is a great dog though.


Roosters crowing at 3AM


Fun waking the daytime crew at 4:30AM local time.


Sharing K1AM’s “Happy Pills” (not really)


Believe me it was a blast!


All four stations being equipped with FT-1000MPs. It looked real sharp!



Annual Barnstormer Christmas Party


It’s that time again and this year things have worked out so the party will be January 10th. Might be early enough that K1JCL won’t complain or look for Valentine cookies.


Starting around 6:30 it will go until everyone decides to quit. Feel free to sleep over. Unfortunately there is no contest that weekend. Bring a dish to share. Bring your drink of choice. I will try to have the keg not run out during the party but it is in the house so maybe the walk back and forth will be too much considering the beer drinkers we got!


Remember – January 10th



January VHF Contest


Kim is planning on a SERIOUS effort in this contest. He will be looking for help getting ready and operating. RSVP Kim at [email protected]





I dropped off this year QSLs to the outgoing bureau. Only 5 pounds! I still have about 350 on my laptop I have to print out.


I may not get out another Storm Watch before Christmas so if not, please have a great Holiday Season. I hope we all get something radio under the tree.


73 – Dick