“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

“The Barnstormers News”                                                       Volume 8 No.2, March 12,2003


Major Contest Season Finished, Now for the Repairs and Changes


With the ARRL contests behind us, the four majors are over. The Barnstormers did our best to make it five in a row for the YCCC. I am sure the club appreciates our efforts. To recap, here are the summaries for CW and SSB:



Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:      21        17
   80:     324        71
   40:     650        94                 Operators:      KB1H, AA1CE, N1XS
   20:   1330      118                                         NB1U, K1EBY, N4XR
   15:   1266      108
   10:     862      106
Total: 4453      514  Total Score = 6,827,976


          ARRL SSB:

           Band QSOs  Mults


                        160        14        13

             80       193        67

             40       239        78                  Operators:      KB1H, KB1DFB, N1XS

             20     1164      126                                          AA1CE, K1EBY, W1TJL

             15     1108      117                                          WB2VVV, N1NK, N2PGD

             10       479      104


Totals   3197     505  Total Score = 4,778,310


Both efforts were M/M with the SSB weekend understaffed. Still good efforts and I thank all for the help both in operating and preparing for our efforts.

Now for the Changes…..


As discussed and agreed during our annual Christmas party, we will be expanding the station to have four permanent operating positions. Well, the weekend following the SSB contest, Kim and Chris started the destruction/reconstruction. Station #2 and #3 Desks have already been moved including electrical work.  We will be moving some shelves and constructing the desk for Station #4 soon.  The picture below was taken in the midst of this past weekend’s work.




KB1DFB trying not to electrocute himself.


It was amazing how fast the initial work was done and Station #2 was being reassembled. K1JCL will be CAD welding our new grounding buss bar this weekend and the new Station #4 will be started. The old Station #4 will be dedicated to VHF/UHF. Speaking of those toy bands, Terry, KB1FMM, helped us out and finished the 6M conversion of the SB-220. With about 40 watts in we are getting about 1KW out on Six! We will now rule this band as well. Come on summer openings!



The picture below shows the old 2M amp moved and the desks reinstalled.



Looks Great!!


Probably one of the biggest chores we will have to do before CQWW is to find operators to fill the new seat. During ARRL SSB it was nice to meet and have Mark,  N2PGD, help us out. Mark usually operates with N1RR but due to station repairs at N1RR he needed a place to operate. Welcome Mark!



The Dreaded Repair List:




The “To Do” List:


q       Finish the “Dallas”

q       Install the new prop pitch on the 40M tower

q       Install the “Dallas” and new 6M antenna on the windmill

q       Move the 144, 220, 432 antennas to the 15M tower with new feedlines

q       At least one new beverage running E-W

q       Finish Station #4

q       Re-do the antenna/station switching to accommodate the new Station

q       Rebuild the VHF/UHF station

q       Finish our “entertainment” center


As always, our lists are long with much to do. I am encouraged though to see us working already on the rebuilding in the shack. Not like us to start so early!


CQWW WPX SSB – March 29-30


We are planning to operate as a M/S entry in the WPX contest. Last year KB1DFB, N1XS, NB1U, and KB1H made a fairly decent effort and I think we came in second! We might try a little harder this year. Drop me an email if you want to help.


Don’t forget the YCCC Meeting April 6th.  Elections will be held .




Frank’s Filter Fund

This fund is up to more than $30 and still growing.  We are thinking about holding Bingo on Saturdays to help the fund!




Again I want to thank everyone for all the help throughout the year and I hope we still enjoy what we are doing. Remember, it’s a hobby!


73 – Dick KB1H