“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

  "The Barnstormer News"                                                                           Volume 7 No.2, February 22, 2002


Post-ARRL DX CW Issue


Well, I hope everyone has recovered from the CW contest last weekend. Slightly undermanned, we operated 47.7 hours of the possible 48. Our score was slightly below last year’s but we did what we could. Still a bunch behind the top Multi/2 operations but also ahead of a few. I guess our running rates just are that much slower than the top guns.


For the record, our submitted totals were:

          Band           QSOs                   Multipliers

          160             59                        33

           80              426                       77

           40              481                       85

           20              1137                     106

           15              1046                     112

           10              1157                     109


4306                                                    522 ==è 6,738,498


This is a little behind last years QSOs and points but a little ahead on countries.


The only equipment failure was the 40 Meter 3-element beam balun starting arching over and we were limited to only the fixed south beam Saturday night.


I felt sorry for Chris, N1XS. No one loves contesting more than this boy and he was too sick with a cold to put allot of hours in. He did what he could. Dave, AA1CE, had an avalanche of school work thrown on him late last week and could only help out on Saturday for a time. Jim, N1NK, gave the rest of us much needed breaks and Mark and Frank just about killed themselves. Frank was heading home at 5PM on Sunday when I found 80 Meters runable so he sat back down until the end.

  Mark, NB1U, running like crazy…


 Paul, KE1LI, sampling his contribution to the effort. This beer was like taking a shot of scotch! It should be banned in Boston.


Jim, N1NK, came for the first time to our group. Jim has operated at a number of stations and even dropped the call W6AM in who to some of us is pretty well known. I think Jim enjoyed the East Coast propagation though and will quickly forget the “Left” coast as long as he can put up with the weather here.


 Can you learn CT in 5 minutes??


I will be traveling next week but plan on getting a Pre-SSB issue out. To help me with my planning can anyone planning on coming to operate next weekend please drop me a note. N1BU, W1TJL, W3TB… How about it?


YCCC Regional Meeting @ KB1H this Saturday, February 23rd at 10 AM.


We know that some of us still need one more meeting to be eligible for ARRL. This Saturday will be one of the last chances to get a local meeting in before the March 31st deadline. If you need a meeting please come. You can check with Charlotte as to your status. We will have coffee and doughnuts and the meeting should last only a few hours.



Dick – KB1H