“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

 “The Barnstormers News”                                                                         Volume 6 No.3 February 28, 2001


ARRL DX CW Initial Results…


It seems like last week we just did the CW weekend of this classic! We have had a problem merging all the logs but a preliminary pass through the logs shows the following totals:


            QSOs – 4392              Multipliers – 519                    Points – 6,814,989


Conditions were exceptional! Many new records were set. Our own score is by far the best we have done. My initial thoughts are that we increased our score by more than the conditions enhanced. Increasing QSOs 30%, 15% more multipliers, and final score increase by almost 40%!!!


What did we do? We RAN. We will look closer at the logs but I feel we will find that many multipliers called in while we were running. More analysis later. One interesting note. A healthy K1EBY outran the operator at KC1XX for quite a few hours on Saturday. Mark also had some outstanding hours. Next year Frank gets no shrimp to eat. We believe it was this that led to his illness and our handicap of Sunday.


            ARRL DX SSB This Weekend…

I hope we have all rested up for the next marathon. This weekend is the SSB version. As usual we will be in the Multi/2 Class. It looks like for operators we will have KB1H, NB1U, N1BU, N1XS, AA1CE, KB1DFB, K1EBY, and W1TJL. Part time Ops will be KE1LI and maybe NT1N. Dave Patton, NT1N, is without an argument one of the premier operators around. He has promised to come over for a 4 hour stint and hopefully give us pointers on getting that rate up.


I am picking up Paul amp on Thursday night. We have the Alpha and N1BU’s L4B. As most of you know we lost Mark’s amp on Sunday afternoon and the TL-922 arrived DOA at the start of the contest.


Bring your drink of choice, snacks, and we will work out the meals.

We also lost half of the reflector element on the 40 meter beam. Kim has repaired the broken pieces and if the weather cooperates will we fix this antenna on Saturday.


We have worked on a plan of attack which of course is subject to change depending on band conditions. Ten meters has been not so good the last few days.


Again our strategy will be to run. Let’s keep those rates up.


If there is any other points or questions please get back to me ASAP so we can take care of them.


73 Dick