“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

    "The Barnstormers News"                                                                      Volume 6 No.10, December 31, 2001


6th Annual Barnstormers Christmas Party – January 26th @ 6PM


Yes, it’s that time again! I think I’ve got the number right this time and it will be our 6th Annual Party. January 26th is a Saturday night and we will start at 6PM and go to???


If you wish, bring a dish or dessert. Don’t forget your beverage. I’ll supply the hot wings.


Who will get the “K1GX Award” this year?


As usual this is the CQWW 160 CW contest weekend so we will be playing in that as well. Please check what callsign we will be using before operating!


Lot’s of Progress being made….


Well, I got my Christmas present early. Dave and Kim got the tripod and tribander on the roof. At least this year the antenna will stay out of the snow (unless we get a Buffalo snowfall!)


The Alpha is fixed. Chris and Kim pitched in and purchased the new plate choke, we all put time in troubleshooting, plus a few long telephone calls to the “Amp Doctor” K1JCL.


The Kenwood TL-922 is fixed and acts like the Alpha. Less than 100 watts of drive and full legal output power. Man do those graphite tubes play!


What a Christmas present…


Christmas Eve day both Kim and I worked Hawaii on 6 meters. We had already worked Alaska so both of us are rushing to get the rest of the states. Kim (new name – “Mr. Six Meters”) has been running stations on 6 meters and has worked plenty of West coast and European stations. With the advantage of knowing CW, I have also worked Cyprus (5B4) and Marshall Islands (V73). Kim still needs to finish the six meter amp but that is practically done.


Resource Pool


I have to thank everyone for the help keeping things running and also helping with my other responsibilities. Dave has been tutoring Mary in Algebra and Chris helped her with updating her resume.


What to look forward to…


With half the major contests gone by what can we expect for the ARRL contests? Considering that conditions were not that great in the CQWW contests and we still managed a good score, I hope we can continue to build on our operating skills and up the bar again. Poor Frank and Mark have been waiting for us to help out and we are getting there.  I think we all have posted some good rates at times and there is nice improvement all around. There will always be a need for the operators who plug along making 25-30 QSOs an hour so don’t worry if your not a speed demon. As usual I will send out pre-contest Storm Watch so stay tuned.


Hope to see as many of you as possible on January 26th, 2002


73, Dick – KB1H