“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

 “The Barnstormer’s News”                                                                         Volume 5 No.7 July 5, 2000





It’s Wednesday night and we are only a little more than 48 hours from our day in the spotlight….


Many of us have been hard at work preparing for the IARU and our representing of NU1AW, the IARU HQ station. The crew at KI1G has been busy as well. Rather than list the things still to do, let me talk a little about what I hope happens.


Most everyone will be here Friday night. That list includes AA1CE, K1EBY, KB1DFB, N1XS, NB1U, N1BU. Most of that gang will be sleeping over. Joining us Saturday morning will be W1RM. Matt, LU9AY/W1, has asked if he could join the group. I have extended an invitation and am waiting for an acknowledgement.


Thursday night and Friday we will be setting up the stations one by one. We have 5 computers ready and two more as stand-by. We hope to set up a sixth computer for analyzing the log as we go.  Hopefully we can shakedown the complete set-up Friday night except for 80M CW which will be Pete’s TS-950 and Titan amplifier. Plans are for a steak dinner Friday night so please get here early and plan on eating here.


With the noise and heat of the amplifiers, we will be pitching a few tents for sleeping or you may chose to sleep downstairs in the barn if you bring a cart.


Saturday morning we plan on a coffee/bagel/donut breakfast about 6:30 AM. We want all the stations on the air at 7 AM flexing some muscle.


The noon meal will be hot dogs and hamburgers. The evening meal Saturday will be pizza or whatever take-out you would like. We will have a nice breakfast at the close of the contest Sunday morning. Please bring your drink for the weekend.


Don’t forget we have a pool so bring a suit if it gets too hot.





There will be goals posted but basically we are trying for 10,000 QSOs between the two stations of KB1H and KI1G. The bands seeme to be improving and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a great 10 meter opening this weekend. It’s what we need to make our 10,000 QSO goal.


Remember, we are one of approximately 25 HQ multipliers so we should have people calling us. Run, run, run!!! Though it will be nice to work all the WRTC-2000 teams we can not spend time chasing them down. They are not multipliers. We are. These 106 or so best operators in the world will find us.


Of course the usual note of having fun is in order but with this contest let’s concentrate on a good score real hard. We are going to want rate so keep this in mind. Everyone can operate but not necessarily at any time. Rate matters this weekend.


I plan on taking digital and video to help launch our new Web Site that Mark, NB1U, has been preparing. Please no operating in your underwear when on-camera.


See you all this Friday or Saturday and let’s make a good showing for both the NU1AW callsign and the YCCC.


73 Dick