“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

 “The Barnstormer’s News”                                                                         Volume 5 No.4 February 28, 2000


Special Pre-ARRL DX SSB Edition


Well, ARRL DX SSB is only a few days from now and what a mess in the shack! The Alpha is lying on its side like a gutted deer. The parts have been ordered and we are hoping all will be here by Tues.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Plans for this weekend….


We will once again be in the Multi/Two class. If all the equipment gets repaired will we setup three stations as we did two weeks ago.


This past weekend Kim and with a little help form me ran 12 radials for the 160 Tower. Initially things looked better but then when we tried to adjust the resonant frequency the SWR went 10:1.  Without an MFJ or Autek we decided to wait rather than blowing up the 1000MP. We will have to look at this before Friday or Friday when Mark comes with his Autek.


As mentioned above, the Alpha is questionable. Frank’s radio also has low output (100 watts) on 15 meters. If the Alpha gets fixed, it looks like we will have the FT1000MP/Alpha and TS-850/TL-922 as the two primary stations. The IC-775/LK-500 will be Station #3.


The food arrangement will be the same as CW. We will try to plan the meals so there is minimum running around for grub. Can we plan on basically the same menu? I think I can talk Mary into chili this time to replace the stew. Any other help (sandwiches, meatballs, pizza) will help in the planning. Please send me a note if you will bring anything.


This being a SSB contest means Kim will operate so we may lose our Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. (and repairman/traveler).


I suspect the following will be here for the duration: KB1H(promising more time operating), AA1CE, N1XS, KB1DFB, K1EBY. Part-time N1LYA and Ted, W3TB. Ted, can you make it over?

ARRL DX CW Thoughts…


I still have not totally digested the score and data from CW. Undoubtedly we have to look at our 40 meter total. Almost 400 less QSOs and 20 fewer countries on this band alone. One thought is that all the trouble we had Friday getting started put us in a funk. We just didn’t get in the groove until Sat. The first 24 hours we made 1900 QSOs and the second 24 hours we made 1700. This is very unusual!!. Normally you make 2/3 the QSOs the first day. Everyone else’s scores displayed this so there had to be something screwy here. Of course the SSB weekend is not so productive on 80 and 40 due to the split operation but I hope we do at least as good as last year. Maybe we can discuss some this weekend.




I have already sent out email but if you don’t read your mail, it is official. We will be using the call NU1AW during the IARU contest this July 8th & 9th. A 24-hour contest that runs from 8AM local time Saturday until 8 AM local time Sunday. Both K1ZZ and K1KI will be at the WRTC 2000 Championship in Slovenia so K1ZZ has offered the callsign to us. Of course I accepted. We will be doing a two-site operation just as Dave and Tom has done. The other station operating with us will be KI1G. Many details to work out beforehand but I sure we will get everything settled and have lots of fun. Chris operated at K1KI last year and he said it’s flat out run run run! Remember that we will be one of the HQ multipliers. Not as good as W1AW but the next best to it.



73 Dick