“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

  “The Barnstormer’s News”                                                                       Volume 5 No.10 October 26, 2000




Well, here we go!!! Start of the 2000-2001 Contest season. Each year we get a little more ready and set our goals a little higher.  This year is no exception. We have four excellent stations set up.


            Station #1 - FT-1000MP MarkV/Alpha 77

            Station #2 – TS-850/AMP Supply LZ-550

            Station #3 -  FT-1000D/Titan

            Station #4 -  FT-1000MP/TL-922


All stations are computer controlled and we have an additional fifth computer on the network just for analyzing the logs on the run. Unfortunately we were not able to get the Ethernet working but we have the serial links up are running. Hopefully the network will not be too slow.


We were able to get the 20 meter south antenna up but the stackbox needs to be rewired. I was not able to get this done this week so we will have to attempt to get this done by CQWW CW. Also with the climbing help of Dave and Paul we repaired the 40 meter south antenna and also removed the unused shunt feed on the Rohn 45.


I have to thank everyone for the help. Everyone did something whether it was bringing your equipment over early, climbing towers, networking computers, or just picking up the mess in the barn. I have to especially thank those that made an effort to pay your dues or attend a special meeting to join the YCCC. We will have 100% YCCC membership with our crew. I am proud of that and ALL our points will be going for a threepeat in the club competition.


The crew looks like this:



Bring your drink and snacks. As usual we will work out the other food. Sleeping area might be tight so if you have a cart bring that along. We only have one couch and one cart.




Looking at last year’s score and shooting for an improvement here is my goal for QSOs/Multipliers:


                 4900 QSOs,  175 Zones,  645 Countries


I will try to analyze last year’s scores and have a sheet ready for tomorrow for each of you to read with more specific band goals. It would be great to move up the standings as we have almost every year. Our operating skills are getting better and this should be where we get on best chance for improving our score.


One last thing. If you need to be motivated I can tell you our station has become the target of more than one competitor.(Within and outside the YCCC) I think this actually is a form of acknowledging our progress. I use to set my sights on others above us. With tongue in cheek I hope, one group has even named themselves the Barnburners!! Another group has vowed to beat our score in one of the four major contests this year. Let’s widen the gap between the others and us. Afterall, the harder we all try the more points for the YCCC effort.


Get ready to Kick Some Butt and remember, Run! Run! Run!….


73 Dick