“Storm Watch”

  “The Barnstormer’s News”                                                                          Volume 5 No.1 January 18, 2000

4th Annual “Barnstormer’s” Christmas Party – January 29th


 On Saturday, January 29th, we will have our 4th Annual Christmas Party. Festivities should begin about 6PM and last until??? Of course for those who care to “parteeee” a little bit we hope you plan on sleeping over. We’re hoping for a little fun and relaxing. The CQWW CW 160 Meter Contest will be going on so we can try to make a QSOs during the evening. Please try to come. You will be missed if you don’t. Also, if you can think of a “Gag” gift for someone bring it along to put under the tree. Santa will pass them out.


Looking for a few new OPs….


We are looking for a few more operators. I would say we need to add one more OP for CW weekends and 2 more for SSB. If we can find 2 operators that can do both modes that would be fine also. If they climb I will pay a “Finder’s Fee”!!!! The only MUST is that they must be YCCC members to operate in the CQWW and ARRL DX contests. It’s easy to join now with all the regional meetings and also as easy to keep your membership current.  100% of our score must go to the YCCC contest effort. The Christmas Party maybe an opportunity to bring in a new prospect. Feel free to invite someone if you believe he/she will fit our group and contribute.



 Our UBN Progress:


The UBN results are in for the ARRL contests. Slightly less than 1% on SSB but a dismal 3.2% on CW!! We will have printouts at the party for us to examine. The SSB report is great but CW leaves us with a lot to improve upon.



Work to be done before ARRL CW Feb. 19-20:


1.     The switching for the 15M south antenna needs to be rewired. Easy job of swapping two wires but the WX has not cooperated lately.

2.     The 40M South antenna still needs to be pinned. In string winds it is still rotating to a vertical polarization.

3.     The 3 element 40M KLM has the tip if the director still missing. This is not so easy a repair and we are working on how we can make the repairs.

4.     The 160M Tower shunt feed is OK now but still is a mystery why the SWR sometimes rises.

5.     Maybe we want to resurrect the 160 Inverted-L.



Hope to see you all on the 29th. Get ready for the famous (and deadly) KB1H Buffalo Wings, KB1DFB’s gourmet surprise(venison chili last year), and a few laughs.


73 Dick