“Storm Watch”

 “The Barnstormer’s News”                                                                            Volume 4 No.3 October 17,1999

Contest Season 1999 – 2000 here!!!!



In just a few weeks we will start the new Contest season. Last year was quite a record setter for both the YCCC and “The Barnstormers”.  I can’t tell you how great it felt to see KB1H in the “Box” of “Top 5” stations in the Multi/2 class of ARRL DX CW. AND, we just missed the box again in SSB with a 6th place finish.


This past summer we have been tinkering with fixing the poor connections in coax, antenna phasing, etc. We have also made a new operating bench for Station #2 and Station #3. There were only a few antenna changes and even those I think won’t make a lot of difference.


What will make a difference is our operating. You all know by now we lost lots of points for bad QSOs. In one contest we were penalized 25% of our score! Because it is the operating that will make the biggest increase in score this year we have to look at our practices and see where we need to improve. For that reason I think it is very important that we meet next weekend to discuss a “Plan” for CQWW SSB. I ask that everyone try to be here next Sunday sometime before noon and we promise to be over by 4 P.M.. That way you still get some time at home.  Again, this meeting is mainly a get-together to discuss our operating strategy. I have to say that though this may not seem important, it is. Please try to make it here next Sunday. Our operating efficiency can increase our score this year more than any antenna.


I have already thought of a few goals we need to set:


1.      Decrease the UBN problems and make the “Honor Roll”. This means no more than about a 2% error in logging.

2.      Keep all three stations manned for 48 hours.

3.      Reduce the “In the seat time” at any one stretch to insure fresher heads on Sunday.


I imagine you can think of others we need to discuss.



Loose ends……..


I think we will find we need to finish or do a few things. As always the beverages are not up. Also we need to research the articles to see how we can share the existing beverages with multiple stations. In CQ Contest there was a series started but never finished. This was to be a series done by K3LR. I have sent him e-mail asking for where I can find the re-print in it’s entirety.


We need to re-anchor the 80M verticals. I have some great stakes that will do a great job. Wait until you see these babies!!


I need to repair the TL-922 before the CQWW. I hope to do that late this week or next. I have a set of new 3-500Zs for it.


The 40M mast needs a new bolt for the locking of the mast to the prop pitch. The bolt up there now is almost worn through and the antennas are free-wheeling about 30 degrees.



Plans for the next 11 days:


Starting Thurs. evening 21 October, I will begin the final station set-up. Radios, computers, cables, DVPs, etc. If anyone wants to come help I will be here. I hope that by Sunday I will have at least two stations and three computers working.  Friday night might be the night I have to go to K1JCL’s with the TL-922 though. Oh, I have still not confirmed that we will be getting the Alpha back so that needs to be done as well.



So, let’s get psyched up for CQWW and prove to the FRC that last year was not a fluke. Let’s also show everyone that our little group of “Unknowns” are ready to take it up a notch. Don’t forget this Sunday and please try to make it.



73, Dick