“Storm Watch”

 “The Barnstormer’s News”                                                                         Volume 3  No.6      December 9,1998

CQWW SSB & CW is History


          By now we all know how we did in the first two major contest, CQWW SSB & CW.  Let me say first that I thank everyone for really busting their butts the few weeks before SSB and the four weeks before CW. To be honest we had set a pretty impressive agenda of chores and amazingly we got most done.  Rather than list everyone and missing a call or two (like I have already done) I will just leave it at a BIG THANK YOU to all that help our ideas come to a reallity. Did everyone think we would have this much aluminum in the air? We have surpassed my goals for this year and can only hope our operating skills improve with our score. More than doubling our SSB score during the CW weekend was our reward for the hard work.  What a thrill to use the 80 Meter 4-Square or the 10 Meter array!!! We can all be sure we did what we could to help the YCCC bury FRC.


          Upcoming Contests:


                    ARRL 10 Meter Contest:


        The station will be QRV for this using the callsign N1LYA.   Everyone is welcome to stop by with Max, N1LYA, and Kim,  KB1DFB, hoping to put major operating hours in. This will be a  Multi-Single operation. We can only have one signal on the air at  anytime but we will have a spotting station to look for those       multipliers. I suspect there is plenty of operating time to be had.


                        ARRL 160 Meter:


        I did get on for a few hours and had about 150 QSOs. I thought the band was really bad.


3rd Annual “Barnstormers” Christmas Party


        No date set yet but we would like to have this in January. Maybe during the CQ 160 Meter contest like last year. I will suggest some dates in the next few weeks.  As usual, plan on bringing your favorite drink, maybe a dish, and of course will have the famous, “Burn through the aluminum pan” Buffalo wings. We have plenty  to celebrate!!


            Now the usual “To Do List”....


          The second Hy-gain 15 Meter 155CA is in and needs to be built.


            The 15M rotor cables must be connected in the junction box on the tower. This of  course is dependent on the weather now. We may have lost our best chances.


            The 10 Meter and 20 Meter antennas have to be orientated for the south stop. We can then calibrate the rotors.


            The 3rd 10 Meter beam needs to be mounted on the sidearm. An adapter plate is being made. We may point this antenna south rather than on Europe.


            The third 15 Meter sidearm needs to be mounted and then the 155CA must be mounted.


            I have to reshingle the barn roof. After which we will re-install the tri-bander on the tripod. One twist here is we may put the LTA 10M beam above the tri-bander and then get another Hy-Gain 105CA for the 10M stack.



          Eligibility for ARRL DX Contests:


          I do not have the latest list but I do know than many of us need to get our two meeting requirement done before ARRL CW. Some even have to pay 1998 dues. I will try to get this info for each of you. During CQWW we had 100% eligibility and I would like the same for ARRL. I feel this is not too much to ask and    probably the only requirement we will ever have for operating.



            I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday and may the Christmas period be just as joyous and rewarding. Anyone getting something radio from Santa this year?


          73',  Dick