Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

Volume 16 No.4. June 27,2011

Summer is here and now……

June 21st started Summer and now we really have to think about what needs to be done before the 2011-2012 Contest season.

This past weekend some of the Barnstormers operated Field day from Alexander’s Lake and Kim did a fine job putting what was a great weekend according to all that went. Using two K3s some of the crew had a chance to get some time in front of this radio for the first time.

Here is where we stand with our projects:

40M “Dallas”:

The boom to element clamps are being made. Once finished we will buy the plates to hold the elements and begin assembly.

Plan “B”

We are planning a Plan B if the Dallas is not done in time. Options are putting together a Moxon and/or rebuilding the KLM. WE CAN NOT GO ANOTHER SEASON WITHOUT A HORIZONTAL ANTENNA THAT CAN ROTATE!!!

Shack Remodeling:

We still need to remove some ceiling. I think we may have to plan on doing some of this during a weeknight. Some of the closer by Barnstormers could come and work on this. Watch for an email for a schedule.

Along this same line, we will be rewiring the coaxes and switching plus the control cables. We need to get the ceiling down ASAP so we can start the rewiring.

6M Power Supply:

This project is almost complete. Kim has asked that we finish this so I will send emails to a certain few Barnstormers asking for help.

IARU Radiosport July 9-10

Frank, K1EBY, is asking for anyone interested in operating IARU. This can be a mixed mode contest and only last 24 hours. In past years, when CW rate slows down we have QSYed to SSB and kept the rate up.

You can answer me or K1EBY if interested in helping out.

Vic, N4XR, has relocated

With mixed emotions I have to say Vic has relocated to Gettysburg, PA . He now lives close to his daughter and hopefully will be back on the air soon with his new Ten Tec Eagle transceiver.

Before leaving W1UJ and N1WK helped take down the tower and antennas. Also Vic donated his Ten Tec Titan to the barn. The tower and antenna are in storage and plans are now to put the antenna (KT-34) up on the new 155’ tower mostly for domestic contesting.

We are planning on going down to help install a vertical at his new QTH.

Thanks Vic and good luck!!

73 for now and watch for emails to organize the work to be done. – Dick