Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

Volume 16 No.3. May 24,2011

Phew! Dayton 2011…….

Well, The Barnstormer Crew has just returned from Dayton. We are working on finishing our daily log which we arrived at Dayton and kind of ignored as we got involved in all the happenings. I hope to have that available in a week or two.

Needless to say we had a blast!! We met many familiar callsigns and were also recognized by many. Jay and Allan met plenty of their NS Sprint buddies and KB1H had eyeball QSOs with many old acquaintances.

Meeting up with Eugeni, EA3QP, and Marcel, EA3IN early was nice. Eugeni received an official Barnstormer cap and really appreciated the head cover on a sunny Friday walking the flea market.

The flea market appeared to be bigger than the last trip we made.

N1WK, NR1X, NB1U, and W1UJ all bought Wouxun HTs and had them all programmed for constant contact during the last half of the Hamfest which included communication between front and back seats of the van. Also purchased was a Green Heron rotor by N1WK, a used rotor by NR1X, and a new TS-590 by NB1U.

We had our traditional Barnstormer Dinner at Outback Friday night.

I am sure more details will come out in the daily log when ready. I know I didn’t get much sleep!

Our next trip to the radio Mecca will be in 2013!

The Barnstormer Team – Dayton 2011


Shack Renovation Project:

We still have about a half day of work left to remove the ceiling. I will send out an email for the next scheduled day but I hope it is soon.

After removing the ceiling we have to rewire all control wires and reroute some feedlines.

Mikey Mavor Memorial Service and Picnic

Mikey’s family is having a short memorial service and a big party to celebrate Mikey’s life to be held on June 4th. Everyone who knew Mikey is invited. At that time Mikey’s ashes will be spread over the farm he dearly loved. The event is scheduled to begin at 2 PM.

Vic, N4XR, moving to PA

Vic will be moving shortly after June 10th (maybe that day) to a condo close to his daughter in Gettysburg, PA.

We will be helping him take down his antennas and tower.

Vic is also donating his Titan Amplifier to our Barnstormer efforts in the barn.

Frank Donavan, W3LPL, lives about 1 hour from where Vic will be moving to so Vic will have ham friends close by.

Vic bought a new Ten Tec Eagle for his condo hamming.

Good luck Vic and thank you for everything. Can we mail order cheesecake from you?

More Dayton Pictures…

Here is our Buffalo Brewpub stop. Notice the five beers in front of NB1U! NR1X didn’t believe we could throw the peanut shells on the floor.

After about an hour of trying, W1UJ finally got our logo on the van’s information system. I wonder how long it will take Enterprise to delete it!

EA3IN, KB1H ( wearing the EA3QP gift of the Barcelona FCB Soccer Champion Banner), N1WK at the Contest Dinner Saturday night.

N1WK, EI2CN, K1VGF, and KB1H at the Saturday night Pizza Party.

Barnstormer Field Day Plans

The gang is planning to operate Field Day this year. Location is still up in the air due to the rules that no permanent location can be used for an A or B class entry. We just might enter the E or D class and stay here at KB1H

There are a lot of things going on so look for email updates and future Storm Watches.

73, KB1H