Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

Volume 16 No.2. May 9,2011

Dayton or Bust……

The semi-annual trip to Dayton by the Barnstormers is approaching quickly. This year KB1H, N1WK, W1UJ, NB1U, and NR1X will be renting a van and heading out on May 19th. Plans are to leave about 6AM. You will be able to follow the troop by going to the website and under Web Bits is a tracking tab.

Also expecting to meet at Dayton are remote Barnstormers EA3QP, and K9ZO. N1XS had originally planned on going to Dayton but work has got him stuck in Dallas.

We will be keeping a log and maybe a blog or in the chatroom during the trip.

Mikey Mavor, W1MKM Memorial Award

Thanks to N1XS’s quick action the recent New England QSO Party will offer a new plaque for Connecticut Single Operator Low Power winning score. This is to be sponsored by The Barnstormers Contest Group and I have asked K1KI to make this an annual award that I if not the group will sponsor. Mikey loved QRP but as Chris mentioned, there are lots of good times to remember at our cookouts with Mikey around.

I am also sorry to say that Kim’s mom passed away as well. She had been ill for many years.

Plan B – 40 Meters

Though plans are still to get the “Dallas” built and up on the ring rotor as soon as possible I refused to go through another contest season without a horizontal antenna on the new tower.

I am planning a meeting with a machine shop to get parts made for the “Dallas” and also W1UJ has made contact with another ham that might be able to help us out.

Regardless of the work above, we need to put in place a Plan B if needed. Whether it be the Mosley 2 element beam morphed into a Moxon or rebuilding the KLM we need to get started. There is plenty of tower and we have sidearms that we can use.

Shack Progress

The project of removing the ceiling tiles has been moving along. We have one more day of destruction and then the rebuilding starts. The next day for this project will be after The Barnstormers return from Dayton. This means probably after Memorial Day and that weekend is the CQWW CW WPX.


Speaking of WPX, are we going to plan any operation here. I know W1UJ, NR1X, and NB1U are planning either to stay home or operate elsewhere. We should at least make the NZ1U prefix a multiplier for some.

On Going Repairs

Here is the status of some of the repairs we have done:

  1. The SDR-IQ Skimmer Radio has been repaired and back in line. It was a relay failure not a front end overload/blowout. Remember the connection is telnet 7303

  1. During the NEQP Jay and Allan repaired the Titan that went up in smoke during ARRL DX SSB. A new relay and complete circuit board was purchased.

  1. Before the NEQP, Allan had to reattach the coax to the twin lead on the EDZ.

  1. Jay took N1XS’s L4B home and has been fixing that up. New capacitors and next he might try to install the vacuum relay that was taken out of the Titan.